Google Says the Nest Safe Has Been Discontinued

As a basic protection system with motion sensors and a keypad, Google launched the Nest Guard in 2017, but it never got an upgrade, even as other Nest systems were upgraded again and again. Google has now reported to the Android Police that it is discontinuing the Nest Guard, while it may continue to operate.  if you visit the Nest Secure’s page on the Google Store right now, there’s a big button right at the top that says the product is no longer available.

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The Google Nest Safe framework was launched by Google in 2017. It was designed to be modular, based on a small hockey puck-shaped unit to arm and disarm the machine with a keyboard called the Nest Guard as the central hub, sensors called Nest Detects throughout the building, and NFC key fobs. It also links to the mobile Nest app to allow you to remotely get alerts and arm and disarm the device. The Nest Safe device debuted at $499, but less than a year later, Google lowered the price to $399.

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However, Google isn’t completely out of smart home security. Video doorbells, surveillance cameras, smoke detectors, and more are still sold here. And in August, the firm announced a $450 million investment in the security company ADT, saying that as part of the announcement, Nest systems would “become the centerpiece of ADT’s smart home offering.”

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