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    I have a question related to my password on my Smart Phone that I’ve just set up for XSH Cam app! Doorbell is working fine and device is there but app is telling me I have not put in correct password and therefore I cannot do anything to answer door, app just keeps going back to input password page, with only either an apply or close button. Having only just set this app up I know my password but app keeps telling me it is wrong, which is very frustrating! How do I get this sorted? Any advice gratefully received

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      H Automations

      Unfortunately, if a password is forgotten, there is no way to restore it, because this will undermine the protection of the camera.
      The default username and password for the camera will be “admin” e.g.:
      Username: admin
      Password: admin
      We suggest first trying these to see if they encourage you to login.
      All this must be entered in lowercase and double checked as certain smartphones such as iPhones/iPads would automatically set the first letter to uppercase.

      2nd option
      Reset your cam it will reset it to factory defaults (and will lose the WiFi details you currently have set) so you should only perform a reset while your camera is connected to your router with an ethernet cable
      once the camera is reset can you log in to the camera interface using the default username and password which is “admin”

      As the camera has been reset it will be at the factory defaults once again, so you will need to setup your camera again with the WiFi details, etc. as if from new.


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