Interactive Wallpiece 3

Arduino Controlled Interactive Wall piece

This project is a subset of my idea of an Interactive Wallpiece .. so this is an interactive wall-piece.. It is controlled by an Arduino UNO which senses the inputs and turns on the respective outputs.

Mobile Chicken Coop

Mobile Chicken Coop With Some Automation

My wife and I have wanted to raise chickens(for the eggs) and we finally decided to do it this spring.  I have read a lot about pastured Mobile Chicken Coop and wanted to create a mobile coop

Final Product

Homemade Magic Lamp Card Box

today you will learn exactly how to build a Homemade Magic Lamp Card Box. Really, this is two instructables combined into one, them being:

Gravity Touch Bluetooth

Gravity Touch Bluetooth Glove

Hey guys! I’d like to share with you the input device I created specifically to interact with AR glasses like the Google Glass, Meta, Moverio BT or with the VR headsets like Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, vrAse, Durovis Dive.

Flora an Interactive Flower 1

Flora- an Interactive Flower

Hello everyone…..Today I have taken something out of my Interactive flower garden….We all know,plants have their own lives,they can feel just as we feel..but they can’t express it

Final Thoughts

Tweet-a-Pot: Twitter Enabled Coffee Pot

Tweet-a-pot is the next in fancy twitter enabled devices. This coffee pot enables its owner to make a pot of coffee from anywhere they have cell phone reception, using twitter and an arduino board.

My Noisy Jacket (Arduino Noise Machine Jacket)

As a project for one of my college classes, we were asked to create something using the Arduino. After a few different ideas, I settled on putting an Arduino Noisy Jacket machine into a suit jacket.

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