Why Does The Schlage Programming Code Not Working, And How Can We Find Ways To Fix It?

In this article, we are going to discuss why the Schlage programming codes fail, what are the main causes, why this happens what are the root causes of this problem and how to fix the problem. You should continue reading if it seems like what you’re searching for. Let’s dive in! We will start our discussion with a briefing of the Schlange locks.

What is Schlage programming code?

The origin of Schlage programming code is an American security hardware manufacturer, which was established in 1920 by a guy by the name of Walter Schlage. The business has been producing premium security keys and cylinder lines for the past 100 years. The Schlage firm chose to launch its very own innovative home product, the Schlage Smart Deadbolt, in order to adapt to the new era of smart home devices and home automation networks.

Its hardware consists of a front panel with a programmable security keypad, a high-quality deadbolt, and a back panel that houses all the necessary parts. It becomes significantly more intelligent due to its connectivity with Alexa, Google Home, SmartThings, etc., but this does not guarantee that the gadget will be bug-free or problem free forever, even if it is linked with AI. The ‘programming code is not working’ fault is one of the most prevalent Schlage Smart Deadbolt issues.

Are they really reliable? Yes, there is no doubt you can rely on its safety and security blindly.

How to fix Schlage Programming Code Not Working?

You do not have to worry because we will explain how to troubleshoot your Schlage Smart Deadbolt if you are one of those users who has tried their programming codes only to see a glaring red X. To fix the programming code not working bug, all you have to do is simply follow our instructions.

Ø  Try to recheck the Schlage programming code:

You should review the Schlage programming codes one more time before attempting to reset the device or trying to call customer service. There’s a perfect chance that the code you’re using to unlock your lock is incorrect. Therefore, you should enter each number slowly and carefully. Your issue with the code not working will almost always be resolved immediately. You won’t need to waste any more time on the programming code.

Ø  Try to re-insert the batteries:

 If you are pretty sure that the code is entirely correct and the lock still won’t open, you need to re-insert the battery connections. Either the batteries are dead, or they weren’t placed correctly. Most experts agree that these issues are caused by the unit’s insufficient power flow. Therefore, you have to try to fix the device’s power connections.

Your main priority here should be to keep the power-related problems to a minimum. If you recently bought this Schlage device, all you have to do is take out the battery and put it back in. Verify the alignment is ideal and that the battery connections are in good condition.

To access the battery, you simply open the top panel cover. Whether you’re working with an older model, see if the handbook has any additional instructions for removing the battery.

Ø  Check if the unit is damaged:

Why Does The Schlage Programming Code Not Working, And How Can We Find Ways To Fix It?

Hardware problems are still possible, even though Schlage units are the most trusted options available in the market. This is particularly true if the installation environment and process are a little challenging. Therefore, you must inspect the buttons for damage.

As you try to enter the programming code, there is a reasonable risk that one of the buttons is not registering input. Sadly, if so, there is a very high chance that the button is broken; if that is the case, then there isn’t much that can be done. Additionally, if the controls are in good shape, wipe the area surrounding the button with a Q-tip. You can then directly free up the button for a better reaction after doing this to remove some dirt.

On the other hand, if the button is damaged enough, you will have to contact the dealer assistance specialists. He can better advise you on how to submit a warranty claim. It wouldn’t be too difficult to obtain a replacement component if the unit was damaged during delivery.

Ø  Try to use new batteries:

Why Does The Schlage Programming Code Not Working, And How Can We Find Ways To Fix It?

If you’ve used the lock for a while, the battery can possibly be drained out. However, it is believed that a Schlage lock battery has a very long lifespan. However, the battery in some of the most recent versions is less powerful.

The weaker batteries can only be fixed by having new ones inserted again as soon as the input problems start. There aren’t many alternatives left in this situation, so you might not be too excited about spending extra money on the batteries.

Not only will the new battery help with these programming-related concerns, but you’ll also notice an improvement in the device’s responsiveness. All you need to do is take out the old one and put in the new one. The new battery will provide new energy.

Ø  Try factory resetting:

factory reset

Before doing a factory reset, you must keep in mind that it will erase all data.

Follow these steps to reset your lock:

  • Ensure that the latch on the smart lock is retracted.
  • The back panel’s ornamental plastic covering should be removed.
  • The batteries in your Schlage Smart Deadbolt should be disconnected.
  • To discharge any remaining electricity from your smart lock, press and hold the main SCHLAGE button for a few seconds. Repeat this procedure until your Schlage Smart Deadbolt is complete without power.
  • While keeping your finger on the SCHLAGE button, press and hold the SCHLAGE button to replace the batteries in your smart lock, and continue applying pressure up until you see three checkmarks on the front panel.
  • Reposition the plastic cover after releasing the SCHLAGE button.
  • Enter the default programming code to finish the reset process.
  • Enter the default programming code to finish the reset process. The default codes are printed on the back panel of your Schlage Smart Deadbolt as well as in the instruction manual.

Ø  Take customer support:

Customer service at the Schlage Company is very user-friendly. If a factory reset does not resolve the issue of the Schlage programming code not working, the smart lock is a faulty item. A professional from the company will examine your smart lock. If it turns out that your smart lock is a defective item, the manufacturer will provide you with a new one.

Calling Schlage’s customer support is the best course of action for any more technical concerns. They will always resolve your problems with your Smart Lock.


The Schlage programming code can sometimes be faulty because it is eventually an electrical object. To fix this problem, we have discussed many solutions which you can use to fix your Schlage programming code not working problem quickly. The Schlage locks are one of those which cannot be easily broken or malfunctioned. To solve your problem, you can choose to switch the old batteries to the new ones, or you can manually change the code of the Schlage lock. Still, if the buttons are hampered, then you will have to contact a verified service provider to help you with this situation; in any other case, this article can quickly help you out with all your queries.

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Frequently asked questions:

What is the reason for not working on the Schlage programming code?

You can check to see if you are using the correct programming code and batteries first if your Schlage programming code isn’t working when you try to program the lock. If things are still not working out, you must now perform a factory reset on your Schlage before switching to a new, personalized programming code.

What is the default code provided by Schlage?

The programming manual that came with your lock has a label with the default programming code printed on it. Remove the lock from the door and check the rear of the lock for a label containing the default code if you don’t have access to the instructions.

How to change the Schlage lock program manually?

To unlock the deadbolt while it is locked, push the Outside Schlage Button and then type a 4–8-digit access code. Use the thumb turn to lock and unlock the deadbolt in 5 seconds manually. Bring back Auto-Lock Using the thumb turn, lock the deadbolt after 30 seconds of inactivity.

If there is a master code on Schlage lock, then where to look?

The master code can be found on a sticker on the back of the lock’s front if you remove it from the door. Since you must have access to the door and the skills to open the lock, it is there for security reasons. Three codes will be printed on the sticker.

What is the digit count of the Schlage lock?

Enter your four-digit user code on the keypad to unlock the door. Rotate the thumb turn in the direction of the door hinges when you notice the Schlage button turn green.

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