What Channel Is Paramount Network on Spectrum

A few days ago, I realized that my Spectrum membership had expired, so I renewed it and took the opportunity to review the channels I had previously paid for.

Re-subscribing to Paramount was the first channel that came to mind. There’s no way I’m going to forget to put that on my list.

If you like to watch TV from any seat in your house rather than being chained to the couch in front of the TV in the living room, then Spectrum TV is the digital platform for you.

Including close to two hundred channels broadcasting everything from breaking news and sports to hit dramas and reality shows.

Spectrum’s website provides a channel lineup, which includes the Paramount channel in several cities across the US, such as channel 45 in Los Angeles, channel 43 in Cleveland, and channel 68 in Orlando. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, try contacting customer service.

I will also briefly discuss the Paramount Plus offerings and go over the various Spectrum and Paramount plans.

Paramount on Spectrum

What Channel Is Paramount Network on Spectrum

For one of the best streaming options available, look no further than Paramount on Spectrum.

The only issue that Spectrum customers in Paramount’s service area may encounter is locating the Paramount channel that is available via streaming.

It’s not available on the same channel number in all regions. Similar to how Cincinnati is covered by channel 47, Canton is on channel 30, Raleigh is on channel 40, New York is on channel 36/16, Tampa-ST is on channel 43, Petersburg is on channel 48, Daytona Beach is on channel 68, San Antonio is on channel 59, Dallas and Park Cities are on channel 74, Madison Area is on channel 30 (649), and St. Louis is on channel 71 (847).

With the help of Spectrum’s channel guide, which features a channel lineup given by Paramount, you may tune in to any channel in the world, no matter where you happen to be.

If you are still facing any issues, you can always resort to contacting Customer Service for the best guidance.

Once this hassle is out of the way, you can start watching from a pool of over 200 channels.

Plans on Spectrum

Spectrum’s three primary packages are Spectrum TV Select ($44.99/month), Spectrum TV Silver ($74.99/month), and Spectrum TV Gold ($94.99/month).

Features and content vary between plans.

Does Spectrum Offer a Free Trial?

While Spectrum TV does offer a free trial, it is only compatible with the Spectrum TV Choice package.

You can try Spectrum Internet for free without purchasing a Spectrum TV device, but you will need to subscribe to a Spectrum Internet plan in order to use the trial.

Here’s how it goes down:

  • Visit the Spectrum TV Packages page.
  • Select Your Preferred Television Channel by Clicking the Orange Button at the Shopping Center
  • To see if your neighborhood is serviced by spectrum devices, enter your street address, ZIP code, and unit number.

Alternate Ways to Watch Paramount

Not only is Spectrum not the only place to watch Paramount films online, but there are many more options as well.

It’s available on Hulu for $69.99 per month or on Philo with 60 other channels for $25 per month.

Aside from DIRECTV STREAM ($69.99/month), FuboTV ($69.99/month), and YouTubeTV’s basic package ($64.99/month), there is also Sling TV ($35/month), Vidgo ($55/month with a discounted price for the first three months), and YouTubeTV.

Extraordinary Plus

With about 42 million users all over the world, it is one of the most popular services available today.

The portal features a vast library of both fresh and archival content, organized in the form of channels.

The service’s compatibility with a wide range of hardware makes it convenient to use.

There are two tiers of service, dubbed “essential” and “premium,” that you can choose from. One plan costs $5, and the other costs $10. Costs are reduced by 10 and 12 rupees.

How to Stream Paramount without Cable?

Paramount may be streamed on many different gadgets, so even if you don’t have cable or don’t want to watch TV in your living room, you can still enjoy your favorite shows.

You can watch it on the web or on devices like Roku players, FireTV sticks, Apple TVs, Android TVs, Chromecasts, iPhones, iPads, and Android devices.

If you have Spectrum, here is a complete list of all the channels that carry the Paramount Channel:

The Paramount Channel on Spectrum
Location Channel
Los Angeles 45, 116
San Diego 38, 116
Anaheim 66, 116
Long Beach 53, 753
Bakersfield 38, 211
Reno 71, 798
Corpus Christi 34, 116
San Antonio 59, 116
Austin 69, 116
El Paso 36, 116
Dallas 74, 715
Birmingham 64, 143
Montgomery 54, 847
Lexington 44, 141
Louisville 41, 141
Charlotte 44, 116
Durham 40, 116
Raleigh 40, 116
Indianapolis 24, 143
Milwaukee 51, 206
Kansas City 38, 116
Columbus 13, 27
Cincinnati 47, 206
Cleveland 43, 206
New York 36, 116
Albany 55, 116
Buffalo 40, 116

What Channel Is Paramount Network on Spectrum in Ohio?

Spectrum subscribers in Cincinnati and Cleveland can find The Paramount Channel on channels 206 and 1206. Channels 47 and 43 are also available for viewers in Cincinnati and Cleveland, respectively.

For those in Columbus, Ohio, you can find Paramount on channels 13, 27, 141, 994.

What Channel Is Paramount Network on Spectrum in Florida?

Location State Channel Number
Orlando FL 68
Daytona Beach FL 68

What Channel Is Paramount Network on Spectrum Texax?

Most people can watch the Paramount Network in Texas on their Spectrum TV on channel 116.  This will work for cities like Corpus Christi, San Antonio, Austin, and El Paso.

Location State Channel Number
San Antonio TX 59
Dallas TX 74/715
Park, Cities TX 74/715
FT, Worth TX 74/715

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Frequently Asked Question

Who or what is Paramount Network?

ViacomCBS operates the American television network Paramount Network. The network’s mix of produced and acquired shows, both scripted and unscripted, appeals to a wide range of viewers.

Where can I find Paramount Network on TV?

Paramount Network’s channel number is unique to each region and cable company. Channel numbers are available via the channel finder on the Paramount Network website, which may be accessed by entering a ZIP code and the name of your service provider. We hope you find this blog post useful if you subscribe to Spectrum TV and are looking for a complete list of the channel numbers for the Paramount Network.

Does Spectrum cable carry the Paramount Network?

Yes. For an additional $59.99 a month, Spectrum’s TV Select package includes Paramount Network.

How can I get a free Paramount subscription?

In order to start your free trial, please visit the Spectrum TV homepage. Then select the option labelled “Orange Shop TV.”

To find out if you are covered by their service, fill out the form below.

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