Weiser Smart Lock Problems: Troubleshooting Guide

Smart locks in homes have now been a new standard for a few years, fast, reliable and to some degree effective, but these smart locks have some issues, here we addressed just Weiser smart lock problems and how to solve these with just simple steps.

So far, there are a few common issues faced by most users. In order to resolve these Weiser Smart locks problems, it is important to follow the troubleshooting steps provided. By doing so, you can find effective solutions for the reasons behind these issues.

  1. Installation problem
  2. Door Jamming and Door Handing
  3. Keypad error
  4. Battery problem
  5. Forget password of master code and entry code
  6. Unable to lock the Door


Problem-1 Installation Problem

  1. The interior mounting screws are difficult to tighten.
  2. The interior and exterior assembly won’t mount parallel to the door edge.
  3. The interior assembly does not fi t on the mounting plate.

How to Troubleshoot

If you encounter any of the problems above,

  • The Deadbolt Latch May Be Installed Upside Down.
  • Remove The Interior Assembly, Mounting Plate, And Exterior Assembly From The Door, And Look At The Latch Inside The Door Hole.
  • If The Word “Up” Is Upside Down And At The Bottom Of The Latch, The Latch Is Installed Incorrectly.
  • Reinstall the latch, making sure the word “UP” faces upward.
Problem 1 Installing Problem
Installation Problem

Problem-2 Door Jamming and Door Handing

  1. The lock jams and the turnpiece does not rotate smoothly.
  2. The lock beeps, the keypad flashes red, and the door cannot lock.
  3. The Status LED is solid red after the door handing process.
  4. The deadbolt latch does not extend or retract on its own during the door handing process.

For 1 & 2

How to Troubleshoot

The door handing process was not executed during installation.

Hole In The Door Is Misaligned: Disassemble the lock and reinstall it without the adapter ring on the exterior side of the door.

Hole In The Door Is Misaligned

Wrong Deadbolt Latch Is Installed: For ease of use, SmartCode deadbolts need a tapered lock bolt.

Wrong Deadbolt Latch Is Installed

If the latch is old, it might not have a tapered bolt. Remove the Weiser locks, including the old latch. Install the new lock with the tapered latch that came with it. If you have any problems, check the troubleshooting section in the user manual for help. Remember to enter the right master code when setting up the new lock.

Deadbolt Latch And Strike Are Misaligned Causing The Latch To Bind: Adjust the tab of the lower strike to help align the upper latch and strike so that the latch bolt enters the strike when the door is locked.

Deadbolt Latch And Strike Are Misaligned

Clutch Is Disengaged: Remove The Battery Pack: Remove the interior assembly from the door. Verify that the lock can be operated smoothly with the key while the interior is removed. Attempt to rotate the turn piece on the interior assembly to the vertical position. If it cannot rotate to the vertical position, the clutch has become disengaged.

Place the battery cover onto the interior assembly, making sure to align the turn piece with the shaft. Rotate the turn piece 180° clockwise

This will re-engage the clutch.

Align the turn piece with the torque blade and reinstall the interior assembly on the door.

Weiser Smart Lock Problems

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3.0 The Status LED is solid red after the door handing process.

How to Troubleshoot

  • The lock interior is not mounted perpendicular to the ground.
  • The battery level is too low.
  • The hole in the door is misaligned.
  • The Weiser lock’s latch and strike are misaligned, causing the latch to bind. This issue can be resolved by adjusting the smartcode locks.

The Status LED is solid red

4.0 The Weiser Lock deadbolt latch, specifically the SmartCode, does not automatically extend or retract during the door handing process.

How to Troubleshoot

The door handing process was not performed correctly: Make sure to press and hold the Lock button until the battery pack is fully inserted into the interior assembly and the latch bolt starts to move on its own.

The mounting plate is placing tension on the torque blade.

The latch and strike are misaligned, causing the latch to bind.

Keypad Is Unresponsive: Make sure switch #3 is on.To ensure optimal performance, use a fresh set of batteries for your Weiser Lock SmartCode. Remember to also perform the door handing process. If the latch does not extend or retract, and the lock does not beep, press each individual key on the keypad (one at a time) and listen for beeping sound. If no beeping is heard, this is a keypad error.


Problem-4 Keypad Error

How to Troubleshoot

Keypad error test: Install a fresh set of batteries and turn switch #3 to the ON position. Test each button on the keypad (one at a time) and listen for a beep on each button press. If beeping is not heard on all buttons then contact with technical support team.

Keypad lockout: If three incorrect codes were entered within one minute, the keypad will lock for 60 seconds.

