How To Organize Smart Home Actions: Google Assistant

For a smart home, Google Assistant will now schedule tasks, such as beginning the morning coffee or gently waking you by brightening the lights.

You can also use Google Assistant to plan smart home tasks, such as changing lighting, turning the coffee maker on and running sprinklers. Of course, to be able to conduct and schedule these activities, smart accessories are required, but increased support will help make it easier for smart home owners to do more in accordance with their preferred routines.

A smart plug that enables devices that are not otherwise smart to turn on and off is the most basic of smart home accessories. These are among the most affordable ways to create a smart home without investing in dedicated items for smart homes. Also, smart bulbs are very popular, often allowing dimming and/or the ability to change the color. Owing to their greater and smarter home security advantages, security cameras and smart locks have also been on the rise lately.

How To Organize Smart Home Actions: Google Assistant

More About Google:

Google Assistant now enables activities to be planned, making setting up automation for smart home accessories even more convenient. Using either a mobile, smart speaker or hub, the assistant previously enabled voice command of Google Home/Nest devices. Consumers now also have the option of planning actions to take place beforehand. For example, smart lights can be set to turn on at a certain time simply by invoking the Assistant with “Hey Google, turn on the lights tomorrow at 7 AM.” Particular devices can be targeted by name and by location. For example, “Hey Google, start the front sprinklers on Monday at 9 AM.” Scheduled actions can also be canceled in much the same way through a command like “Hey Google, remove my front sprinklers schedule.” However, it should be noted that scheduled actions require a specific time as well as the day. In other words, commands like “Hey Google, turn on lights tomorrow” are unlikely to work.

Other Smart Scheduling

The new scheduling feature of Google Assistant can also be used to monitor smart lights that have color and dimming capabilities. Color cycling, or ‘Color Loop,’ for example, may be scheduled to begin at a certain time and day to signify a birthday or other celebration. A light can be set to ‘sleep for 60 minutes,’ using the dimming feature, which will slowly reduce brightness and probably change the color temperature to mimic the sun setting.

This new ability of Google Assistant to schedule smart home actions is still rolling out so some features may not work correctly. Being able to set actions in advance makes using smart home accessories much more convenient and brings owners of these devices a bit closer to that futuristic idea of a true automated home that anticipates the needs of the occupants. Scheduling more complicated actions may be possible in the future, but for now, being able to ask Google to schedule coffee brewing, raising the lights, or watering the lawn should make mornings a bit easier.

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