Free Home Security System That Keeps Your House Secured Than Ever

Choosing the right type of home security system could be challenging. Especially when it comes to the house’s security, you cannot take it for granted. There are many home security systems available in the market. People who used to have traditional home systems are switching to new smart systems because the traditional ones were pricey and needed long contracts. At the same time, smart home security systems are feasible and affordable. They don’t even require a monthly fee. Smart security systems are easy to install. Here we will discuss the best security systems that you can afford, and you can conveniently shop for xfinity here to explore your options further.

Comparison of best Free Home Security System 2023

Product NamesBest forRatingUnique Selling PointConnectivityTypePriceLink for the product
Ring Alarm 5-piece kit (2nd Gen) – home security systemConnects with various devices5Ring featureWIFI and ring productsIndoor $199.99 See Price at Amazon
Abode Home security systemCool Automation4.0Video recording, 24 hours monitoring, and smart automationEthernet and Wi-Fi 2.4 GHzIndoor$279 See Price at Amazon
SimpliSafe24*7 Monitoring4.5Intruder detection, Live alerts, and visual verificationWIFIIndoor$229 See Price at Amazon
VivintSmart automation feature4.5Doorstep camera, smart lock, and 24/7 monitoringWIFIIndoor/ outdoor$500 See Price at Vivint

Best Free Home Security System in 2022

Keeping the family and then house secure is the top priority of many people. Thousands of budget-friendly security devices are available online that are easy to afford and install and secure your house without costing you much. Here we will discuss the best security systems that you can afford. Below is the list of top home security devices that you must buy in 2022:

Ring Alarm 5-piece kit (2nd Gen) – home security system

Free Home Security System That Keeps Your House Secured Than Ever

Regarding house security, the most utilized device is the security alarm installed in the gates and the rooms. It is utilized to secure your property, and you can connect it with Alexa. The security alarm from the ring company is famous because of its durable video doorbells and motion detector system. There is an entire catalog of products available on the official website of the ring, which does not require any monthly fee or contracts. It is easy to install and program the ring alarm.

The alarm kit consists of all the hardware and modules required for setting the devices, with an instruction book that can be used for steps for installation. To set up the ring pro alarm, place the alarm in the room and connect it with the ring application. Ring app is available in google and play store. After installing the app, you must connect it to the ring devices, and there you go. You can monitor your house with your mobile phone.


  • Compatibility: The ring alarm pro is designed to operate in defined regions outside of which they won’t work. For example, in countries like Canada, it can operate within the 868 MHz frequency of Z-wave.
  • Z-Wave Range: The ring can operate with Z-wave devices. It uses the Z-wave to send signals between the base station and the device in your home. It ranges between 250 feet from the security devices and base station.
  • Battery Life: The battery life depends on the usage. Also, the battery of the ring base station lasts for 24 hours. At the same time, the alarm sensor has a lithium battery of 3 Volts. The shelf life of the battery is approximately three years.
  • Motion detection: It is used to sense the presence when someone comes near the house. Although it ignores the pets.
  • Voice controller: One more special feature of this device is that it can easily connect with voice control like Alexa. You can connect and disconnect the ring alarm with just the voice.
  • Ring app: You can arm or disarm the device with the aid of the ring app. Also, with the app, you can get notifications if anyone tries to trigger the alarm sensor.

Advantages and disadvantages

                       PROS                            CONS
It does not require contracts of long terms. Motion detectors are not sensitive enough.
It is affordable and can be utilized with your phone. There is no feature for voice recording.
Controlled through Alexa Sometimes delayed response time.
It comes with a cashback guarantee and an equipment warranty for one year.
It has a smart sensor for motion detection.
Compatible with all Z wave devices and voice controllers like Alexa etc.

Best pick For

It is ideal for homes with 1 to 2 bedrooms. And covers an area of approximately 1000-2000 square feet.

