These Intelligent Smoke Detectors Will Warn You Right before Flames Surface

Nowadays, most smart home systems are bought for comfort, accessibility and cool-factor. Yet protection should be a priority over (or along with) all the smart lighting, TVs, remotes and speakers you buy online while wired up your home.

Here Are The List of Intelligent Smoke Detectors

OneLink Safe and Sound by First Alert Detector

Price: $257.06

OneLink Safe and Sound by First Alert Detector

Since 1958, First Warning and its parent firm, BRK, have been developing reliable fire safety products, including smoke alarms, extinguishers, and even fire escapes. This strong all-in-one unit blends over 60 years of experience with its fire safety technologies and durability, taking home defense into the new age.

The OneLink features a photoelectric smoke monitor and a carbon monoxide electrochemical detector, with a multi-directional speaker to ensure it is heard by all in the building. For voice-activated orders, as well as AirPlay (with iOS) for multi-room audio, it is compliant with Alexa-even for playing music or listening to audio books and podcasts.

Smart Home: Apple Homekit Smoke Detectors

You can log carbon monoxide levels and battery strength with the corresponding OneLink app, configure nightlight settings, and inform you if there’s a problem, both the type of problem and the venue.

Nest Protect Smart Smoke Alarm and Carbon Monoxide Detector

Price: $139.00

Nest S3000BWES Protect 2nd Generation Smoke

This new smart smoke detector also serves as a detector of carbon monoxide, alerting you to the precise location of the problem in a human voice. Its “Split-Spectrum Sensor” keeps a watch on both quickly burning and small smoldering flames.

The connecting Nest app makes setup simple, allowing you to see whether something is wrong (whether you’re home or not) and the app also has some useful interaction features, such as silencing the alarm when you’re cooking and smoky but under control stuff.

Any night, the “Nightly Promise” mechanism tells you whether the batteries are getting down, which gives peace of mind for a sound sleep, and also prevents the old models’ incessant chirping. Whenever you step under it, it even offers a convenient night-light.

Nest says that one of these units can last up to 10 years, and there’s also a battery-powered version available too if you’d rather avoid the wiring.

Leeo Smart Alert Smoke/CO Remote Alarm Monitor

Price: $85.00

Leeo Smart Alert Smoke CO Remote Alarm Monitor for iOS and Android white

This lightweight, circular gadget attaches directly to a wall socket, connects to WiFi, and listens intently to the frequency of all other sounding smoke detectors (including spoken word alarms), including from afar. The Leeo sounds a warning of its own as they do, raising it to ensure everybody in the house can listen.

The system itself is small and elegant, with a soft flickering light that can be modified colorfully in the app, and adjusted right on the unit itself for strength. The SmartThings software is also compliant, and can also track temperature and humidity.

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