Home Camera That Doesn’t Need Wi-Fi

Is There a Security Camera That Works Without Wi-Fi?

Yes, there are certain Home Cameras That Don’t Need Wi-Fi, some of which we have tried ourselves.

How The Cameras Work Without Wi-Fi?

This might be accomplished by enrolling them in a 3G or 4G LTE mobile data plan. They can also save videos directly to a digital video recorder. Aside from that, some cameras are small, wireless, and can save footage to their internal memory.

Types of Cameras That Don’t Need Wi-Fi

To be more specific, the cameras listed below do not require Wi-Fi.


CCTV cameras, or closed-circuit television cameras, are mostly employed for monitoring by corporations and law enforcement; they are not typically utilized for home protection. Guards examine CCTV footage on many monitors rather than an app, and storage is on a DVR or an NVR, a network video recorder for digital systems. CCTV cameras include analog and IP cameras, as well as HD-over-coax cameras.


Analog cameras transmit video from the camera to a DVR, often via coaxial cable.


Uncompressed footage passes from cameras to recorders through coaxial cable in HD-over-coax cameras. Although the footage is high-resolution, very few cameras use coaxial connections.


IP cameras are far more expensive than standard home security cameras, they are commonly referred to as surveillance cameras.

What cameras can work without Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi vs. No-Wi-Fi Cameras

So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of using cameras that do and don’t work with Wi-Fi? We’ve broken it down below.

Wi-Fi Cameras Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
You won’t have to pay for any new data plans because you presumably already have Wi-Fi in your house. The more internet of things (IoT) devices you add to your network, the more bandwidth they consume, causing your internet to slow down.
Through your smartphone app, you’ll be able to view what’s going on at home. Anyone who has ever watched TV on a Chromecast knows that Wi-Fi isn’t always reliable (unless you use a mesh network like Nest Wi-Fi). Depending on the quality of your network, relying entirely on Wi-Fi may result in occasional loss of connection.
Most cameras additionally include remote control, including arming and disarming, optical zooming, and two-way voice communication. As we’ve seen with Ring cameras3, Wi-Fi cameras may be hacked, especially if your network and mobile app aren’t password-protected.

No-Wi-Fi Cameras Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Although cellular data may be hacked, it is far safer than Wi-Fi, even secure Wi-Fi networks4. They may require a data plan.
If you have a data plan, you won’t lose out on the key features of smart home security, such as remote control, notifications, and live streaming. Many CCTV cameras are huge, especially if massive DVRs are required.


So Here Are the Explanation of Home Camera That Doesn’t Need Wi-Fi

REOLINK Go+ Cellular Security Camera System w/ Solar Panel

Home Camera That Doesn't Need Wi-Fi








This REOLINK type is said to be the best fit for security cameras.

So you may be wondering,

“What makes it such a good choice?”

First and foremost, it is exactly what you are searching for.

It’s a mobile security camera. As a result, no WiFi connection is required.

In fact, it cannot connect to any of them.

Features Explanation
Local storage When motion is detected, the camera begins to capture a video. The data will then be saved on the SD card, which may be expanded to 128GB.
Network connectivity The Reolink Go+ can only connect to 3G/4G LTE networks. As a result, you cannot connect this to Wi-Fi or an Ethernet connection.
Video quality and viewing angle Its camera has a resolution of 1080p HD. It also has a 110° broad viewing angle, which gives more coverage.
Affordability At this moment, you can get this at $229.99 on Amazon. So it’s the 2nd most expensive item on this list.


Battery-life Because it features a solar panel, it recharges completely every evening. As a result, you won’t have to worry about dead batteries.
Installation The Reolink Go+ is 100% wireless. This is why it’s easy to set up.

First, put the battery and SD card inside the camera. Mount it on the location you want.

Then scan the QR code with the Reolink app. And there you go.

Motion detection Its camera detects movement using an infrared motion sensor. Then it will record it and notify you.
Night vision


This Reolink camera has both black and white and color night vision capabilities. You can also see up to 33 feet (10 cm).
Pros Cons
Local data storage Costly to purchase.
Simple to set up. Can’t record videos 24/7.
Completely wireless. Doesn’t support other third-party apps.
Solar-powered. Must purchase a SIM card and data plan from a supported service provider (e.g., T-Mobile).
Viewing from a distance.
There’s no need for WiFi.
Communication is two-way.
Multiple Reolink cameras can be linked.

