Why is my Smart view not working – How to fix it?

One of the most outstanding features offered by Samsung is the Smart view, by which people can easily share the content which is there on their Samsung phone with the Samsung TV. With the Smart View feature, you can Binge watch shows with your family and friends. Most importantly, watching movies on a big screen is the best experience, and the Samsung Smart view has made it easy for you.

But it has been noticed that some people are facing difficulty in using the Samsung Smart view feature. In this article, we will discuss the different reasons to fix the problem of viewing content using the Smart View feature of Samsung.

Check to see if the TV and phone are linked to the same Wi-Fi network if Smart View isn’t working for you. Verify that the TV and phone are running the most recent software releases.

Why is the Smart View feature by Samsung not working correctly?

Samsung Smart View is an application that lets you see the mobile content on the Samsung Smart TV. If you have Samsung smart TV, then you can easily download the Smart View app from its official site of Samsung. You can connect all your Samsung devices to a single device. It is compatible with Windows 7 and higher. Connect the Windows with the Smart TV via Wi-Fi using Smart view.

  • Sometimes, people can face some problems with the Smart view feature. Just like every situation has a solution. This problem also has some answers. But before knowing the key, we must understand the reasons that have caused the issues.
  • Some people have addressed the company that they cannot use the Smart View after updating the Samsung Device to a new version of Android.
  • Ensure that both the Samsung Smartphone and smart TV are up to date and running the most recent software; using an earlier version might interfere with Smart View.
  • Ensure that the mobile or desktop is compatible with the Samsung TV because the Smart view feature might crash if both devices are not compatible quite a few times.
  • One of the functions of the Smart view is the Mirroring function which does not require Bluetooth because it can stop the functioning of the WI-FI connection. As it interferes with the internet, you might not be able to use the Smart view feature.

The above could be a possible reason for not properly working the smart view feature.

How to fix the Smart View Glitch

The Smart View is a feature that works just like the mirror. It connects your mobile device with the Samsung Smart TV with a Wi-Fi connection. It allows you to view all the content of your mobile phone on the big screen, such as the pictures, videos, and games present on your phone on the big screen that is your Samsung TV.

If the Smart View feature is having some trouble working correctly, you can try to reboot or restart the mobile device, which can help solve the problem. Even after the problem is not solved, try these simple Hacks to solve the issue. If you continue to face problems with utilizing the Smart View, ensure you meet the following prerequisites.

·  Check for the connection between your Samsung phone and Samsung TV

Make sure that your mobile phone and the TV are correctly connected with the same network like if you are using Wi-Fi, then both devices should be associated with the same Wi-Fi network. Not like your mobile phone is connected with cellular data and the Samsung TV with Wi-Fi. Below are the steps that are needed to be followed to see if both devices are associated with the same network connection.

Step 1. When you swipe down the screen on your mobile phone, you will see a Quick panel option open.

Step 2.  After opening the Quick panel, you can see the Wi-Fi icon. Please select it and open your mobile phone’s Wi-Fi settings. 

Step 3. From there, you can connect both devices to the same network. If they are associated with different networks, disconnect both of them and reconnect the mobile phone and the Samsung with the same network. Here you can make sure you are connected to the correct network and change it if necessary.

Let’s consider an example.

One of the features of Samsung Smart View is the mirror function. To use the Smart view Mirroring feature, ensure the TV and phone are connected using the same internet connection. The mirror feature by Smart view does not require Bluetooth because it can stop the functioning of the WI-FI connection. As it interferes with the internet, you might not be able to use the Smart view feature.

If you discover that both are connected differently with different networks, disconnect them and reconnect the mobile phone and the Samsung with the same network. Once you switch the web, you can use the mirror feature to check whether the Smart View features appropriately. If it works properly, then the problem is solved.

·  Permit the Samsung Television

Sometimes your Smart Television may have become disconnected somehow. In such cases, some features will stop working. Therefore, in this situation, you might need to again provide permission from the phone’s Quick menu to access mirroring.

Check for the permission of TV. If you have not permitted the TV, then you have to follow these simple steps:

Step 1. On the Quick panel, you will see the option of Smart View. Select it. 

