Chamberlain Whisper Drive Troubleshooting

The Chamberlain garage door opener is a smart system that allows you to safely and efficiently opens and close your garage door while also adding added security to your property. Follow the Chamberlain Whisper Drive troubleshooting instructions in the handbook to troubleshoot your Chamberlain door opener, which we’ll go through later in this post.

Chamberlain Whisper Drive Garage Door Opener Troubleshooting Guidelines

Door Closed Slowly

Pull the manual release and manually open the door. Listen for any unusual noises while moving the door. If noises are heard, the door’s hinges and rollers should be lubricated.

My motor unit’s LED bulbs are blinking and my door will not close

Before the garage door opener can move in the down direction, the safety reversing sensor must be properly attached and positioned.

  • Verify the safety reversing sensors are properly installed, aligned and free of any obstructions. Refer to Installation in the manual you can see in the later section.
    Step 11: Install The Protector System.
  • Check diagnostic LED for flashes on the motor unit then refer to the Diagnostic Chart in a manual.

My remotes aren’t working to open the door

  • Verify your Smart Control Panel is not blinking. If it is blinking, deactivate the Lock Mode following the instructions in a manual, for Using the Wall-Mounted Door Control.
  • Reprogram remotes following the programming instructions. Refer to Programming in a manual see in a later section of this topic.
  • If remote will still not activate your door, check diagnostic LED for flashes on motor unit.

My lights will not turn off when door is open

The garage door opener is equipped with a security light feature. This feature activates the light on when the safety sensor beam has been obstructed.

If battery status LED is not lit properly

Check battery connections

What’s the problem With My Chamberlain Whisper Drive Garage Door Opener Beeping?

A solid LED with a beep, sounding approximately every 2 seconds, indicates the motor unit is activating the door and is operating off of the battery.

  • A flashing LED with beep, sounding every 30 seconds, indicates battery is low.
  • If a red LED remains on when the power is restored, and is accompanied by a beep sounding every 30 seconds, replace the battery


How Do I Reset My Chamberlain Whisper Garage Door Opener?

If your remote control is stolen or lost, you need to reset it or erase the memory. Let’s look at the step by step guide to reset your chamberlain garage door opener:

  1. First, you’ll need a ladder to access the LEARN button on the back or side panel of your garage door opener
  2. Press the learn button for approximately six seconds until the LED turns on
  3. Release the LEARN button when the LED goes off.
  4. All the remote controls and keyless entry codes will now have been successfully erased
  5. After this process, you can now reprogram any remote or keyless entry code that you wish to use
Chamberlain Whisper Drive Troubleshooting
Chamberlain Whisper Drive Troubleshooting

Chamberlain Whisper Drive Flash Codes

FlashSymptoms Troubleshooting
1 Flash  
Safety reversing sensors wire open (broken or disconnected)
2 Flashes
Safety reversing sensors wire shorted or black/white wire reversed
One or both of the Indicator lights on the safety reversing sensors do not glow steadily.Inspect sensor wires for a short (a staple in wire), correct wiring polarity (black/white wires reversed), broken or disconnected wires, replace/attach as needed.
Disconnect all wires from the back of the motor unit.
Remove sensors from brackets and shorten sensor wires to 1-2 ft (30-60 cm) from the back each of sensor.
Reattach sending eye to the motor unit using shortened wires. If sending eye indicator light glows steadily, attach the receiving eye.
Align sensors, if the indicator lights glow replace the wires for the sensors. If the sensor indicator lights do not light, replace the safety reversing sensors  
3 Flashes
Door control or wire shorted.
LED is not lit on the door control.Inspect door control/wires for a short (staple in wire), replace as needed.
Disconnect wires at door control, touch wires together.
If the motor unit activates, replace the door control.
If the motor unit does not activate, disconnect door control wires from the motor unit. Momentarily short across red and white terminals with a jumper wire.
If motor unit activates, replace door control wires.
4 Flashes
Safety reversing sensors slightly misaligned (dim or flashing LED)
Sending indicator light glows steadily, receiving indicator light is dim or flashing.Realign receiving eye sensor, clean lens, and secure brackets.
Verify door track is firmly secured to the wall and does not move.                   
5 Flashes
Motor RPM is not recognized.
The door travels 2-3 inches and stops.Reprogram limits and forces. See the Adjustment section.
If the motor unit continues to travel 2-3 inches, check the travel module connection or replace the travel module.
 No movement, motor runs 2-3 seconds.Reconnect the emergency release.
Motor may need to be replaced.

Chamberlain Whisper Drive Manual

For more information contact: Chamberlain support

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