Honeywell Home Security Systems Do It Yourself

Our all-in-one system with facial recognition and Amazon Alexa built in sends smart alerts to your mobile device. Easy to set up and use, it also plays your favorite music and grows with your needs thanks to a range of sensors and services.

The camera base station keeps you connected to your home with intelligent motion detection, sending smart mobile alerts directly to your device, live look-in-video to check in, and two-way-audio to interact.

It’s an indoor camera base station or called Smart Honeywell home security systems do it yourself, which covers all features alone by having a multiple built in technology, using a 147 angle view auto camera detect every activity he sense with his motion technology.

Indeed Honeywell smart starter kit alone cannot protect each and every part of your house from inside and outside due to limited range.

starter kit

A detail of how to protect your house accordingly

Small to Midsize or Large Home

Small House

Camera Base Station alone is perfect for a small house. It’s easy to install, with no renovation required. And when you upsize, it goes with you, helping you protect your next home.


It remains the same with an addition of more sensors means doors, windows, and other hotspots can be monitored – giving you and your family confidence when you’re away.

For Large Homes

Adding more sensors or Motion Viewers extends your reach indoors, Outdoor Motion Viewers can help you monitor yards and garages, and can alert you with clips of anything unusual.


  • Simple to set up and use, it can change modes automatically as you come and go
  • Stays alert day or night with smart motion detection and night vision all recorded in crisp 1080p HD video, with full audio
  • Change modes with your voice, and talk to built-in Amazon Alexa to check the weather, ask questions, control other devices, and more
  • It’s easy to connect compatible smart devices and services. When used with Outdoor Motion Viewers your system can even use sounds and Z-Wave lights to deter intruders
  • 24 hours of free secure cloud storage – or more with a Membership Plan
  • Protection by military grade encryption
  • Honeywell Secure WiseLink Protocol

Pros and Cons



Built-in camera with motion detection

Extremely expensive, especially with no professional monitoring option available

Available voice commands for changing security modes

Setting up add-on gear is far from intuitive

Works as a Z-Wave hub

Touted facial recognition is essentially non-functional

Alexa built in

Alexa abilities aren’t yet on par with Echo speakers’

Drop-dead-simple initial installation

Unique features, such as Enhanced Deterrence, could help warn off intruders

Technical Specification of Security Kit

All in one Smart Honeywell Base Station


2GHz Snapdragon 8-core processor


2MP HD camera with 1080p image sensor

147° field of view

Night vision

Motion detection


Three-microphone array

90 dB alarm

Two-way audio


8 GB Flash


2 x sensors for window & door & Key Fob

Highly Sensitive Detection

Detects movement of less

than an inch

Battery Life

Lithium, Up to 4 & 5 years based on typical usage


Wireless Connectivity

Honeywell Secure Wiselink® Protocol

300ft Range, clear line of sight

Smart Alert

Key fob is complete with buttons for home, away and night modes along with a power button


Camera base station can be purchase alone which cost much cheaper than most of other smart system but as above said, it would not be worthwhile alone in sense of safety and security, you need to add some sensors for adequate security at your house.

You can also add indoor motion views and outdoor motion views for full security.

DIY Honeywell home security installation process

  1. It takes less than 10 minutes, to set up the Honeywell Smart Home Starter Kit
  2. Download the Honeywell Home app for your iPhone or Android device
  3. App take care of most of the configuration, including connecting the camera to Wi-Fi and pairing the different sensor
  4. Then it will walks you through setting up features like geofencing, which uses your phone’s location to switch between home and away mode each time you leave the house
  5. In the last app will ask you to input your Amazon credentials for Alexa access
  6. Honeywell smart home security system also offers facial recognition features. They’re free to use
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  • Camera Base station


  • Starter kit (2 x windows sensors, Key fob)

£174 + £87 + £70 = £331

Add on

  • Outdoor Motion viewers


  • Indoor Motion viewers



Certainly that system meets all criteria that would require, however it costs too much for all the other stuff that’s bundled in. The security camera works fine, but its facial recognition features are subpar for a device in this category. And its Alexa functionality doesn’t even work with all the same commands as a standard Echo speaker.

Cheap smart security system without camera and with camera would be better than this one.

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