Ecobee Smart Thermostat Vs Ecobee 4

Ecobee is a brand we have grown to love and know. With features and choices, their smart home systems are durable, easy to use, and robust. For several households, the Ecobee 4 used to be the top-tier thermostat. However, the newest iteration, the Ecobee Smart Thermostat, was recently launched by Ecobee, therefore here we discuss the differences and similarities Ecobee smart thermostat vs ecobee 4.

Differences Between Ecobee Smart Thermostat Vs Ecobee 4

  • Spotify Connect: You will use Spotify Attach with the Ecobee smart thermostat, which is not accessible on Ecobee 4.
  • Alexa Calling: The new Amazon Alexa functionality is built into the Smart Thermostat, known as Alexa Calling, but is not in the Ecobee 4.
  • Room Sensors: The Ecobee 4 comes with the Ecobee Room Sensors, with the newer Smart Sensors included in the Ecobee Smart Thermostat.
  • Bluetooth Streaming: You can stream your Bluetooth connection with the Smart Thermostat. The Ecobee 4 doesn’t allow that.
  • 5gHz WiFi: The Ecobee 4 only communicates with the 2.4gHz band to your wireless network, while the 2.4 and 5.0gHz bands are used for the Ecobee Smart Thermostat.

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Ecobee Smart Thermostat Vs Ecobee 4
FeaturesEcobee Smart ThermostatEcobee 4
Alexa built-inYes, updated with stronger microphone and speaker than Ecobee4Yes
Alexa CallingYesNo
Wi-Fi2.4 and 5.0 GHz2.4 GHz only
Smart Room SensorYes, SmartSensor included. Longer battery life, extended range, detects temperature and occupancy, etc.No
Room SensorNoYes, Basic sensor included    
Display           GlassPlastic
Processor       Quad-core CPU (3x speed of previous versions)Basic processor         
Wi-Fi 5.0 GhzYesNo
Price $246.99 $220.48

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Similarities Between Ecobee Smart Thermostat And Ecobee 4

  • Smart Home integration: Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit are compatible with both thermostats.
  • Mobile app: The Ecobee smartphone app can be used for each thermostat, as well as sending you warnings and updates.
  • Follow Me: The Ecobee 4 and Smart Thermostat use the Follow Me feature exclusive to Ecobee.
  • Sensor compatibility: The Ecobee 4 and the Smart Thermostat all have built-in sensors for temperature and occupancy. For both the Smart Sensors and Room Sensors, each is also compatible.
  • 7-day weather: You can get your weekly weather forecast on either model.
  • Display size: The screens on both models are 3.5 inches in size.
  • 3-Year warranty: Both the Smart Thermostat and Ecobee 4 have a 3-year limited warranty.
Ecobee Smart Thermostat Vs Ecobee 4
FeaturesEcobee Smart ThermostatEcobee 4
SmartThings, HomeKit, IFTTT, Wink, Google Assistant         YesYes
Control from anywhere using the app           YesYes
Display Size3.5”3.5”
7 Day Weather ForecastYesYes
Built-in Temperature SensorYesYes
Built-in Occupancy SensorYesYes
Fan DissipationYesYes
History System InformationYesYes
Warranty3 yrs3 yrs

A Simple DIY Installation

  • An instruction manual will outline your model ‘s precise moves. This installation process suggests that you have a c-wire and that a screwdriver can be used.
  • Before you start, at the circuit breaker, you may want to turn off the power to your thermostat. Live wires, when removing or installing a thermostat, can arc, flare, or short. This can cause you discomfort or injury and the circuit board on the new thermostat can be destroyed.
  • Remove the faceplate of the old thermostat and mention the ports where the wires are attached. Take an image or sketch a map. The Ecobee scheme has wire labels that you can use to mark each wire with the port to which it attaches, if it helps.
  • Remove the wiring from the backplate and then remove the old backplate from the wall.
  • If you plan to paint or patch holes from behind the thermostat mounting location, do it now.
  • If you are using the wall plate, press the Ecobee backplate into the wall plate and snap into place. If you are not going to use the wall plate, ignore this step.
  • Using the supplied drywall anchors and screws, add the backplate to the wall. Ensure that the backplate is straight (the Ecobee backplates add a bubble level) and that the thermostat wires are pulled through the access hole.
  • Connect the wires to the corresponding ports on the new thermostat.
  • Press the Ecobee thermostat into place over the backplate until it snaps into place.
  • Restore power at the circuit breaker.
  • The thermostat should light up and continue to se

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