Keypad Error

Problem- 5 Unable to lock the door

How to Troubleshoot

  • If there are no codes in the lock, the lock button will not lock the door.
  • Program at least one user code and test the Lock button again
  • The battery is too low to lock the door.
  • The clutch is disengaged.
  • Mounting plate is placing tension on the torque blade.

Problem-6 Battery issues

How to Troubleshoot

The Batteries Drain within One Day: The lock must be replaced. Contact Technical Support.

Batteries Drain Within One Week: Keypad error.

Why Weiser smart lock won’t lock?

If your Weiser smart lock won’t lock, there could be several reasons and corresponding solutions:

  1. Low Batteries: The most common issue is low battery power. Replace the batteries with fresh ones to ensure the lock has enough power to operate.
  2. Misaligned Door: If the door or lock is misaligned, the bolt may not be able to extend fully into the strike plate. Adjust the strike plate, hinges, or door alignment so that the lock can engage properly.
  3. Obstruction: Ensure there is no debris or obstruction in the bolt path. Clean out any dirt or debris from the bolt area and the strike plate.
  4. Faulty Installation: If the lock was not installed correctly, it might not function as intended. Double-check the installation against the manufacturer’s instructions.
  5. Software Issue: If the lock is part of a smart home system, ensure that it is properly connected to your network and that there are no software updates pending that could resolve the issue.
  6. Mechanical Failure: Internal components could be broken or worn out. If you suspect a mechanical failure, contact Weiser customer support for repair or replacement options.
  7. Factory Reset: Sometimes, resetting the lock to factory settings can resolve unexplained issues. Refer to the user manual for instructions on how to perform a factory reset.

For specific troubleshooting steps related to Weiser locks, you might want to consult the Weiser support website or the user manual that came with your lock. If these steps do not resolve the issue, it may be necessary to contact Weiser customer support for further assistance.

Frequently asked questions?

In case you failed to remember you entry code and master code then what you do?

You have to factory reset it to be able to turn it back at a default position.

How do I reset my Weiser Smart Lock?

Here is the following process:

  1. Remove the battery cover using the Allen key.
  2. Remove the battery pack.
  3. Press and hold the program button while reinserting the battery pack.
  4. Hold the program button for 30 seconds until the status LED flashes red.
  5. Press the program button again. The lock has been reset when the LED flashes green.
  6. Verify the lock has been reset by pressing the lock button while the door is open. If the bolt does not extend to lock the door lock, it has been successfully reset.
  7. Complete the handing procedure after the lock has been reset to restore the lock to default:
    1. Make sure that the deadbolt is in the unlocked position.
    2. Wake the screen on the touchpad, enter the master code and press #, enter 3, then # to enter Advance Lock Settings.
    3. Enter 5, then # and then # again to Hand the lock in the correct direction. Make sure that the deadbolt is in the unlocked position when handing the lock.

Why weiser lock beeping 5 times?

A Weiser lock beeping five times typically indicates an issue with the lock’s operation. One common reason for this could be low batteries, which would require a battery replacement to resolve the issue. It’s also possible that the lock is experiencing a malfunction or a communication error with its internal components or with a connected smart home system.

To troubleshoot, you can try the following:

1. Replace the batteries with new ones to ensure the lock has sufficient power.
2. Perform a factory reset on the lock as per the manufacturer’s instructions.
3. Check for any jamming or misalignment in the lock mechanism that might be causing the beeping.

If the problem persists, consult the user manual or contact Weiser customer support for further assistance. They can provide more detailed troubleshooting steps or service options to address the beeping issue.

Why Weiser smart lock flashing red

A Weiser smart lock flashing red typically indicates an error or a warning. Some of the common reasons for a Weiser lock to flash red include:

  1. Low Battery: The lock is alerting you that the batteries are running low and need to be replaced soon (Weiser Smartcode 10 Troubleshooting).
  2. Locking Error: The lock may have encountered an obstruction or resistance while trying to extend the bolt into the strike plate, preventing it from locking properly.
  3. Unsuccessful Operation: The red flashing might occur after an unsuccessful attempt to lock or unlock, indicating a malfunction or misalignment.
  4. Tamper Alert: Some smart locks have a tamper alarm that triggers a red light if an incorrect code has been entered multiple times or if there has been an attempt to forcibly manipulate the lock.

To resolve the issue, you should:

  • Replace the batteries if they are low.
  • Check for and remove any obstructions that might be preventing the bolt from extending or retracting fully.
  • Ensure the door and lock are properly aligned.
  • If the red light is due to a tamper alert, check the lock for signs of damage and reset the alarm as per the user manual instructions.

If the problem persists after troubleshooting, consult the user manual for specific error codes or contact Weiser customer support for further assistance.

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