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Arduino Touch Screen Room Control

Arduino Touch Screen Room Control

Hey everyone, I finally finished my touch panel for my bedroom wall and am here to show you how i made it. Unfortunately its not installed in my wall yet as I might be moving

Sensing Temperature

Temperature Control for Kitchen Appliances

In this Instructable, I will step through controlling the temperature of most kitchen appliances. As an example, I will use an old Westbend Poppery popcorn maker (aka. coffee roaster),

Final Thoughts

Tweet-a-Pot: Twitter Enabled Coffee Pot

Tweet-a-pot is the next in fancy twitter enabled devices. This coffee pot enables its owner to make a pot of coffee from anywhere they have cell phone reception, using twitter and an arduino board.

Espiresso Machine

Project Coffee: Es(pi)resso Machine

Some time ago, I embarked on a project to control my Gaggia Classic Espresso machine with a Raspberry Pi. Obviously, you can buy a fully automatic “bean to cup” machine… but where’s the fun in that!

Raspberry Pi Ipad

Raspberry Pi Ipad

This is a completely awesome project. It is a homemade Ipad That costs less the $100! You need very few programming skills.

The Electronic Bits 2

Power to Your Living Room Via Raspberry Pi

The idea is to create a controlled living room/entertainment station using the Raspberry Pi as a media center, torrent downloader, file storage and to operate electrical switches.

Raspberry Pi Garage Door Opener 1

Raspberry Pi Garage Door Opener

What we will be doing is turning the Raspberry Pi into a small web server. When you access the webserver from your browser of choice, you will have a big button that triggers the garage door via a relay.

Circuir Tweeting coffee machine using Raspbery Pi

Tweeting coffee machine using Raspbery Pi

Here is a small project for social network connected home appliance, done for the sake of fun, but provides a good learning experience. I will be connecting my coffee machine to Twitter

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