Connecting Sonos Beam To Samsung Tv

To do that task of connecting Sonos beam to Samsung tv, you must setup using the Sonos app on your computer, tablet or mobile device. If the Beam is not set up using the Sonos app, you will not receive audio.

Follow the instructions below to set up the Beam.

There are Five ways you can connect Sonos beam to Samsung TV

  2. Optical audio adapter
  3. Bluetooth
  4. Bluetooth Bridge
  5. Sonos Beam

1- HDMI-ARC Port

Before briefing about how to connect it, you need to know exactly what HDMI-ARC Port?

Most TVs have two to four HDMI ports, one of which is labeled ARC, which stands for Audio Return Channel. Check Tv model and its features.

Set up

  • Plug sonos beam to any of HDMI-ARC port
  • The HDMI-ARC port syncs audio and picture, plus automatically pairs your TV remote to Sonos Beam.
  • Most of Samsung tv compatible with sonos home theater speaker and connect automatically.

Tips: if Sonos beam doesn’t connect, and you are unsure about HDMI port then contact TV supplier or find out your tv model and its specs and features.

 In case your TV hasn’t any HDMI-arc port then here is another way to contact Sonos beam speakers.

2- Optical audio adapter

If your TV is older than 5 years, or otherwise doesn’t have an HDMI ARC port, you can use the included optical audio adapter to connect Sonos Beam to the optical port on your TV. Please note that Amazon Alexa TV voice commands will not work. When the Beam is connected via optical adapter.

For compatible TVs, Beam introduces commands specific to TV use, including “Turn on the TV” and “Turn off the TV.” Beam also follows commands such as  “Turn it up” and “Mute,” applying them to the TV volume.

To use these commands, Beam must be connected to your TV’s HDMI-ARC input, and your TV needs to have HDMI-CEC enabled. HDMI-CEC is sometimes referred

to as:

  • Samsung: Anynet+
  • LG: SimpLink
  • Sony: Bravia Link
  • Phillips: EasyLink
  • Panasonic: Viera Link
  • Hitachi: HDMI-CEC

Amazon Alexa voice control for your TV (Alexa, turn the TV on/off) will not work if Beam is connected via optical adapter.

Beam can also be linked to Alexa-enabled video streaming devices such as Fire TV.

Once linked, you can control these services with Sonos Beam by saying “Play Catastrophe,” “Switch to ESPN” or “Tune to channel 500.” If you’ve logged into Netflix or added HBO NOW to your Fire TV, you’ll be able to play shows by name,

e.g. “Play Stranger Things” or “Play Game of Thrones.”

Learn more about setting up the Fire TV with Sonos Beam here.

Note: In case If the Samsung Tv you have doesn’t HDMI Port nor optical adapter then what you can do is to connect sonos beam speaker.

The option you have is to use third party devices, but I would rather not recommend you to do, because it may create voice sync problem. So the only thing you can do is to replace your Samsung tv with the latest one that has both HDMI port and Optical adapter as well.

IF Voice commands are not working from sonos Beam speakers

So if you’re not able to consistently get audio from the beam. Then I would recommend you to do a few test before you buy anything.

Test 1: Unplug the TV, leave all the HDMI connections in place, wait a few seconds, plug the tv back in, turn on TV. Do you get audio through the Beam?

Test 2: Unplug the TV, disconnect all the HDMI connections except the Beam, wait a few seconds, plug the TV back in, turn on TV. Do you get audio through the Beam?

If test 1 is No, and test 2 is Yes, then it’s one of more of your other devices that are causing the issue. You could try the tests over again and leave the devices unplugged one at a time to hopefully see which one is the problem. If it’s just one, see if you can turn off CEC in that device or get a new cable, hopefully, it works.

3 – Bluetooth

You should see if the Bluetooth feature works on your Samsung TV. The audio outputs of several new Samsung TVs produced in 2019 and 2020 can be connected to a Bluetooth speaker. Therefore, both the TV and the smart speaker you want to connect it to must-have Bluetooth for the connection to work.

In contrast to other Sonos speakers, the Ikea SYMFONISK Bookshelf speaker does not provide wireless audio streaming through Bluetooth. The IKEA SYMFONISK Bookshelf speaker is a WiFi-only device and cannot be used with a Samsung TV.

4 – A Connecting Link Via Bluetooth

A Bluetooth 5.0 transmitter, such as the one made by Taotronics, can be used to link a Samsung TV to a stereo.

The Bluetooth Transmitter functions as a receiver, transmitter, and receiver all in one. The 3.5 mm adapter included with this transmitter allows you to use the headphone jack with your TV. This isn’t always reliable, but it can be used to transport audio from your gaming system (Switch, Xbox) to a Bluetooth speaker in your car or wherever.

Once again, a Bluetooth-enabled speaker is required rather than a WiFi-enabled one. A WiFi Sonos speaker cannot be connected to a TV without this.

5 – The Sonos Beam

Connecting your TV to the Sonos Beam is simple because it is a smart soundbar.

Connecting a Sonos Beam to your tv will allow you to create your own custom home theatre system by grouping the Beam with additional Sonos speakers.

This is the only known method for linking Sonos WiFi speakers to a TV, allowing you to use Sonos speakers as a TV’s audio speaker.

Frequently Asked Questions:

To what extent is it possible to use a Sonos speaker with a Samsung TV?

To link the Samsung TV to the Sonos speaker, you can use Bluetooth or the Sonos app on your smartphone. In addition, an HDMI cable can be used, albeit not all Samsung TVs have this capability. To learn how to connect your TV to the Sonos speaker, you’ll need to first determine the model of your device.

How compatible is the Sonos system with the Samsung Smart TV?

If your Samsung smart TV has Bluetooth, then you can use the Sonos speaker with it. If the speaker has Wi-Fi capabilities, however, you will need a Sonos Beam.

When I try to connect my Sonos speaker to my TV, nothing happens.

The internet cable may not be firmly plugged into the router and your Sonos device, which could be the cause of this problem. Ensure that both the endpoints of your internet cable and the cable itself are locked down.

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