Toshiba Smart TV Troubleshooting

These are a few of the most occurred problems Toshiba smart TV users face, therefore here are the detail of troubleshooting against these specific issues.

In addition to that other problems apart from that listed below are more of mechanical instead of technical or software issues.

Here are the list of Toshiba Smart TV Troubleshooting

Problem – 1

How to Fix Toshiba TV Black Screen

To solve a Toshiba smart TV’S black screen, unplug all wires and wait 30 or 60 seconds before turning it on.

Switch on TV and Press Power Button: Make sure the component or box you’re using is turned on by pushing the power button on the remote or clicking on set on the front panel (Xbox, cable, SAT).

How to Power Reset Toshiba Smart TV:

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Turn on your TV and remove all power cables connected to Toshiba smart TV

Step 2: Wait for 60 seconds.

Step 3: Now, turn on Toshiba smart TV and you will not face black screen issues on Toshiba smart TV.

Other Reasons for Black Screen:

  1. Check for Loose Cable: Reset the visual and audio input connections to confirm that there are no loose cords causing the TV to go blank. So, check the associated cables devices and detach them, then re-plug it and see if the signal comes back.
  2. Replace HDMI Cable: If you have a black screen as a result of a flaw in your HDMI cable, you will need to replace it.
  3. Turn off Power Save Mode: Some televisions will switch off automatically, however if no movement is detected, a sound will be heard, indicating that power saving mode has been enabled. Check to see whether the TV is in energy-saving mode, and if it is, use the remote to return it to regular display mode, as this is one of the causes of TV black screens.
  4. Reset Your Toshiba Smart TV: Switch off the TV for few minutes, then press and hold the power button on your TV for at least 30 seconds to reset it. Still it is not working, it may be problem with defective power supply board then replace the board.
  5. Faulty Power supply Board: If the power supply board fails, the TV will have the power light on but no sound or picture. If you’ve tried everything and your TV screen is still black, it’s time to replace the power supply board.
  6. Issue with TV Column: If your Toshiba TV has a black screen, the TV panel may have been damaged. In this instance, you should carefully assess whether or not getting a new TV screen is desirable. Naturally, a mended screen is more prone to develop flaws in the future, especially if it has been fixed.
  7. Sleeper time Activation: If your TV’s sleeper time is enabled, it will switch off within the specified period, resulting in a blank screen. So, to fix this, go to your TV’s configuration menu and look for sleeper time and disable it.
  8. Check for Right Cable and Input / Output: After that, double-check all of the cords connected to your TV’s input and component output. If your TV has two video inputs and a digital cable converter is inserted into one of them, the TV will not display any sound or image on the screen.

Problem – 2

Toshiba TV problems no picture no sound

This problem, for an instance, can be caused by a variety of factors. Before you spend money on fixing or replacing your television, try diagnosing the issue. You might be able to restore the picture and sound on your television and save a lot of time and money.

Step 1

By hitting the power button on the TV’s remote or the front panel of the set, make sure the TV is turned on. This may seem obvious, but many TVs have a standby light that illuminates when the TV is turned off, giving the impression that the TV is on when it is not.

Step 2

Verify that your TV’s video inputs are set to the correct one by cycling through them. If you try to utilize a digital cable converter box with a Video 1 input and the TV is set to a Video 2 input with nothing inserted into it, the TV will not display any picture or sound and may even display “No signal” on the screen.

Use the input selection button, which is usually labeled “input,” “source,” “TV/video,” or something similar, to cycle among the inputs.

Step 3

Re-seat the video and audio input connectors to make sure a loose cable isn’t the blame for the TV’s signal loss. If you have a coaxial cable running directly from your wall cable jack to your television, it may have come loose, obliterating all sight and sound.

Find the connecting cable or cords for whichever device you’re trying to watch and disconnect them from the TV’s input. Reconnect them and look for a signal. If the picture or sound is still not working, the best choice is to contact Toshiba technical support for assistance.


Problem – 3

Reset Toshiba TV forgot PIN

To proceed/run program channel selection, please use the Toshiba remote that comes with the TV and attempt the 0000 default pin code. If the TV shows an incorrect pin code notification,

Follow the steps below.

  • While the PIN code entry screen is presented
  • Press the INFO button on the TV remote four times within five seconds to delete the old/ prior pin code (whatever it is).
  • And input a new pin code of your choice/a simple one like 1111 in the TV to move further in the TV menu.

Toshiba TV blink codes Means

Color Blue Red
Recording in progress   ON
TV is rebooting   3 Blinks
IIC BUS Error Slow blinking  
Power Protection Fast Blinking  
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