Yale Sync Smart Home Alarm

Yale is one of a leading system that have a robust design and features and specifically target only alarm segment market, from home to offices, Yale Sync smart home alarm would be the first choice without any doubt in case of choosing a system without any subscription or monthly fee.

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Design and features

Yale alarm system is the smartest as compare to other rivals. It’s designed for people who don’t want to pay a monthly fee for a managed system, such as Simplisafe, and instead are happy to get alerts on their phone to tell them when the alarm has been triggered.

If you’re wondering what the difference is between a smart and non-smart alarm, that’s basically it: notifications on your phone so you know what’s happening even if you’re not at home. Plus, the app gives you full control over arming and disarming as well as configuring and renaming devices so you don’t have to do it all via a fiddly keypad.


  • Receive alerts and notifications if the alarm is triggered
  • Wire free for a quick and easy installation
  • Control access from your smartphone
  • Detects if someone attempts to jam the signal and triggers the alarm
  • Secure your home even when you’re in, with zone control
  • Receive picture alerts and notifications from the PIR Image Camera if the alarm is triggered.
  • Use your smartphone to arm, disarm, configure and control your Smart Home Alarm system anytime, anywhere
  • Working to protect up to 200m range, Sync has your outbuildings and sheds covered
  • ‘Alexa, arm my alarm’* so you can sleep tight knowing your home is just as you’ve left it
  • Expand your system with up to 20 additional accessories – allowing you to customize your system depending your individual needs and security requirements.


All sensors are wireless and come with a two-year battery life and made from glossy plastic, but they feel robust with no flex in the case.

The window/door sensors (£22.75) are comparatively small when compared to those sold by other manufacturers. These can be attached via the provided sticky pads or by screwing them directly to a frame.

The Smoke Detector detects smoke both the in-built siren and alarm will trigger that will add extra security not in terms of burglar but from fire as well.

The motion sensors are designed to be screwed directly to a wall and have no sticky mount option. Standard motion sensors are available (£37.63), but Yale also has a range of pet-compatible sensors (£38.57), which are designed to ignore movement lower down.

The Hub (£169.34) is the brains of the system, controlling all your devices and communicating with your smartphone.

Extra Accessories are Key fob, Panic button and smart plug.

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What is missing?

The one thing that’s missing from the system is an option for cellular backup. While the alarm will work in a power cut or if your broadband has gone down (or been cut), you won’t get smartphone alerts. Given that one of the main benefits of having a smart alarm is knowing what’s going on at home when you’re out, this is a shame.

Yale hasn’t yet hooked its smart alarm up to any of the voice assistants. Does it matter? Not so much.

Why I would buy this product?

The Yale Smart Home Alarm has a huge range of accessories and a decent app that makes configuration and control easy. I love the keypads, which give you a permanent way of arming and disarming, even if you lose your phone or key fob. If the system had a SIM-backed option, then it would be top of my list.


  • Excellent range of sensors
  • Battery-backed hub
  • Robust and reliable


  • No mobile data option
  • No IFTTT channel

Technical Specification

Brand Yale
Power Sources
Battery Backup Yes
Mains No
Low Battery Indicator Yes
Wireless Yes
Frequency 868MHz
Wires No
App enabled Yes  (Android and IOS)

Installation Process

  • Plug in the main power adaptor and connect the Smart hub to your internet router using the cable provided
  • Turn on the battery backup switch on the back of the smart hub
  • Wait for the network LED to become green
  • Download the Yale Home App to your smartphone and Register and new system. Follow the step by step process in the App

Set up Alexa?

In the Alexa app do the following to enable the Yale Smart Living custom skill –

  • Open the Alexa App, tap the 3-Bar-Menu and select ‘Skills’
  • Search for ‘Yale Smart Living” in the search bar
  • Select ‘Yale Smart Living’ skill in the result page
  • Select ‘Enable’
  • Enter the Yale Home app username and password

Supported Devices

  • Power Switches
  • Locks
  • Alarm
  • Door Contacts

Connect Philips Hue Lights?

  • Go to your Yale Home App menu, select “Settings” > “Philips Hue settings”.
  • Press “Connect Hue Account” button then provide your Philips Hue account username and password in the prompted page.
  • Once account link is completed, get back to the Yale Home App and enable the actions you would like to enable. You can enable 2 actions
  • Arm/Disarm Alarm: This action will make your Philips Hue lights flashing following an arming/disarming event to confirm that your alarm is armed/part armed/disarmed
  • Alarm Triggered: This action will make your Philips Hue lights flashing red following a burglar events
  • For each of the enabled action you can then select the rooms/light to link to that specific action

Add more users to control the alarm?

All the devices in your Kit are already pre paired with your smart hub. In case you have bought an additional Keypad, please follow the procedure below to add it to your system

Keypad Initialization

If you are adding the keypad as additional device to your alarm system, you need to initialize the device first.

Press the ‘Panic button A’ key followed by factory default Key Pad code ‘0000’ (this is different to

Your Control Panel PIN code).

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  • What you want is the question, Yale offers variety of kits for users, starts from The Sync Family Pack includes fewer components bust costs £246.99 from Amazon.
  • Yale family pack plus, the IA-330, which costs £251.99
  • Yale Sync Smart Home Alarm Full Control Kit – IA-340 £339.00
  • Yale SR-320 Wireless Smart Alarm Kit £199.00
  • Yale HSA-6610 Smart App Alarm Kit £179.00

Buy extra  accessories you want later on, including key fobs, extra motion or door/window sensors (plus pet-friendly models), panic buttons and smoke alarms. There’s also a smart plug if you want to be able to control lights or other devices from the Yale Home app.

Yale also offers smart door locks and indoor/outdoor cameras but it doesn’t part of Yale sync smart home alarm system, you need to purchase separate hub to connect it and separate app to monitor it.

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