Alexa Says Server Is Unresponsive – Fixed

Although the problem can be annoying, it typically results from small errors. However, the problem of the Amazon Alexa says server is unresponsive can be fixed quickly.

People now days are drawn to Alexa because of its exceptional features. Especially considering the Echo Dot’s compatibility with a variety of other smart home devices. Your home is smarter when Alexa and Echo are used together. However, it can be a serious problem if your Alexa device is unresponsive. When Alexa states that “the connected device is not responding,” turning her on and off is a complete hassle. So, we’re returning to walk you through the process of quickly and effectively fixing the Alexa Server Is Unresponsive problem.

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Why Alexa Server says is Unresponsive?

We have identified a few causes for the Alexa server is unresponsive issue after extensive investigation into the topic:

Alexa may not react if one or more wires are incorrectly connected.

One of the primary causes of the Alexa device’s unresponsiveness is a sluggish internet connection. In such a scenario, the Alexa device won’t connect and respond.

The response may also be impacted by the router’s connectivity range. The Echo devices won’t work if it is located too distant from the router.

Ensure that the right password is used to connect to the Wi-Fi network. Your device won’t operate correctly if you don’t.

The Wi-Fi range might be obstructed by physical objects like baby monitors, microwaves, televisions, and thick walls. Because of this, Alexa claims that the server is not responding.

How to Fix it?

The good news is that you can always x it on your own if the Amazon Alexa server is unresponsive. If the blue light on your Alexa device appears, Alexa is listening. However, if it doesn’t illuminate in blue, Alexa’s server is not responding.

  • Check Wi-Fi Network – If you’re wondering why Alexa says the server is down, check your home’s Wi-Fi connection first.

Alexa and the smart device may have connectivity issues if the internet connection is unreliable or inactive. Verify that the connection is active and restart the router if necessary. Perhaps a family member changed the password. If so, verify it and make the necessary updates to the settings.

  • Power Connectivity – Although it may seem a little frivolous, power is crucial. The unresponsiveness issue that plagues Alexa devices the most is really brought on by this. There’s a risk that one of your family members unintentionally disconnected the gadget. Or perhaps you did it yourself and promptly forgot about it. Power cannot be used to control Alexa. Ensure that your Alexa device is turned on and linked to the power source.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the app – Uninstall and reinstall the app to see whether you can access the Alexa app or if it reports that the server is down. Check to check if your device reacts to voice commands by opening the app. If it doesn’t, uninstall it and then reinstall it. Of course, it’s not quite that easy. But since this step is straightforward and doesn’t involve any further work, it all relies on your operating system.

Go to the Alexa app and click on β€œSkills & Games,”

Now click β€œYour Skills.”

Find the desired skill and tap on β€œSettings,” and then β€œDisable Skill.”

Make sure the disabled device is no longer there.

Disconnect, restart, and connect again

  • Toggle the Alexa Skill – If the Amazon Alexa server issue persists and is not resolved, you must deal with the device once more. Connect your mobile app account. To access the “Your Skills” option, choose “More,” then “Skills & Games.” Look for the device or expertise, then add what is necessary. Under either case, try finding your device under Alexa’s skills and finding alternate solutions to this problem.

After ending your device in the app, click on β€œSettings.”

tapon β€œDisable Skill” to disable the device within Alexa.

Now look for devices. If it is not mentioned there, you have successfully disabled it.

Disconnect your device and restart the router.

Now again in the β€œDevices” section, look for your device.

Reconnect everything and see if the device becomes responsive.

Unresponsive Alexa Device – If your Alexa device is unresponsive, the smart hub may not be compatible. Have you already made their Alexa skills available? It’s possible that your Alexa device and your smart hub are incompatible. Alexa is compatible with thousands of gadgets but not just a handful. Therefore, you are likely to experience the Amazon Alexa server is unresponsive issue if your smart hub is not registered with Alexa. Visit Amazon’s Smart Home page to verify this.

Visit the link and tap on β€œVoice Assistants & Hubs.”

Enter the model number and brand on search bar.

If your smart hub model didn’t show up, then it is not compatible.

Low Internet bandwidthβ€”Wi-Fi is used to operate Alexa devices, as is well known.  Why does Alexa claim that the server is down? It can be because of a poor internet connection. Make sure your Wi-Fi subscription is limitless. A monthly data cap is set by your internet service provider, and once it is met, internet speed decreases. There is no method for you to precisely track your usage, but you can effectively handle the data on your own. Other technology can be used to create a time limit as well. You can also aid in this by unplugging any devices that are not in use.

Muted Microphone – You must take action if your Alexa device’s light is on but the Alexa app reports that the server is not responding. Check out the color of the light. The microphone on your Alexa device is not working if the light is red. Even if you shout loudly, a muted Alexa device is unresponsive. Hold down the microphone button while you want your Alexa device to be unmuted. Some devices feature the standard microphone icon, while others have a circle that has been cut in half. If you ever encounter this problem, be sure to read the LED instructions provided here:

Red light: muted.

Spinning blue: starting up.

Blue light: on/listening.

Yellow light: new notifications.

Purple light: β€œdo not disturb” mode on.

Green light: incoming call.

Orange light: β€œset up” mode or connecting to Wi-Fi

Power Cycle the Device – You may have heard the phrase “power cycle the device” before. It involves turning things off and back on. When the Alexa server is down, this is a helpful trick. The process of power cycling a device is rather simple and quick. Turn the appliance on, then take the plug out of the outlet. Then, after a brief delay, connect the appliance back in. Your Alexa device has now been successfully reset.

Update the Firmware – When the Alexa app reports that the server is down, update the firmware. Firmware is essentially the software that powers your Alexa device. Well, it has flaws and prints errors that could lead to responsiveness problems. By updating to the most recent version, you can get rid of all of this. Identify the precise model and learn the specifics of the firmware update. Create a backup of the current version before beginning the update. Pay close attention to the advice professionals provide.

Factory Reset the Device – Factory If all else fails and your Alexa device is still unresponsive, you can try a factory reset. The data will be totally deleted, and the device will be placed back where it was. Different devices obey different commands. For instance, on a smartphone, you must pick “Erase Data” by going to “Settings,” “System,” “Advanced,” and “Reset Options.” Every gadget and model is unique, For specific construction, speak with the technical expert.

According to Amazon Experts When Asked about this issue:

Here is Their Answer:

The “link” between the Alexa app and the manufacturers app had “expired”.

Enable the expired Link to fix this issue.

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