Alexa Not Responding But Lighting Up

Amazon Alexa is regarded as the most remarkable virtual assistant that provides daily assistance to its users. It functions by receiving commands and instructions from the user and acting in accordance with those instructions. When you speak the name Alexa, its speech recognition system activates.

It responds to requests by lighting. But what if you give Alexa a command and it doesn’t follow through? To assist you in resolving such issues, today’s topic will be “Alexa not responding but lighting up,” which is the most often requested question by Alexa users.

When Alexa responds but does not light up, it is usually because she misheard your instruction or believed it was intended for another device. This can also happen if Alexa is connected to poor internet or is having trouble connecting to other devices.

Why Alexa Not Responding But Lighting Up? – How to fix it

Power Supply Problem

Alexa Not Responding But Lighting Up

One of the most frequent difficulties that cause Alexa to turn on the lights but not reply is that the power supply may malfunction. When Alexa receives too much or too little electricity, it typically begins to malfunction.

The helper won’t follow your directions as a result of this. The power supply needs to be examined in this situation. A malfunctioning cable or adapter may be the cause of the issue. Some loose connections between the power wire and Alexa may also be to blame.

Verify the cable quality to make sure it is fault-free. Make sure the adaptor is connected to the speaker properly. Additionally, ensure sure there are no wire issues by checking the power supply lines. It is suggested that any broken wires be replaced as soon as possible with fresh ones. But make sure you buy a high-quality cable.

Faulty Logic Board

Faulty Logic Board

A flawed logic board is another potential source of this issue. It frequently has to do with the Alexa-enabled smart speaker. In this situation, a system problem prevents the device from responding or acting. Manufacturing mistakes can result in defective logic boards. A short circuit in the system could potentially be the reason for it, for whatever reason. As a result, the Alexa will turn on the lights but won’t carry out the request that was made of it. It is advised to get in touch with the business if the issue is the result of a manufacturing defect. They will aid with your new device installation.

Unplug the device and wait a day or two for the liquid to dry up if the issue is caused by some liquid getting inside the speakers. Reconnect the device and see if everything is operating as it should. If the issue is still not resolved, open the speakers and manually blot the liquid with a cloth. To avoid further harm to the sensitive wiring in the system, take care to handle it gently.

Wi-Fi Connectivity Problems

Wi Fi Connectivity Problems

Alexa won’t reply if the device is positioned in a spot without enough internet access. Due to a lack of Wi-Fi signals, it will turn on the lights but not function. All you need to do in this situation is relocate the smart speakers. It is advised that you put them close to the router so that Alexa can function properly.

Disconnect the device’s internet connection if this does not solve the problem. After waiting a while, re-connect the device to the Wi-Fi. This will assist you in solving the issue.

By briefly hitting the volume buttons that are located on top of the device, you can also solve the issue. You’ll receive an update for the device.

Voice Must Be Clear and Loud

The fact that Alexa didn’t comprehend your request is a frequent cause of response delays but successful lighting problems. For Alexa to hear your request, you must speak in a loud, clear voice and be close enough for it to hear you.

The device may appear to be processing your command when Alexa doesn’t understand it fully before dropping it since it can’t understand it. Therefore, be close to the devices and recite the order in a louder voice.

Again, you can use a standard Alexa query like “Alexa, what’s the weather today?” to check that this is the problem. If she understands the command and reacts, your command is probably the issue.

You can also use your Alexa app to check the feedback on your command. Open the Alexa > More > Activity > select the second tab, Voice History.

Now select the command your Alexa wasn’t responding to. If it says, “Audio couldn’t be understood,” it confirms that Alexa didn’t understand you. Use clear and Alexa-understandable voice commands.

Possibility That the Request Was Processed By another Device

If you have two or more Alexa devices nearby, there’s a potential that one of them will handle your request in a separate room when you’re not listening to her.

The nearby gadget blinks as if it were processing the command, but it doesn’t react since it believes it wasn’t the intended device.

In order to avoid this, make sure your devices are placed far apart from one another or change the Alexa wake word for one of the devices.

How to change Alexa Wake Word?

To change the wake word of your Alexa device, Open the Alexa app > Devices > Echo & Alexa > Select your device > Wake Word.

The default wake word is Alexa, but there are some other options you can choose Computer, Amazon, Echo, or Ziggy. Now that you have separated the wake word for your devices, each device should respond to your commands independently.

Check Device Settings

Check the settings of your device to see if “Do Not Disturb” or “Whisper” modes are active. If you don’t remember that you turned on the DND mode, you might believe that Alexa is unable to react to you for a few hours.

Check your settings to make sure both of these modes are disabled. Open the Alexa app, pick Devices, Echo & Alexa to choose your device, and then select Do Not Disturb to enter DND mode.

Open the Alexa app, choose More > Settings > Voice Responses, and then shut off the whisper mode.

Verify that the Device is not Muted

The ring turns red and Alexa is unable to listen to your orders while the Alexa device is muted. If you accidentally left your device on mute, press the microphone to unmute it.

The red color should vanish once the device is unmuted, and Alexa will respond to your orders with the corresponding blue ring color.

Power Cycle the Alexa Device (restarting)

You can also restart your device, most of the time any software bugs clear it out from restarting.

Perform a power cycle on your Alexa device to restart it. Unplug the device from the power outlet, wait for 20 – 30 seconds, and reconnect it to the power source.

Let your device power up and connect to the internet. Once your device is up and running, retry your command.

Reset the Alexa device

Resetting the Alexa device to factory defaults is our only option if a restart doesn’t fix the issue. After a factory reset, the device must be set up from scratch using the instructions in the Alexa app.

To reset the device through via app:

Select “Devices” > “Echo & Alexa” > choose the echo device > Scroll down to “Reset” and confirm your option.

  • Echo (4th gen), pressing the “Action key” until the ring lights go off and the back on again does it.
  • 1st gen echo devices you use a thin pin to press the reset button for about 10 seconds.
  • Echo 2nd gen, press the “volume down” and “Mic off” buttons together for 15 – 20 seconds.


Amazon Alexa has its ups and downs, much like any other smart home application. We have listed every potential reason why Alexa might not be responding but is still lit up. Your issue can be caused by software errors that need to be corrected by professionals if these remedies do not resolve it. Therefore, it is advised to get in touch with the customer service department to solve the issue.

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