Ring chime vs chime pro: Which one is best for you?

The widespread use of smart technologies for homes has led to the upgradation of conventional doorbells. Nowadays, the old doorbells are upgraded with a wide range of video cameras. Ring company, owned by Amazon, the biggest e-commerce company, is the world’s leading brand for making smart doorbells. There are two different types of ring bells available.

One is the ring chime, and another is the altered version of the ring chime, the ring chime pro. Ring chime 2 is an upgraded version of ring chime with some additional features. So, if you are facing any difficulty in which one to pick. So, we are here to solve this problem. Let’s start by understanding what’s the difference between these two.

Product NamesBest forRatingUnique Selling PointConnectivityTypePriceAmazon link
Ring ChimeBest accessibility 4.7Smart alert and motion Detection2.4 GHzIndoor$28.25

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Ring Chime ProBest for smart alerts5Nightlight and better bandwidth5 GHzIndoor $99.99

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What exactly are ring chime and ring chime pro?

Smart homes are equipped with smart devices that are most commonly used for providing security. One such product is ring doorbells. The doorbells from the ring comprise two different types of devices: Ring chime and Ring chime pro. However, given that both products offer excellent characteristics, many buyers frequently struggle to choose between the 2. Both can be connected to the home doorbell and provide much more security to the home, and they both have some common features.

Ring Chime

Price: $28.25 

Ring chime vs. chime pro

Ring chimes are wireless devices that notify when someone enters the home and are connected to the other ring devices inside the house. It can be installed by simply plugging it into the wall socket, and like any other smart device, it is connected through a smartphone via the Ring app (Android, IOS). It does not mean you always have to keep your phone with you. You will still receive notifications if you are not close to your phone.

Ring Chime Pro

Price: $99.99

Ring chime vs. chime pro

It is similar to the ring chime, but the upgraded version has more features and facilities. It is three in one device, providing flexibility, convenience, and reliability. You can hear sound from anywhere in the house. It also has an extended WIFI feature which helps you extend the WIFI signals, boosting the network of all connected devices.

Apart from this, it has an additional feature of a night light that helps you see in the dark. Many new customers are choosing the Chime Pro because of all these new capabilities, and many devoted Chime users are also switching toward the new device.

What makes the ring chime pro different from the ring chime?

When the ring chime was upgraded to the ring chime pro, it was done by keeping in mind the things that were not included in the first version, making it much more convenient and user-friendly. So now let’s discuss the key differences between the ring chime and ring chime pro.

Ring chime vs chime pro:

Ø  Alert Amplification

The main feature of using a ring chime is that it provides notifications inside the house whenever someone rings the doorbell. It also detects the motion when someone is near the door. Although it gives a notification when someone is near the door, most people have complained that sometimes it doesn’t work or the response is delayed.

The ring pro solves this problem. It has an altered amplification feature. It works by increasing the range. When someone is close to it, the ring starts giving notifications. This happens only when triggered the doorbell.

Ø  Sound Experience

Ring chime vs. chime pro

One of the big advantages of installing the ring chime is that they are wireless so you can place it anywhere. It can be heard from anywhere in the house. But some people have said that its ring cannot be heard properly. However, it is not related to your phone ring app.

To improvise this, the ring pro is upgraded with a louder voice. When the ring chime pro is installed, it produces a much louder voice than the original ring chime. The sound of the notification of the ring chime pro is twice as louder and clearer as the ring chime. It has many more holes in the mesh, allowing more sound to come. But the holes are small, so the dust particle will not come inside and damage it.

Ø  Wi-Fi Extension

wifi exteniom

Although the chime pro has 5 GHZ bandwidth, you may still experience some performance-related issues. The ring chime pro has added a WIFI extension feature to eliminate this disruption. This extension allows the user to take the signals across the property.

It is one of the most remarkable features of the ring chime pro. It is beneficial, especially for those with multiple devices in their home. This works even when the router is far away. It also assures that the 5GHz band of the WIFI will reach other parts of the house.

One thing to note here is that the extension box can only be used for the ring devices. Other products cannot connect to it.

Ø  Wi-Fi Connectivity

Wi Fi Connectivity

The older ring chime can only support 2.4GHZ, which is although sufficient for some houses. At the same time, the new ring chime pro has longer bandwidth of 5GHz that provides much better performance. Internet connection is necessary for Wi-Fi security devices to function; this feature provides many reasons for people to choose the Chime Pro.

The 5GHz bandwidth connectivity enables to have a strong and reliable connection. This bandwidth will provide a steady connection and reduce streaming errors.

Ø  Night Light

This is an additional feature that is featured in the ring chime pro. The night light present in the chime device allows you to see better, even in a dark room. Although it is an additional feature, it is not that much important. As most people already have nightlights for viewing at their homes. But once you install the ring chime pro, you will no longer be needed the night light in your house. It can be used inside the older night lights.

Setting Up the Ring chime

The installation process of the ring chime and ring chime pro is similar.

  • First, connect the ring chime pro to the wall outlet to receive the power.
  • Install the ring app on your phone and follow the instructions provided on the ring app. Choose the ring chime or ring chime pro, whichever you have in your house.
  • After setting up the device from the app, connect the ring device to the WIFI. If you are installing the chime pro, you can use the extension provided with the chime pro.
  • After establishing the connection between the Ring doorbell and the ring chime/ring chime pro. Follow the steps provided on the instruction page or in the app.

Because the Chime Pro has more features, including the potential to work like a Wi-Fi extension for existing Ring devices, the installation process might take longer. The process will take longer.

Which one is better, ring chime or ring chime pro?

With more features and improvements from the original ring device, the ring chime pro is undoubtedly better than the ring chime. The ring chime pro, an upgraded version, has many features. Certain measures will help you find the best option for you.

  • Cost: If we compare it according to cost, the ring chime is cheaper than the ring chime pro. However, purchasing the chime pro will value your money as it has additional features making it worth buying.
  • Convenience: In terms of convenience, the chime pro is more convenient as it has amplified alerts that can make you hear the notification clearly from anywhere in the house. It also uses the motion detection system. Also, the ring chime pro has greater bandwidth so that the connection never losses.

If you are considering the cost, then a ring chime is better. The ring chime pro is best suited for you if you want convenience. It depends on you what you prefer to have.

Frequently asked questions on Ring chime device.

1.    Is the Ring Chime Pro louder than the chime?

Yes, the ring chime pro is twice louder than the original ring chime. The audio of the chime pro is less compared, which allows it to make a louder sound. Apart from this, the ring chime has mesh covering with small holes allowing more audio to come through it.

2.    What is the purpose of the Ring Chime Pro?

It is much more convenient to use than the ring chime. It has features not there in the original one. The purpose of this is to deliver more security to the house.

3.    Is it worth getting a Ring Chime?

If you want to make your more secure, then the ring chime is worth buying. It sends alerts when someone is near your doorbell or if someone tries to trigger the doorbell. It is connected through the ring chime app on the smartphone and WI-FI.

4.    Does Ring Chime extend Wi-Fi?

With the new ring chime pro, you also get a WIFI extension so that you want to have to face any problem related to connectivity.

Final view

Many smart devices are available nowadays. One such smart device is the ring chime which is connected to other devices and gives you a notification when someone triggers the doorbell. There is a new upgraded version of the ring chime available in the market, which is known as the ring chime pro and has more features than the original ring chime. Ring chime pro is much more flexible and convenient to use.

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