Best Leviton Light Switches To Buy

Light switches are one of the essential parts of any household. Most of the light switches require the use of neutral wire. It was the standard of many houses only till the 1980s. However, with the introduction of smart controls, people started upgrading their homes with new smart switches. Although the purpose of both of them is the same with the advancement in technology, smart switches can be controlled by using your mobile phone.

If you are looking for light switches that are not ordinary and make you look stylish, then Leviton has brought you a wide range of light switches and dimmer. Apart from this, the light switches from Leviton are compatible with different voice control types, including Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and apple home kit. So in this article, we will explore the top 3 leviton light switches from Leviton.

What are light switches?

Lights switches are switches utilized for operating the electric lights that are permanently connected to the electrical outlet or equipment. For example, portable lamps like the table lamp switch most people have in their houses consist of a light switch that is mounted to best, a socket, or any cord. However, the manually operated switches, which can be turned on and off by pressing the button or the switch nowadays are substituted by dimmer switches. With the help of diamonds rich, you can easily control the level of brightness of the light as well as you can easily turn the lights offer on. There are four different types of smart switches: time controlling, Remote control switches, timer, and occupancy sensor switches. Not only light switches can be found on vehicles, flashlights, and different devices. If you look at a standard light switch, you will find out that it only performs the function of turning the light off & on.

However, when it is integrated with an Internet connection, it can perform different functions. Search types of switches are known as smart light switches. These are connected via the ad of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, which are later connected to a companion app, allowing people to control the house from a far distance. Leviton is known for creating excellent quality light switches and dimmers, and recently it has introduced Wi-Fi-enabled smart switches. The smart switch from Leviton allows users to form schedules which will be later on activated with the help of a voice controller. You can also integrate Google Assistant and Alexa with the light switch making them much more convenient.

How do the Leviton smart switches work?

Light switches consist of wireless adapters which are connected through WiFi or Bluetooth. The switches are integrated with the companion app. So if you want to use Voice Assistant devices like Alexa or Google Assistant, you need to connect it with the companion app of the light switch to control it with the other devices in your home. So now let’s see the best three light switches from Leviton that you should integrate into your home decor.

Best Leviton Light Switches Which You Must Try: 

1.    DN15S Leviton Decora Smart No-Neutral Switch


 Best Leviton light switches to

First on the list is the decora smart No-neutral light switch, which comes up with a Wi-Fi bridge, but you have to purchase both separately. This product can be integrated into older homes that do not even have neutral wiring in their home wall box. The intelligent Decora Leviton No Neutral light switch could be connected with the Decora innovative WIFI bridge. This can be associated with the My Leviton Mobile app, through which you control the lights and set the time. Apart from this, it can be used with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. If you have iPhone, then you can also control it with Apple mobile Siri.

Price: $45.00


  • Multi-Location: You can add a wireless 3-way connection to the light switch, allowing you to turn the light off or on quickly.
  • Color change set: There is the presence of color changing kit that you can get in different colors Black, Grey, Ivory, Light Almond, and brown.
  • Wiring: You can use it in your house without adding neutral wire to the wall box.
  • Older homes: It can be installed in even old houses with no smart switch.
  • Voice control: It can work well with Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri and Hey Google and is linked via the help of bridge MLWSB.

Advantages and disadvantages

                             PROS                                   CONS
Available in different colors Expensive
Integrated with Home assistant apps Not easy to install
Can be used without the need for the neutral wire

2.    Leviton Decora Z-Wave Plus


Leviton DZ15S Decora Smart Switch with Z Wave Technology

As the name suggested, Leviton decora Z wave Plus works with DZ wave technology without the Z wave smart how it does not work. Among the most popular light switch. The Decora smart Z wave comes in a dimmer and a light switch. To use it, you need to get a Z wave matter bridge. Although, it is not available now. All the switches from Z wave plus requires the latest technology of light on lighting. It can support both CFL and LED bulbs having 600 watts of voltage. Apart from this, it also promotes incandescent lightning having a lot of 1800 watts.

Moreover, it supports resistivity, motor load, and fluorescence. The Leviton decora Z wave Plus gets the certification from Z wave + certification. It involves an increased range of communication, network inclusion, and air update.

The Z-Wave equipped security system, gateway, and portal support the very sophisticated design, which includes two-way input, is scenario capable, and allows for scheduling and remote access. It comes in different colors, which include white, black, brown, light almond, and ivory. If you want more results, you can pair it with other devices, including a screw-less wall plate.

Price: $64.55


  • Design: Sleek design switches come in different colors, including white, black, brown, and light almond.
  • Wiring: Does not require the use of neutral wire
  • Voice control: Integrated with voice control devices, including Siri and Alexa.

Advantages and disadvantages

                             PROS                                   CONS
Reliable and best class Quality I needed the Z wave smart hub
Uses the Z wave technology It cannot work without a neutral wire
Integrated with voice control gadgets

3.    Leviton Decora Smart Voice Dimmer with Amazon Alexa


 Best Leviton light switches to

If you want a light switch consisting of different features, this one is for you. The Smart Decora Leviton voice timer comes with a Wi-Fi radio, an entire range of Amazon Alexa speakers, and dimmer switches. But one missing thing is that it doesn’t support the Google Assistant and home kit. Apart from this, you will need a Wi-Fi connection of 2.5 GHz. It is available in different colours and can be integrated with intelligent voice control to control the lighting.

Price: $71.22


  • Mobile App: You can use the Leviton app by which you can control the light switch and its functions.
  • Wiring: It doesn’t require the use of neutral wire.
  • Speaker: Well, the unique thing about this is that it contains the microphone and speaker. The size of the speaker is relatively small.

Advantages and disadvantages

                             PROS                                   CONS
No need to use the intelligent hub WiFi dependent
Filled with features Operated only with the 2.4 GHz networks
Different options for integration and controlling the lighting. It does not support the Alexa whisper option
Connected with smart voice control devices Small size speaker does not produce a clear sound

Things that you should consider before buying a light switch

Well, if you plan to integrate the smart button in your home to give it a smart look, you should consider certain things before buying the light switch.

·         Design

The design according to your house is the first thing you should look at before buying a light switch. For example, choose the design if you are purchasing it for your home or office. It is available in different colors so you will get a large number of choices to choose from. Next is the feature set when some smart switches can be integrated with voice-controlling devices; some have LED displays, and some contain a microphone.

·         Current Rating

Look for the current rating. You should first need to know your requirement and then choose the switch. This comes in different ratings, which are listed below:

  • 6A/10A: Fans and light
  • 16A/20A: Used with Cooler, TV, and heavier lights
  • 25A/32A: Appliances such as air conditioners and geysers

·         Safety

Check that the lights you are choosing are composed of a material that is fire-resistant. The socket should be shuttered so that any accident does not occur. To check for the fire-resistant property, you can look for the ISI mark.

Summing Up

Leviton has been running for decades and is known for manufacturing different types of light switches that you can use to upgrade your home and give it a good look. Besides this, Leviton recently released two new light switches that do not need a neutral wire. One is the Decora No – neutral timer, which will cost you around $50, and the other is the Decora No neutral smart light switch which will cost you about $45. You can buy this from Leviton’s official site or any other e-commerce site. You can use Decora smart Wi-Fi bridge, which will cost around $20.

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