Ener-J Smart Switch

Ener-j is a leading UK company in the field of Smart home automation devices, it covers almost the whole range from switches to a complete home system.

Here only the Ener-j smart switch will be discussed in detail for the consumers to make a more informed decision about this product.


Enet-j smart switch available in 1, 2 and 3 gang with crystal glass touch panel, can be fit easily into a wall with no wiring required, these switches are direct rival of Innens and Livolo smart switch.

Price of these switches are very compatible and affordable although the innens and Livolo price are similar in line with Ener-j, but lacks quality and reliability as Ener-j smart switch has, therefore always go for the best within your budget.

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  • Enables you to control the switch remotely from a smartphone – simply download the Ener-J app, install the light switch and connect to the app, and you’re all set up.
  • Made from durable plastic with 5mm toughened glass front.
  • Set schedules remotely to operate from anywhere in the world – schedule to turn the switch on at certain times of the day or switch off when no one is home.
  • An easy way to convert an existing light switch to a smart switch – no additional wiring or hub needed.
  • Works through wi-fi, so no additional equipment required.
  • Set timer and scenes through the app.
  • Works with Amazon Alexa and for hands-free voice-activated operation – turn on or off with a simple voice command.
  • With LED indicator, very distinguished in the darkness,E-start, no sparking contacts.
  • No voice when you turn on/off lights, keep your home or office silence.
  • Applicable to all the common lamps, such as incandescent, fluorescent lamps, led lamps and so on.

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  • Maximum rated load: 300W per gang.
  • Average life time hours: 100,000.
  • Dimension: 86*86mm.
  • Operating Voltage: AC110V-240V/50Hz~60Hz (EU/UK/US).
  • Rated load: each gang less than 300W.
  • Self-consuming power: Less than 1mA.
  • Operating environment: -20~50°C, Less than 95%RH
  • Requires a neutral wire and minimum 33mm back box allowance.

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  • Easy to install
  • User friendly App
  • Affordable price


  • Cheap plastic
  • Connecting problem with 2.4 GHz

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Gang 1 Gang 2 Gang 3
£19.95 £26.99 £29.99



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