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REOLINK Argus 2+ Security Camera System w/ Solar Panel

Home Camera That Doesn't Need Wi-Fi

This is from the same manufacturer as the last one.

However, it is more ‘budget-friendly.’

Features Explanation
Local storage It also comes with a micro SD card. It may also be increased up to 128GB.
Network connectivity Argus 2+, unlike REOLINK Go+, connects over WiFi. As a result, you may connect it to an existing network.
Video quality and viewing angle This camera offers a 1080p HD resolution and a 130° viewing angle.
Affordability This is the second cheapest item on the list in terms of price. So you’d receive all of these benefits at a reasonable price.
Battery-life According to Amazon evaluations, the Reolink Argus 2+ can last for a month on a single charge.
Installation The Reolink app’s instructions are stated to be simple to follow. As a result, it normally just takes approximately 5 minutes to set everything up.
Motion detection The Argus 2+ records videos as soon as it detects activity. And it also sends alerts and alarms to notify the user.
Night vision


Like Go+, this also has infrared night vision. So you’ll see clear images both day and night.
Pros Cons
Local data storage Playback issues.
Simple to set up. Doesn’t allow optical zoom.
Solar-powered. Can’t tolerate cold climates well.
Completely wireless.
Battery life is extended.
App is simple to use.
Communication is two-way.

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Arlo Go Wireless Security Camera


Are you looking for a camera with a small footprint?

If yes, you might be interested in this item.

In addition to Reolink, Arlo provides a cellular security camera.

It’s also entirely wireless. Furthermore, it is only compatible with 3G or 4G LTE mobile data subscriptions.

Features Explanation
Local storage The Arlo Go can save videos both in local storage and Cloud. But the micro SD card can only be expanded up to 32GB.
Network connectivity Again, this camera is only compatible with cellular plans. As with the Reolink Go+, this will not connect to Wi-Fi.
Video quality and viewing angle It records videos in 1280 x 720p resolution. And it also has an 8x digital zoom feature.
Affordability This is now priced at $429.99 on Arlo’s official website. As a result, this product is the most costly on the list.
Battery-life The battery life is expected to be 2 to 3 months.
Installation The Arlo Go is 100% wireless too. So you only need to mount the camera using the hardware included in the package.
Motion detection This security camera can detect activities up to 23 ft (7 m).
Night vision


According to the Arlo website, this device can illuminate areas up to 25 ft. (7.62 m).
Pros Cons
Local storage. Pricey.
Easy to install. Sensors that are extremely sensitive.
100% wireless.
Long battery life.
Two-way communication.
Alexa and Google Assistant are compatible

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Defender PHOENIXM2 Non-WiFi Security Cameras


If you prefer a less expensive version of the Reolink Go+ and Arlo Go…

Take a look at this one.

It’s known as the Defender PHOENIXM2 security camera. It also does not require a WiFi connection.

It also has two cameras and an LCD display panel.

Features Explanation
Local storage It has a micro SD card slot for storing videos. Which can be expanded up to 32GB.
Network connectivity This Divine Eagle security camera does not work with Wi-Fi. Another disadvantage is that you will not receive real-time warnings.

Only after connecting the camera to a phone or PC can you see the recorded footage.

Video quality and viewing angle It offers a full 1080p HD resolution with a 90° viewing angle.


Affordability This is sold on Amazon – making it the most budget-friendly on this list.
Battery-life It should be plugged into an electrical outlet too. So it doesn’t depend on battery power.
Installation This is also simple to set up. Because it simply need a power source to work.
Motion detection It also contains a motion sensor camera that records movies when any activity is detected.
Night vision


When it comes to clarity in dim areas, the recorded clips can only be viewed clearly if there’s a light from the start of the video.
Pros Cons
Compact. Low night vision.
Affordable. Doesn’t support live streaming.
Local storage. Doesn’t have two-way communication.
Compatible with Mac and Windows.

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