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    one of my 4 cameras has stopped working . I have checked and the camera is not faulty as connected to one of the others and it worked.

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      I am having the same problem but it looks like no one is replying to your question. Good Luck

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    i have a h 264 floureon dvr, model D6008D-F
    Device ID #SP57894769
    Serial #125994
    Im requesting for a master password.
    i bought this
    DVR online with 4 cameras.. wherever I
    try to login using password “admin ” i get an error message “incorrect password or Username”

    Please i need your support

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      H Automations

      Remove the battery to reset the DVR
      A few H.264 DVRs can be reset by another technique: removing the battery from the motherboard. By doing that, the clock of the system will be reset and the DVR will go back to factory defaults and you can log in by using the default username and password.
      The card usually takes 10 minutes to be released. As a result, leave the battery out until the DVR’s internal clock resets.
      If you don’t know how to remove battery.. several video on youtube how to remove battery.
      Second option
      H.264 DVR Master Password Generator
      To provide administrators access to their CCTV devices, several CCTV manufacturers supply master password generators. To generate a super password, they usually utilize the current date of the security system. Others may make use of the equipment’s serial number.

      You must determine the date on your security system’s DVR. Start the system and look at the screen for the timestamp. The password generators utilize the date to generate a unique super password. So, look at the monitor and make a note of the timestamp (as shown below).

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    Hi Everyone,

    I really need some help…

    I have what appears to be a dead DVR following a Firmware update, I now believe to be the wrong file.

    It fire up but nothing o the screen and no power to the USB – the harddrive fire up too.

    Any ideas anyone?

    It’s a Floureon D2316Y


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