How To Connect Google Home To LG Smart TV Without Chromecast

It is out of reach for others to upgrade to the new TV with an inbuilt Chromecast. However with Smart TV apps, they also want to switch and enjoy the ease of streaming that comes with it, so what to do and how to connect Google Home to LG Smart TV without Chromecast.

Yes You can connect Google Home To Lg Tv without Chromecast by following two methods.

For those users who have Smart not built in TV and having a separate Chromecast and finding a way to connect google can be check below in the last section of this article.

Here Is How to Connect Google Home to Lg Smart TV without Chromecast

  1. Using a 3rd party Wi-Fi enabled universal remote control.
  2. Using an Android quick remote control application that connects a Roku to Roku TV

Using a 3rd party Wi-Fi enabled universal remote control.

To this point, there is only one company that makes “Smart” universal remotes worth exploring, and that is Logitech. Their Harmony Line is doing the work. It has to be a hub-based model, meaning that in addition to the remote itself it comes with a small hub with its own power supply.

Infrared (IR) technology is used by a standard remote to transmit signals to electronic components. We need a remote that can connect with both IR and Wi-Fi.

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In the most simplistic way, the thought is that we’re going to ask Google Home to switch the TV on, she’s going to send a message to the smart remote from your Wi-Fi that will send a message to turn the TV on via IR in-turn.

Logitech boasts that it works with more than 5,000 brands and more than 225,000 different devices (including gaming systems, DVD players, TVs, cable and satellite boxes, Roku, Firestick/FireTV, and Apple TV.  It uses IR, Bluetooth 3.0 and Wi-Fi).

After using the Harmony app to connect all your devices to your new remote, it’s time to link the Harmony Hub to your Google Home.

Even better, you can install the IFFTT and link it to the Harmony App if you want Google Home to turn the TV on and off. Follow this procedure:

  • Look up the IFTTT App on your Apple store or Google play store and download it.
  • Create yourself a free account if you don’t have one already.
  • Proceed to select your Google Assistant.
  • For more options tap at the bottom of your phone screen
  • Scroll further down to be able to activate the “Google Assistant Start Harmony Activity Button.”
  • Follow the instructions provided on your screen on how to link the two together.

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Link Your Harmony Remote to Google Home

  • Say “Ok, Google, ask Harmony to link to my account”.
  • On your smartphone, it should say “Link To Harmony”. Press “Link” in the bottom right-hand corner.  If you don’t see this displayed on your phone, launch the Google Home app and tap “Add” then “Set up device” Select “Works with Google”, then search for Harmony. Select the “Harmony” card
  • Sign in with your Harmony Username and Password
  • Set up names for each of your Activities. Select “Add Friendly Name” beside your Activity.  This is going to assign the names you’d like to use when controlling each device.
  • Setup Your Favorite Channels.  Here, you can assign specific commands for Google Home to launch specific channels or apps across multiple devices. 
  • Click on “Link Account

Using an Android quick remote control application that connects a Roku to Roku TV

You can connect it to Google Home with the Quick Remote App if you’re using a Roku TV or you have a Roku Streaming Device. However, this seems to work only for Android phones and it’s a pretty buggy app. Anyway, running your TV with Google Home is a simple solution.

  • Set-Up the Quick Remote App:
  • Install the Quick Remote App on your Phone.
  • Make sure your phone is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your Roku
  • Ensure under your Advanced Wi-Fi settings that it’s set to “Wi-Fi Always on during Sleep
  • Sign in to your Roku App using the same Google account that your Google Home is connected to.

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To your Google Assistant or Google Home:

  • Say “Ok Google, let me talk to Quick Remote”.
  • Google will ask you to link to Quick Remote:
  • Look for a Quick Remote link card to popup in your phone’s Google Home App
  • If not, click “Add” > “Set up device” >?(Link your smart home services…)>Select Quick Remote App

You Can Consider Other Option To Connect Google Home To Smart LG TV.

Chromecast devices isn’t expensive and offer you more features, In the scenario of Lg smart TV with no built in Chromecast and how to connect it.

First, for the casting process, you need to buy a Chromecast device. By using this device you can stream all your video content to LG Smart TV.

You can cast LG smart TV by using the following two methods

  • Chromecast from Smartphone.
  • Chromecast from PC.

The Necessary things for the Casting process are Smartphones, PC, Good network connection, LG Smart TV, Google Chromecast.

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Initial Setup:

  • Plugin your new Chromecast on the back of your LG Smart TV.
  • Connect all the devices to the same Wi-Fi.

Chromecast from Smartphone:

For Android users:

Android users can do this process using the Google Home app.

Step1: Download the Google Home app

Step2: On the left side of the Google Home app, Tap the menu option.

Step3: In the Menu option, Click the Cast Screen.

Step4: Immediately it will start to look for close devices. The list of the available devices will be shown.

Step5: Select your Chromecast device from the list and pair it.

Step6: The entire mobile screen is displayed on your LG Smart TV Screen.

Step7: Now, Go to any of your favorite streaming application on your phone.

Step8: Open the application, play any video you want to cast.

Step9: The same video playing on your mobile phone is displayed on your TV screen.

For iOS users:

iOS users can cast your iOS device’s screen easily. LG Smart TV has an inbuilt Apple Airplay option. So you can cast directly within a minute.

Step1: Open anyone streaming application on your device.

Step2: Login.

Step3: Connect iOS device and TV to the same Wi-Fi connection.

Step4: Google Chromecast is not required for this process.

Step5: Play any video on the app.

Step6: Tap the Airplay icon on the app.

Step7: It shows nearby devices

Step8: Choose your TV and Connect it.

Step9: Now, your entire mobile screen appears on your TV screen.

Chromecast from PC:

For Chromecast from PC, we need to do this process with the help of a chrome browser.

Step1: Open the Chrome browser on your PC/Laptop.

Step2: Wi-Fi Connection as already done.

Step3: Right Click on your mouse.

Step4: Choose the Cast option from the Popup.

Step5: The list of the nearby devices will be shown.

Step6: In that Click, the Source option and choose Cast desktop.

Step7: Now, Choose your Chromecast device and pair it.

Step8: Finally, your entire PC screen shows on your TV screen.

Step9: Now stream anything it will show on your TV screen also.

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