Comparing Dyson V10 VS Dyson V11 – Which One Fits For Your Home

Before spending money buying a vacuum cleaner, it’s essential to understand the product’s features. When purchasing a Dyson vacuum, you must look for various models available. For example, if you are purchasing a product manufactured in the year 2016 and then its substitutes were released in 2017. It doesn’t mean that the product introduced earlier has any problems. When a company adds a new model to its line, it tries adding some new features. So based on your needs, you can purchase the right product.

 If you look at Dyson V10 and compare it with Dyson V11, you will find that both have a similar appearance. It makes it quite difficult for an average person who has never used Dyson to understand which one is released earlier and which is new. So, in that case, it is essential to compare the features and properties of both products. In this article, we’ll review the Dyson V10 and V11. Apart from this, we will also take a deep glance at the advantages and cones and which is suitable for you. So let’s start.

Comparing Dyson V10 VS Dyson V11

1.   Dyson V11 Torque Drive vacuum

Price starts from: $481.00

People living in a house with a different floor, including hard floors and carpet, can use Dyson V11. The Dyson V11 is designed in such a way that it can work. Easily on any surface. This is done by automatic switching of the suction power. Before switching the suction, you need to detect what floor type you have in your house. Apart from this, there are many other cool features. But the presence of the suction power feature is because of the torque drive.

It has been stated that the Dyson V11 uses the most powerful vacuum cleaner head. The bristles are made up of nylon which is stiff in nature. These bristles can go deep inside the carpet and remove all its dust. The torque drive also contains anti-static commerce of fibre elements that can get stuck and trap all the dust. It also has an LCD screen in which the battery life of the vacuum cleaner is depicted. So you won’t have to open your vacuum cleaner again and again to check the batteries.

The vacuum also consists of a DLS known as a dynamic Load sensor. The function of this is to detect the type of floor, and according to that, it changes the speed of the motor. For example, you are cleaning a hard floor or the vacuum carpet. So before the vacuum battery dies, you can replace it easily. One thing to note here is that if you buy a new battery, you must take it from the Dyson online website.


  • Surface: Carpets and hard floors
  • Power Source: Battery-powered
  • Run Time: 60 minutes
  • Motor: Dyson Digital
  • LCD Screen: Yes
  • Cleaning Modes: Boost, Eco and Auto
  • Weight: 68 pounds
  • Colour: Blue

Advantages and Disadvantages



Compared to the other models, the V11 has the most powerful motor. It can run efficiently at 1,25,000 reps/ min. The vacuum V11 is quite heavy from the top side because of the presence of a dust bin that is very hard to manoeuvre.
An LCD screen also shows you the runtime, power mode, maintenance reminder and battery life. You can also see any blockages on the LCD screen. LED headlights that are used to see dark corners and furniture are absent.
It consists of 3 different cleaning modes: auto, boost and eco. It is a costly and significant investment to make.
You can easily change the power based on the dirt present. The battery of the Dyson can last up to one hour, which is longer than the other cordless vacuum.
You can convert it into hand handle mode, suitable for cleaning cars, stairs, crevices and corners.

2.    Dyson Cyclone V10

Price starts from: $534.00

People who wish to clean only carpets can use Dyson V10. Dyson V11 is designed to clean both surfaces and carpets. So if you want only to clean the carpet, then Dyson V10 is fantastic. So it is a significant saving. However, one more interesting fact that only some know is that it can also clean the hard floor. For example, this vacuum cleaner can clean the kitchen floor and bathroom tiles. Although the power is less than the V11, it can still clean hard surfaces.

It does not consist of a drive cleaner with stiff nylon bristles that can easily capture the dust and dirt from the carpet. Nevertheless, it also consists of many other unique features which when you will use it you will surely fall in like it. The vacuum is balanced correctly, for starters. It’s pretty cosy to hold. People can point it at the edges of high ceilings with even a single hand!


  • Surface: Carpets
  • Power Source: Battery-powered
  • Run Time: 60 minutes
  • Motor: Dyson Digital
  • LCD Screen: No
  • Cleaning Modes: Suction 1, 2 and max.
  • Weight: 05 pounds
  • Colour: Red

Advantages and Disadvantages



It can run up to one hour at average speed without consuming extra tools. It takes work to remove its battery. So if the battery fails to work, you must buy a new vacuum cleaner.
It weighs around 5.05 pounds which makes it super light. It balances perfectly with the cleaning of your carpets. Dot and debris can accumulate quite frequently, requiring more maintenance.
You can convert it into hand handle mode, which is suitable for cleaning. You can use it in cranny and nook regions. It is not suitable for hard surfaces, although sometimes it can be used.
It is slim and flexible, making it suitable for reaching underneath the furniture.

It has three section modes which include 1, 2 and Max. So depending on the kind of dirt, you can set the power.

If you set it on the lowest suction mode, the vacuum battery will be increased.
It has a dock station that will help you store it safely.


Comparing the Dyson V10 and V11

We need to compare the Dyson V10 and V11 based on its feature.


If we look at the appearance, Dyson V10 and V11 are pretty similar. Although we know that the Dyson V11 is new, that means there is an upgradation in the previous version. Based on the design, both are slim and look like a stick. You can easily store it on the house wall. The bin and motor have been placed on the top side of the vacuum. There is the presence of a cleaner head which is present on the bottom side of the vacuum.

Removing the cleaner can convert both of them to the handheld mode. It will allow you to clean drapes and furniture etc., easily. The V10 and V11 consist of a cleaning path which is approximately 9.8 inches. The difference between them is the presence of an LED Screen in the V11 mode. It is not present in the V10. The LED helps to check the battery life. So people can easily change the battery. You can easily switch between different modes. So in terms of design, V11 is better.

Motor power and Suction

The V10 and V11 consist of cyclone technology. It includes different types of filters and cyclones. There is the presence of a seal design which will help you store all the dust. The V10 has three different types of suction powers, also found in the V11. Depending on the type of floor vacuum that has been designed. For example, people who wish to clean only carpets can use Dyson V10. Different floors, including hard floors and carpets, can utilise Dyson V11.

Cleaning modes

There are three different modes of cleaning. It constitutes eco mode to save the battery life by using less suction power. The medium cleans corners and boosts, cleaning all the hard surfaces. Even the smallest particle can be taken up. The increase most works with the extra power to ensure that all the debris and dirt are trapped.

Battery power

Both vacuums use connector battery packs intended to last 1 hour. The v11 has extra power management capabilities to extend battery life, and some versions come with two battery packs rather than one, although the differences aren’t that significant.


Weight plays a vital role, especially when choosing a cordless vacuum. The Vacuum V10 weigh approximately 5.71 pounds. The V11 weighs around 6.53 pounds. The V10 is light in weight and can be handled easily. The V11 has a big trash pack.


The Dyson V11 will cost you between $480 and 800. The Dyson V10 will cost you between $500 and 600. So if you are looking for an affordable option, you can choose the V10. Moreover, it’s hard to buy the V11 as only a few models exist.

Summing Up

The Dyson V10 and V11 are entirely different. The V11 has many additional features, including a digital screen and a new motor. It is suitable for cleaning floors and carpets. The V10 is only ideal for cleaning the carpet. Comparing the price, the V10 is more affordable than the other models.

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