Step 2. After this, select your Samsung TV.

·  Keep the Software up to date

It’s essential to keep all your devices updated. You can find an update option on your Samsung TV in the Settings menu. Check for all the updates. Using outdated Software may create some incompatibility problems. Because of this reason, the Samsung Smart view might not work correctly. If the Samsung TV is obsolete or you are using an older version, then update it by the following steps:

Here are the following steps:

On Samsung TV

Step 1. Go to the Settings option in the Smart TV, and choose the system update option.

Step 2. After Selecting the Software Update, select “Update Now” from there.

Why is my Smart view not working – How to fix it?

Step 3. If you can see any new updates, select the “Update to new version option”, and the download will start. Once it is completed, you can view your content easily. If you cannot find any new update, then exit from Settings.

On Phone

Step 1. Launch the Settings app from your device.

Step 2. Next, tap on Software Update.

Why is my Smart view not working – How to fix it?

Step3. Click on Download and Install Now option.

download android software update 3

Step4. Finally, click on the Install Now button.

·  The screen ratio must be adjusted correctly in your phone

Some people have stated that the screen’s aspect ratio is troubling when using the Samsung Smart View app. If you are facing such kinds of issues, then follow some simple steps to adjust the Screen aspect ratio.

Suppose the picture you are viewing appears small on your Samsung TV. Choose the Smart View option, where you can see the aspect ratio. Could you select it and change it accordingly? Similarly, follow the same step and adjust the screen aspect ratio if you see an enlarged image.

·  Check for the network Issues

It is one of the most common problems hindering the Smart view function. Check for the internet speed. If it is too slow or fast, you will face issues regarding the Smart view.

If your internet is not working or slow, you can face issues using the intelligent view function. Rectify the network problem by following the given below steps:

Step 1: Bring the router close to the Samsung tv by moving it.

Step 2: Keep the router above the device.

Step 3: Test your internet speed using specific applications.

·  Factory reset your mobile phone or Samsung TV

If all the techniques cannot solve the problem, the last option is to reset the device to its factory default settings from when you turned it on for the very first moment. Remember that all your data will be lost once you rest your phone or other devices. So before resetting the mobile phone or other devices, save all your essential data on a different device or desktop. For the factor, reset follow the given steps:

Here are some step-by-step guides you can follow.

On Samsung TV

Step 1. Open your device and navigate over to the Gear icon to launch Settings.

Step 2. From the left panel, select the General option.

Step 3. Next, tap on the Reset option. You might have to enter your PIN code. (By default, the passcode is 0000)

Step 4. Now, tap on the Reset option.

Step 5. Alternatively, in some other Samsung TV versions, you might find the Reset option under Support > Self Diagnosing.

Step 5. From the prompt, tap on the OK button to confirm your action.

On Phone

Step 1: Open your phone and go to the Settings

Step 2: In the settings, you will find an option for General management.

android general management 1

Step 3: You will find a “Reset” option in which you will see the “Factory Reset” option. Select it.

Why is my Smart view not working – How to fix it?

Step 4: Select the “Delete All” option.

·  Contact the Samsung customer center

If you follow all the steps and the problem still occurs, it means something is not suitable with your TV; contact the Samsung customer care center. Their customer support is beneficial and available 24 hours, so you connect anytime. They can provide you with further technical support to find out how to set up the Smart View so it operates correctly.

Suppose Smart View isn’t functioning for you. In that case, you may also take the device to a nearby Samsung shop or a reputable repair facility to further investigate the problems and possible solutions.

Final Thoughts

Some people might face some problems while using the Smart View feature. There could be many reasons for it. To solve such issues, we have provided some guidelines you can follow to solve the problem, and if the problem still occurs, you can contact them.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I update Smart View?

When you download and install a system update for your Samsung phone, Smart View will be updated immediately.

With Bluetooth, is screen mirroring possible?

Bluetooth isn’t designed to carry data as quickly as a screen mirroring service would demand and is a somewhat slow data transmission technology in general.

Do all Samsung Smart TVs have screen mirroring?

Screen mirroring is supported in one form or another by every Samsung Smart TV.

Both Smart View and AirPlay 2 are supported by select TVs.

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