Gadgets that allows you to control your home

There are various devices that could help you to automate your home completely, it could allow you to do multiple task at no time ranging from taking your kid to school every morning to keeping up with meetings and schedules… Oh! You forgot to feed your pet today, the poor little dog would be very hungry.


IFTTT home automation

What if everything in your home could connect to the internet? Not just you iPhone and laptop, but everything- your clock, lamp, television, utensils, speaker, windows, curtains.

This phenomenon is known as the internet of things (IoT); and it is an integral part, if not the main concept of home automation.

Home automation is exactly how sounds: programming every single item in your house to work without or very minimal- like the push-of-a-button kinda minimal- human intervention.

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So these are the Gadgets that could help, save and change the way you do in your house

Brilliant Control

brilliant smart home control 5

Brilliant control is a special well-placed switch that allows you to control every single smart item in your house. This is done through its connection with these items through Wi-Fi. It features a 5-inch screen that enables you to play music, control lightning, see who’s at the door, among other features. Although it might be a little costly, it is definitely a great addition to a smart home.

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SmartThings Wi-Fi Smart Plug

Samsung smartthings starter kit

Samsung SmartThings Wi-Fi Smart Plug should be first on your list. Basically, it gives you reports on your power usage and features voice control as well as flexible scheduling. What’s more is that, through the SmartThings hub, you can pair it up with other smart devices.

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Smart lock Pro + Connect

Wi-Fi Door Lock with Camera

Automate your home security systems. This new-generation smart lock offers all the bells and whistles you would ever need when it comes to securing your home from thieves. There is also a wide range of other features including Z-wave compatibility and Wi-Fi connectivity.

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Ecobee Thermostat


Smart way of cooling and heating your house. The new edition, Ecobee Smart Thermostat with voice control, exceeds its predecessor in a number of features- a more powerful audio component, multimedia support, dual-band Wi-Fi and a host of other features.

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