Smartthings Find Discovers Offline Devices with UWB Bluetooth

Given how reliant we have become on our smart devices these days, it can be a nerve-wracking feeling to forget them, even if you’re positive you just lost them at home. This refers not only to phones and laptops, but also to devices such as smartwatches or even earbuds. If they happen to be manufactured by Samsung, thanks to the latest SmartThings Discovery, you will have some peace of mind that will help you locate your smartphone even if it’s “offline” or somewhere in the world.

Samsung has had a Locate My Smartphone feature for a long time, but as the name suggests, it’s only limited to finding a mobile device that can communicate online more often than not. It doesn’t protect products that, like most smartwatches and all wireless earbuds, do not do so independently of a smartphone. When they’re off the grid, they can be lost forever.

Replaced with SmartThings by Samsung Smart View App

SmartThings Find fixes that problem in two ways. One is hi-tech, employing not just Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) but also the new fancy Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) wireless communication. Once a device has gone offline for 30 minutes, it starts emitting a Bluetooth signal that can then be picked up by a Samsung Galaxy phone with the new SmartThings app.


However, if you’re not even inside the Bluetooth range, the feature is useless, which is why the device still uses a low-tech approach. By theoretically converting every Galaxy phone into a receiver and locator, it effectively crowdsources the search for your computer. Owners would, of course, have to opt for the scavenger hunt and Samsung guarantees that all consumer data is encrypted and stored safely.

This new SmartThings Find was previously available only on the Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Z Fold 2. Now the updated SmartThings app will be compatible with any Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets running Android 8 or higher. Next year, Samsung will expand the coverage to include tracking tags so you won’t be limited to searching for Samsung’s devices only.

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