Why Is My Sonos Roam Flashing Orange Light

Many new Sonos Roam customers are perplexed when they observe different light indications, especially when the orange light flashes. Do you want to know why is my Sonos roam flashing orange light, and what the other colors mean? So, to alleviate your concern, let us provide you with a simple explanation of this question.

Sonos Roam often flashes orange light while it is establishing a connection. If it occurs after fast hitting the Pause/Play button, choosing a new track will resolve the problem. Each light hue has a different meaning, and understanding a handful of them will help you get the greatest outcomes.

If the product gets too hot, the status light flashes orange and the product chirps 3 times. Move the product to a cooler location, away from direct sunlight.

You may be wondering what the remainder Sonos roam flashing lights imply. Continue reading to find out what other flashing lights imply and how to fix a problem quickly and efficiently.

Why Is My Sonos Roam Flashing Orange Light

Sonos Roam lights mean

Solid White:

Solid white indicates that the Sonos product is turned on and working properly. When the solid white shows that the product is not available in the Sonos app, you must follow the product missing from the Sonos app.

Flashing White:

This indicates that the Sonos product is starting up after being plugged into a power outlet. Furthermore, when the gadget is waiting for a network, the status light will become white.

Solid Green:

A solid green light indicates that the Sonos product is turned off. You may use the Sonos app to boost the volume right there. Alternatively, the volume control option is available.

Sonos Roam Flashing Green Light:

The flashing green light indicates that the Sonos device is ready for installation but is not yet linked to the Sonos system. If your product is not a new model, the flashing green light shows that the product has been successfully reset, and you can proceed with the following stages.

To learn more about why your Sonos flashing green light are in detail in this guide

Sonos Roam Solid Red Light

It appears solely if the product fails to set up after 30 minutes of powering on. In such a case, rebooting the Sonos product is the best option to resolve this issue. 

Sonos Roam Solid Blue Light

The portable Sonos product has connected with a device in Bluetooth mode. Note that the light will remain solid blue if the Sonos product loses connection to the device.

Sonos Roam Flashing Blue Light

Sonos Roam is in pairing mode and available to connect with a device via Bluetooth

To enable pairing mode, press and hold the Roam Bluetooth/Wi-Fi mode button.

A complete explanation of what each light on the Sonos Roam means in video for the user’s benefit.

Sonos Roam Reset

  1. Press and hold the power button on the back of your Roam for 5 seconds to power it off. You will hear a chime and the status LED on the front will turn off.
  2. While holding the   Play/Pause button, press and release the power button on the back of your Roam.
  3. Continue holding the   Play/Pause button until the light on the front flashes orange and white.
  4. The light will flash green when the process is complete and your Sonos Roam is ready to be set up.


Why is my Sonos roam not working?

Try rebooting the Roam by following these steps:

  1. Disconnect Roam from charging cables and remove it from wireless chargers.
  2. Hold the button on the back of Roam for at least five seconds until you hear the power-off tone and the light above the Sonos logo turns off.
  3. Wait 10 seconds.
  4. Press the button on the back of Roam to turn it back on.

How long does Sonos Roam last?

  • 10-hour battery life
  • 10 days in sleep mode
  • Supports wireless charging

Average at medium mode 8 to 9 hours of battery life

Can’t find Sonos roam on Bluetooth?

  1. Make sure Sonos is in Bluetooth mode. …
  2. Reduce the distance between Sonos and your Bluetooth device. …
  3. Move Sonos and your Bluetooth device to a different room or location. …
  4. Check the power.

Why My Sonos Roam Sound Not Working?

  1. Go to iPhone/Tab Bluetooth.,
  2. Clicked on Sonos Roam and “forget device”.
  3. Then turned the Sonos roam off, turned it back on, And got a white flashing light.
  4. When it went solid white.
  5. Pressed the on/off button, held for the chime, and let go.
  6. Back into setup mode.
  7. Re-paired it and it worked straight away.

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