Roborock Google Home Commands

In order to give you complete control of your robot vacuum, Roborock’s most recent robot vacuums, including the Roborock S4, S5 Max, S6 Pure, and S6 MaxV all use the incredible Roborock app. With a few simple steps, you can command your Roborock with the power of your google Home assistant voice.


Here are Roborock Google Home Commands

Hey Google

Start vacuuming“Start the [vacuum name]”
Is the vacuum running?“Is the [vacuum name] running?”
Stop vacuum“Stop the [vacuum name]”
Pause vacuum“Pause the [vacuum name]”
Dock the vacuum“Dock the [vacuum name]”
Charge the vacuum“Charge the [vacuum name]”
Resume Vacuum“Resume vacuuming/cleaning”
Go Home ” Tell my vacuum to go home”

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Multiple Rooms

Once your robot learns your space and you have customized your smart map, you can use Google and Imprint™ Link Technology to enable your robot mop to automatically begin mopping after your robot vacuum has completed vacuuming.

Roborock Google Home Clean Room Commands

Imprint™ Link Start CleaningHey Google, start cleaning.
Hey Google, tell (robot name) to start cleaning.
Imprint™ Link Clean by RoomHey Google, start cleaning the (room name).
Hey Google, tell (robot name) to start cleaning the (room name).
Imprint™ Link Clean by ZoneHey Google, start cleaning the (zone name).
Hey Google, tell (robot name) to start cleaning the (zone name).
Imprint™ Link Clean by ObjectHey Google, start cleaning the (object name).

For example, you wants to clean room 1 and room 2 out of 4 rooms in your house, you can simply say

Hey Google

“Start Cleaning the [room_name_1] and [room_name_2]”

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Roborock Work with Google Home

The S6 MaxV, S6, S5 Max, S6 Pure, and S4 robots from Roborock are all Google Home compatible. So, using just a few easy steps, you can voice commands to your robot.

Roborock Google Home not Responding

Disable the skill and relink it up to Google Home. If you don’t know how to relink it up to google home then there is a complete step on how to do it in detail.

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