If You Have This Smart Home Hub You Should Upgrade It Immediately Since Hackers Can Take Over And Steal Your Security Camera Video.

Smart homes allow you to control your home’s security, temperature, lighting, and other features with your phone or voice. Virtual assistants may adjust the temperature in your living room or lock the doors when you depart.

Even though they are manufactured by two of the world’s greatest technology firms, Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Home Hub are vulnerable to hacking. Tap or click here to protect your smart home speakers from hackers.

The Eufy Homebase 2 from Anker stores and manages other Eufy smart home devices including doorbells, alarms, and cameras. The bad news is that the gadget has three dangerous vulnerabilities that must be addressed.

If You Have This Smart Home Hub You Should Upgrade It Immediately Since Hackers Can Take Over And Steal Your Security Camera Video.

Hackers can sneak right in

Security researchers at Cisco Talos found vulnerabilities in the Anker Eufy Homebase that can be exploited by hackers:

  • CVE-2022-21806 is a critical vulnerability that attackers can exploit to send packets and execute remote code.
  • CVE-2022-26073 can be exploited in the same way as the above vulnerability, but this time attackers can reboot the target device.
  • CVE-2022-25989 is a vulnerability that attackers can use to force the Homebase to send traffic to an external server, such as footage from connected camera devices.

So, in layman’s terms, what does that mean? A hacker might transmit information to your smart hub in order to remotely take control, reset your hub, or even share your security camera footage to anyone they want. That’s terrifying.


Update your Homebase 2 ASAP

Now, here’s the good news. There’s a fix for these issues. Cisco Talos informed Anker of the issues and the company released firmware versions and in April.

When you initially launch the eufy Security app, it instantly updates your devices, so there’s a strong possibility yours is already protected from these vulnerabilities.

To check the firmware version, open the app and go to My Devices > Select Devices > Devices Settings > About Device > System Version.

Anker says that Eufy security updates happen automatically in the “wee hours.” You can manually update the firmware by opening the app and My Devices > Select Devices > Devices Settings > About Device > Check for firmware.

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