See Price at Amazon

Abode Home Security System

Free Home Security System That Keeps Your House Secured Than Ever

Abode security systems are the most widely used, and the installation process is very easy to perform. You can easily pair it with voice controller devices like Amazon Play, Alexa, and many more. So, with this feature, you can easily control the device with your voice. Also, the adobe kit consists of sensors, a motion detector, and a key fob.


  • Live alerts: It will notify whenever there is any trouble is detected.
  • Video verification: Used in monitoring.
  • More secure: It consists of sensors that can be activated whenever someone is close to its range.
  • Protection: Apart from intruders, it can easily detect any leakage or fire in the house and inform you through the attached mobile device.
  • Display: Full HD camera Display with a wide view range can be placed inside or outdoors.

Advantages and disadvantages


                       PROS                            CONS
Comes with an HD camera. The panel is not even a touch screen. Thus it’s not easy to assess.
Used to detect any environmental damage in the house. There is no feature for voice recording.
It can be installed easily. The starter kit has a limited amount of equipment.
It comes with a cashback guarantee and an equipment warranty for one year.
You don’t have to pay any monthly fees.
The wireless installation process requires only WIFI or ether connectivity.

Best pick For

Ideal for indoor purposes can be easily accessed through your smartphone.

See Price at Amazon


simlisafe 2

SimpliSafe home security system consists of a wide range of DIV security products. People can use it to customize their systems on their own. It comes with a 60-day free trial with no contract. You can try it for free if you don’t like it. The company will take it back. It comes with the best monitoring system and alarm, which can easily detect environmental damage or if some intruder tries to invade the house. It is low in price and has longer battery life.


  • Custom alert: You can create custom alerts with the help of this device for your family and friends.
  • Duress Pin: It is one of the most amazing features of this device. With the help of this feature, if anyone tries to disarm the system, it will send alerts to the authorities.
  • Incredible range: It can connect with the WIFI and covers the whole house.
  • Human detection: The motion sensor present with the security system can easily detect the presence of humans only and not any animal.
  • Money-back guarantees: It comes with a 60 cash-back guarantee.
  • Battery backup: If there is a power shortage, the battery backup is utilized. It is located within the system.

Advantages and disadvantages

                       PROS                            CONS
No contracts are there. Instead of a touch screen, push buttons are there in the control panel.
The DIY product you can install on your own. Sensors are quite big in size.
Wireless can be installed easily. You will have to pay monthly fees to use it through your smartphone.
60-day cash back guarantee and equipment warranty of up to 3 months
Used inside and out of the house by placing it on the garage or main door.

Best pick For

It gives complete house protection and is ideal for small homes.

See Price at Amazon


vivint 1

It is one of the most prominent home security systems which can be installed easily. You can check the process of installation from the instruction booklet. It comes with HD Camera, which can be used outdoors and indoors. It also has a navigation system that can easily assess your phone. You need to install the Vivint home app on your phone. It is available in the app store and play store.

  • Touchscreen Panel: It is easy to use as it has touchscreen panels and is connected through WIFI.
  • Indoor and outdoor security camera: Indoor camera comes with a night vision feature and lens with a wide-angle view of 180 degrees.
  • Monitoring: It comes with 24 hours monitoring system.
  • Smart Alarm: An additional alarm can detect any smoke leakage in the house before it catches fire.

Advantages and disadvantages


                       PROS                            CONS
No term contracts. The setup is not simple.
Intrusion detection. It is quite expensive. You have to pay a $1/day fee for monitoring.
It can be used for outdoor and indoor monitoring. It does not have a voice control feature.
It can be integrated with Philips hue.
Compatible with voice-controlling devices

Best pick For

It is best suited for outdoor and indoor monitoring.

See Price at Vivint

Things you should consider while buying the home security system

It would help if you always looked for wireless and wired systems when buying a home security system. Also, look for the cost and choose a wide range camera system if you buy it for outdoor purposes. Two types of systems are available: burglar and home security. The home security system is most commonly used as it provides much more protection.

Summing Up

Home security systems are ideal for everyone as they are required for the house’s security. Also, the free home security systems are easy to install and ideal for those who want a customizable system. The products which are mentioned in this article are all A+ accredited.

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