Top 40 Best Home kit Devices 2019

Top 40 Best Home kit Devices 2019, get to know the latest list of all home smart devices includes security, heating, entainment, lighting and so on.

Build Remote Sensor 3

Home Monitoring – Support a Loved One Remotely

We cannot be around the ones we love as much as we would wish. It is hard enough being there for your children but what about parents who might live hours away up the motorway or just across town.

Planning for the Future 3

Solar Powering My Home!

My home has been solar-powered since June 2013 and the power system has proven its reliability. I’m a proud owner of an OFF-GRID solar power system.

Garage Door Remote

Raspberry Pi Garage Door Opener with GaragePi

When I was little, I used to push the garage door opener button from inside the garage door and then run out the garage while it’s closing… carefully jumping over the sensor so I don’t trip the safety mechanism.

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