Xfinity Remote Volume Not Working – Troubleshooting Methods

We mostly enjoy our entertainment through volume. Some people love the music to be ear-splittingly loud, while others prefer it to be barely audible. When the volume controls completely fail, none of the two groups nor any groups in between are really pleased.

I went online to see what I could discover on various tech help sites, as I typically do when I find myself in a technology bind.

After hours of investigation, I, at last, discovered the answer to my issue and more.

To fix Xfinity Remote volume not working, check the remote batteries are working, if they are, go to the next step by pairing and un-pairing your remote, in the last, reset your remote and TV BOX.

Contact Xfinity customer service or replace your device if you are certain the Xfinity remote does not have any hardware flaws.

Here are the Xfinity Remote Volume Not Working Reasons – How to fix it

Check Batteries:

Checking the batteries is the first step you should do if the remote control isn’t working along with the volume issue. 

The springs and the compartment itself become loose as a remote becomes older and the batteries are changed more frequently.

Without the batteries actually falling out or the lid coming off, it is simple for the batteries to come free in their compartment.

Make sure the batteries are firmly seated in their positions by removing the lid. Additionally, confirm that each battery’s positive and negative ends are properly positioned.

Dead Batteries

However, not only with Xfinity remotes but with all remotes, dead batteries account for the great majority of remote control troubles.

Don’t rely solely on inexpensive batteries. Although it may appear that you are saving money over time, this is actually a short-term fix and a money trap.

Avoid generic, no-name brand batteries in favor of more expensive, premium batteries that are certain to last longer and be more dependable.

If your remote has an LED light, and you notice that it flashes red five times, it is an indicator that your batteries are low, and you must replace them.

It might be something else if your volume button still doesn’t function after changing your batteries.

Un-pairing and Pairing Your Remote

In the event that the remote is causing you issues, you may always un-pair it and pair it again.

The technique for un-pairing the remote is nearly identical to that for resetting it (more on that below), with the exception that when you un-pair it, you hold down the “setup” button rather of pushing it sequentially.

  • Hold down the “Setup” Button
  • While holding it, press “9”, “8”, and “1” in sequence
  • You will see the LED flash twice
  • If it doesn’t flash, repeat the procedure

Now, if your remote control lacks a setup button and just has the triangle (A), square (B), circle (C), and diamond (D) buttons in its place (D):

  • Hold down the A and D buttons until the light goes green and you can see it.
  • You may unpair your remote by entering the numbers 9-8-1 in the correct order and waiting for the LED to flash blue, as described in the prior method.

Now, in order to un-pair the XR16 Voice Remote, follow these instructions:

  • Hold down I and Home at the same time until the LED light begins to flash.
  • Next, in order, press the Power button, Last arrow (←), and Volume down button.

To Pair your Xfinity remote again with the Xfinity box TV:

  • Hold down ‘A’ on the remote.
  • On the screen, choose Remote Setup.
  • Select Yes for the relevant questions that follow, and do as instructed by the on-screen instructions.

Signal blockage

You could be dealing with anything that is interfering with the remote’s signal and it is no longer successfully interacting with the Xfinity box, similar to range problems. It uses infrared or IR to function.

Fluorescent lights, LCD screens, Plasma screens, various remote controls, ambient lights at the proper angles (mainly sunlight), and electronic ballasts are a few examples of objects that interfere with IR transmissions.

Even when none of the IR-enabled devices in the room are being used, you may experience interference from them if you have a number of them.

Sunlight is a powerful barrier for IR, especially if it is shining directly in your face. Other LCD or plasma panels as well as fluorescent lighting might cause interference. A lot of it just relies on what is running at the moment and what is in the same room as you.

For instance, if your room has fluorescent lighting, the electrical ballasts that are located next to the fluorescent tubes would undoubtedly interfere with IR remote controls.

You should think about eliminating or discarding all of these items before setting up your Xfinity setup in that room.

Range issue

Xfinity Remote Volume Not Working

If you are experiencing range problems, your remote most likely has a problem and is not working properly.

Most remote controls function based on line of sight, so if your living room remote isn’t working with your TV and cable box nearby, it’s time to buy a new one.

It goes without saying that using the remote when across the house and out of the line of sight from your Xfinity box will provide difficulties.

But if you’ve ruled out batteries as a problem and range is still a problem in the same room, you should acquire a new remote from Comcast but before that reset your Xfinity and remote as a last try.

Reset your Xfinity box and remote

reset Xfinity box and remote

When an electronic device breaks inside, doing a factory reset generally solves the problem since it reboots the device and removes any previously saved or programmed data. These problems are typically resolved by resetting your Xfinity Remote.

If your remote is an XR15 model, follow these steps:

  • For about 5 seconds, or until the light changes from red to green, press and hold the A and D buttons simultaneously.
  • Input these figures in order: 9-8-1
  • When the LED light changes to blue and makes three flickering motions, the reset has been successful.

Otherwise, if your remote is an XR11 model, adhere to these instructions:

  • The setup button should be held down until the light changes from red to green.
  • Enter the numbers below in the correct order: 9-8-1
  • When the LED becomes green and flickers twice, you’ll know your remote has been reset.
  • Disconnect the power supply and wait for roughly a minute in order to reset your Xfinity box. Connect your device once again.

After doing all the above steps and the problem is still there Xfinity remote volume is not working then there are other reasons:

Other possible reasons:

Your remote’s physical damage may have been caused by children dropping it on the floor too frequently or by other family members who neglected to keep it in a secure location and instead repeatedly banged it, causing internal damage.

Normal defects, such a damaged battery compartment, can be repaired, and they should be fixed as soon as possible to allow the remote’s other components to function normally rather than using other tedious techniques to a remote to function.

Getting a New remote:

As I said too many times dropping on the floor can damage your remote component internally and cannot be fixed, the best thing to do is to get a new remote instead of wasting time on the internet on how to fix it temporarily.

Instructions for the configuration of your device depending on the model are on the Xfinity website.

Third-party issue:

Sometimes the problem of the volume not working do not directly related to the remote but to the TV, for example, for Samsung TV, you have to reset the hub by going in to support> self-diagnostics > reset smart hub


Go into the apps screen on the Samsung TV. Look at top right corner is see what % of memory it shows.

Remove unused apps and see if the memory percentage is gaining.


Now check the remote volume again to see if it works.

Contact Support

If none of these options work for you, you’ll probably need to get in touch with customer service by calling 1-800-COMCAST (1-800-266-2278) or their website.

Tell them what occurred and that you need a professional to come to your house to fix it.

For contact information and business hours, consult the official Xfinity website. You can communicate with their assistant in real time if they have one, too.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What do my Xfinity Remote’s ABCD buttons stand for?

The buttons’ default settings are as follows: Help, Day-, Day+, and Descriptive video service are all options under A.

What position on an Xfinity Remote is the Setup button?

The setup button is usually found on the remote control next to the number “0” and below the number “7.”

Why is my Xfinity remote volume not working?

There are a number of causes for this problem, but signal blocking and loose or dead batteries are the most frequent ones.

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