Scenes Are Now Supported By The IKEA Smart Home System

In its smart home system, iKEA is filling an important feature void. The Verge reports that IKEA, via a firmware update (1.12.31) for its Tradfri gateways, adds scene support to Home Smart, making it easy to monitor several devices at once without having to rely on the platforms of other companies. For example, when you’re getting ready for bed, you can easily dim the lights and mute your Symfonisk speakers.


The upgrade also takes advantage of IKEA’s long-in-the-making Shortcut Buttons, which are now expected “shortly” for less than $10 each. As you’d expect, this saves you from having to reach for your phone or bark a command — you can slap a button to open your Fyrtur blinds in the morning.

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Roughly a year ago, IKEA first previewed scenes and Shortcut Keys. Between the pandemic and the past of the retailer of delayed smart home appliances, the wait isn’t absolutely shocking. It’s good to know, however, that you can invest in the technology of the furnishing giant without feeling like you’re lacking an option that’s reasonably normal elsewhere.

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