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We wondered when we watched science fiction movies about whether they will be in our life if yes when, we generally predicted that it cannot be possible in our life time if it happened then they have a very limited scope of doing anything.

Sophia humanoid robot first introduced in 2016 and it way of talk, expressing with different impression according to the question and mood, use different embedded AI system to address questions asked from her is not something common, it’s a way leap forward to a next generation robot that can influence people life more than you can imagine.

Engineers of this humanoid robot developed and built a cutting edge AI system that can operate, understand and apply the most appropriate method to do a task.

At a brain bar festival show she spoke about various issues, Q & A session as well, it was clear that Sophia is much more enhanced with more AI embedded, it spoke like a normal human, joke and laugh to different situation so clearly AI is improving and updating and hopefully it continue to expand.

In Question and answer session: Questioner put few of a very difficult question, but Sophia managed well and replied with brilliant answers.

Such difficult questions such as asked at the Brain Bar festival in Budapest, Hungary:


Imagined situation in which she had to choose between saving the life of an adult and that of a child?.


She didn’t lose her mind and reply with a perfect answer she said, “I’m not ready to respond to that hypothetical question.”

But to add to that “I’m learning first to be a good social robot” and that she would “of course” sacrifice herself to save a human’s life.


Other question about how she identifies as a woman.


“I’m a robot, so technically I have no gender, but I identify as feminine and I don’t mind being perceived as a woman.”


Do you have any consciousness?


I am still just a system of rules and behaviors. I am not generative, creative or operating on a fully cognitive scale like you.”

There are other question such as citizenship granted by Saudi Arabia and so on asked by the audience and Sophia tackled them very well, you can check that whole question and answer session in a video down below.

Is it correct to say that Sophia robot wants to destroy humans

Forget about her quotes she says initially at the beginning of his career, it was due to a lack of AI regarding human behavior, questions and how to respond them.

The main question is in the future when more updated and more self-conscious AI robots are in the market then, does it affect in our life the answer is yes, it could impact substantially,

It depends on how we managed, control, monitor them or how the AI will be at that time which is not too far.

It could change the way:

  • How we live
  • How we think
  • How we interact socially
  • Impact on work and Jobs  

How advances in artificial intelligence and robotics will see humans replaced in all kinds of jobs.

We already close to a very low physical and social interaction with other peoples, In time of robotic world it will damage the society a lot not only close the door of physical humans interaction with other people, but it also danger the society with no need of life partner.

For example: In japan a dating virtual girlfriend where you can make a virtual girlfriend and do fun, talk etc, people in japan prefer more of these software’s than actual human girlfriend.

From 50s to almost 80s always human shortage for companies, at the time of 90s to 2000, AI machines were introduced (hybrid Robots), which worked 1000 of people task at once but perform limited hard task, todays time we developed more sophisticated machines that can work faster, accurately, precisely and do some AI works but require human involvement.

But we hardly see any shortage of human force for the past 10 to 15 years not even in booming growth.

At the time of complete AI self-conscious robot which works everything according to company objectives, imagine a car manufacture has 5 to 6000 human work force for one plant to operate, let’s assume one robot equal to 100 human work force, imagine how people go jobless.

Police doesn’t require humans, offices and so on.

Well we hope that we all foreseen may not be true, but at that pace and where we are heading towards AI, it’s very hard to determine what is going to be happened at that era.

Various articles against Sophia Ai robot by Financial Times, Facebook AI head

Few Famous Tweets/Quotes of Sophia humanoid  

Sophia humanoid
Sophia humanoid
Sophia humanoid
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