Xfinity Remote Not Working – Solutions

Your Xfinity remote is not working or only a few buttons are functional.

Try some of these time-tested solutions prior to purchasing a new remote. Use your Xfinity remote instead of just giving up! You have a fair probability of fixing it so that it works once again.

Try programming and resetting an unresponsive Xfinity remote to make it functional again.

Investigate the Xfinity remote’s non-responsive buttons if that doesn’t instantly make it work. You can reset your Xfinity Box as a final option.

What reasons behind Xfinity Remote not working?

Remote Programming: The IR signals used by various manufacturers to communicate commands like channel or volume changes have modest differences.

Therefore, you must “configure” your remote to deliver signals that correspond to those that were created to function with the TV.

All that is often required is programming your remote with the manufacturer’s Xfinity Remote Codes so that it recognizes the brand of TV.

The TV won’t be able to interpret the commands the remote is sending it if the remote hasn’t been properly configured.

Physically broken: there is a possibility that the remote might be damaged due to certain reasons which we discussed in detail in Xfinity volume not working.

Dead Battery: Most common reason against the remote is not working, even if you tried everything pair, unpair, and resetting, it will not work.

Let’s see how to fix the problem of the Xfinity remote not working

You can troubleshoot the buttons if your Xfinity remote control is not responding or operating correctly.

This involves pressing and holding the individual buttons to try and find out what’s causing it to malfunction.

In addition to that there is another place you need to investigate before getting into the below steps:

Clean the remote batteries.

It’s possible that one of the buttons on your Xfinity remote is stuck and causing issues. Many things can cause buttons to become stuck, but spills, dust, or other debris are the most common causes.

Remove the batteries, then press all the buttons on the Xfinity remote to clean it. Any jammed buttons can also be unsticked by shaking the remote control or tapping it against your hand.

You may also press and hold the power button for 30 seconds while the batteries are removed.

Check to determine whether the remote’s buttons function after replacing the batteries. In some circumstances, you may need to carry out this procedure many times before it is successful.

There are further instructions below.                                                            


  • Press any button on your Xfinity remote after grabbing it.
  • It may be an issue with the remote batteries if you notice that the LED at the top of the remote does not glow at all when you push a button. After replacing the batteries in your Xfinity Remote, try pushing a button once more.
  • On the other hand, if you push a button that doesn’t respond and you do see the LED flashing, it signifies that your remote’s batteries are very low if you observe that it flashes red five times. The only thing left to do is swap out the old batteries for new ones. Your remote will resume performing at its best.
  • Do not become alarmed if none of the aforementioned fixes succeed.

If none of the aforementioned solutions work, don’t panic. Just contact Xfinity’s customer care for help.

Xfinity Flex Remote Not Working

By disconnecting and re-plugging the USB-C and HDMI cords, the issue can be resolved.

Make sure you keep the Flex Remote within ten feet of the TV Box when using it.

Try resetting the remote if you are unable to choose the language for the user interface.

The internet is a different way to go.

Make sure your Wi-Fi connection is reliable and powerful.

Try resetting your Xfinity Modem if that doesn’t work.

Resetting and programming a remote

In the event that troubleshooting has failed, programming and resetting your remote is a fantastic alternative to get your remote’s buttons to function once more.

This requires unplugging the remote control from your TV box and TV before resetting it.

Following are the instructions for executing this factory reset:

How to Factory Reset with a Setup Button

reset programming

Model With a Setup Button
Factory Reset Xfinity XR11, Xfinity XR2, and Xfinity XR5 Find the Setup button first, then proceed with the following steps. It will be on the remote’s bottom side.

1.       Click the setup button after you’ve located it. Press the button repeatedly to observe the LED change from red to green.

2.       Press 9-8-1 after the LED becomes green.

3.       The 9-8-1 button should cause the LED to flash green twice. This indicates that you were succeeded in resetting your remote.

Note: Just keep in mind that when you reset your remote, the set-top box is no longer in communication with the remote.

Therefore, you must reconnect your Xfinity remote to your TV Box before using it.

Your remote won’t function if you don’t couple it to the TV Box after you reset it.

Model Without a Setup Button
Factory Reset Xfinity XR15 Finding two buttons will be your first task. Locate the triangle (A) and diamond (D) buttons.

1.       This stage requires the use of both hands. Once you’ve located the D and A buttons, push and hold them both simultaneously for three seconds.

2.       You’ll see that the LED color changes from red to green after three seconds.

3.       Simply press 9-8-1 when the LED turns from red to green.

4.       The 9-8-1 button should cause the LED to flash blue three times. This indicates that you succeeded in resetting your remote.

Note: You must pair and reconnect your set-top box with the remote after properly resetting your Xfinity remote.

This is because your remote disconnects from the set-top box when you reset it.

Additionally, you won’t be able to use your Xfinity remote control without linking it to your TV Box.

Reset the Xfinity Cable Box

There is a possibility that the initial suggestions didn’t work for you.

Don’t be alarmed; it only signifies that the issue’s root cause is different.

The likelihood of your Xfinity Box having an issue is very high.

The good news is that you can resolve this issue independently.

Resetting your Xfinity Box is all that is required. When your Xfinity Cable Box isn’t working, one of the first things you should do is this.

The cable box’s software problems might make the Xfinity remote cease functioning. You must press the physical reset button on the majority of Xfinity boxes for 5 seconds in order to reset them.

You can do it manually as well:

  • Manually reset your Xfinity TV Box by going into “Xfinity My Account”
  • Open the app on whatever device you have downloaded and installed it on.
  • Simply choose the long reset option after that.

Where is a Setup Button on Xfinity Remote?

Xfinity Remote Not Working

To pair your Xfinity Remote with your Xfinity X1 TV box, press the Setup button.

On earlier Xfinity Remotes, such as the XR2, XR5, and XR11, you can often locate it near the bottom left of the button layout.

You could discover, though, that more recent remotes, such as the XR15, XR16, and the Xfinity Flex Remotes, don’t always contain a Setup button.

The same procedure may still be used to connect your Xfinity Remote, but now you must simultaneously hold down the “Xfinity” and I key rather than hitting and holding the Setup button.


You can typically make your Xfinity remote operate once again. A remote rarely just stops working altogether. I’m hoping that one of the solutions in this post will work.

Programming and resetting work for most users, you can reach Comcast customer support by calling 1-800-COMCAST (1-800-266-2278) or their website.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why the TV does not respond to the remote control?

There can be problems with the remote’s hardware or batteries.

Other possible concerns include difficulties setting the remote to work with the set-top box, faults with the app or device, and problems with programming.

What functions do the Xfinity Remote’s A, B, C, and D buttons perform?

While the B button leads you directly to the Accessibility Settings, the A button displays the Help Menu.

The Sports app is opened by pressing C.

Select DVR recordings are deleted by pressing the D button.

How to reset X1 remote?

On the remote, locate the setup button.

Once the LED starts flashing green, press and hold the setup button, and then press 9-8-1.

Twice, the LED will flash green.

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