Why should you purchase a router with Wi-Fi 6?

Most people don’t give a second thought to their Wi-Fi routers if internet connections are good. There’s no need to think about a router that works, right?

Incorrect. An old router can slow down your internet speeds or manage multiple devices with difficulty. The slow internet can be extremely frustrating, particularly if you are trying to get work or school work done from home. There are ways to speed up your Internet signal, so you can try these tips to get started.

Beyond speed, you might want to replace your router for other reasons. Wi-Fi 6 routers are a huge upgrade compared to old technology, and contrary to popular belief, they are no longer overly expensive or hard to find. They’re widely available and affordable. There are tons of other reasons you should upgrade to a Wi-Fi 6 router, too. Let’s take a look.

Best coverage and highest speeds

As it will soon be a norm for all routers, there is no point in purchasing a router without Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi 6 router is the most up-to-date hardware on the market and provides major upgrades over most individuals’ existing Wi-Fi 5 routers. The Wi-Fi 6 speeds and range come from two of those enhancements.

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These routers offer the fastest speeds and the best range of any on the market, which means you’ll have lightning-fast internet that reaches from one corner of your house to the other, and one end of the yard and back again. The max speed for a Wi-Fi 6 router is 10Gbps, which is a huge improvement compared with max speeds of around 3Gbps for a Wi-Fi 5 router.

Smart Home: WiFi based home automation by Intel Edison and Banana Pi M1

Created for smart homes with tons of devices for the Internet of Things

Nearly everyone has a smart device or two in their homes right now. Whether that’s an Echo smart speaker or a robot vacuum, we’re all jumping on the smart home train. All of these devices require Wi-Fi to work, and that can put a serious strain on your signal.

Not if you’re using a Wi-Fi 6 router, though. They can handle as many as 50 devices or more compared to the average of 10 that Wi-Fi 5 routers could handle. That means you can connect as many smart devices to your Wi-Fi as you want if you upgrade. These routers were designed to handle a hefty number of devices without draining your Wi-Fi.

If you have a household with lots of devices producing better performance

Wi-Fi 6 routers are even more capable of handling heavy loads of devices than Wi-Fi 5 routers. You need to update if you have a house full of people trying to log in to online school, work remotely or watch media on their time off.

The explanation why more devices can be managed by Wi-Fi 6 routers is that they use Multiple Access Orthogonal Frequency Division (OFDMA) modulation, which allows them to assign channels to each user that is logged on depending on what they need.

High-def streaming

Love streaming content? Of course you do — we all do now that we’re stuck at home most of the time. If you’re sick of seeing the spinning wheel as videos buffer, you need to invest in a Wi-Fi 6 router. They are ideal for 4K and even 8K UHD streaming. This type of streaming requires a consistent high-speed connection, and that’s precisely what Wi-Fi 6 routers offer.

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