Xtreme Garage Door Opener Troubleshooting

If your Xtreme garage door opener isn’t working, you’ve come to the perfect place. Find it in the list of the most frequent problems below once you’ve pinpointed the problem as clearly as possible. You’ll find an explanation of the likely reason, as well as professional advice on how to troubleshoot the device, right next to it.

Here is a list of a few common issues of Xtreme Garage Door Opener and their Troubleshooting steps:

Xtreme garage door opener remote not working

Possible Reason

  1. If your garage door fails to open with the remote, there are a few things that can cause it;
  2. The remote might be out of range.
  3. The motor’s antenna could be damaged or blocked from the signal. Ensure it’s hanging down from the engine.
  4. If the door opens with the wall controller, it’s a simple issue of dead batteries.
  5. Try reprogramming your remote.
Xtreme Garage Door Opener Troubleshooting

How to Reprogram Xtreme garage door opener remote?

  • Push and release the yellow learn button once. Orange OK light will light up
  • Press and release the grey button on the remote
  • OK light will flash and the opener will beep twice
  • Press and release the grey button on the remote the garage door should open

Xtreme Garage Door Opener Light Flashing

Light indicators

Check the LED light blinks as you close the door:

  • Greenlight means the sensors are working, and
  • Red lights indicate the sensors aren’t aligned. You should check the bracket or tighten a screw on the flashing sensor to fix the issue.

Xtreme Garage Door Opener Beeps and Flashes Means And How To Fix It?

Your garage door may beep for a variety of reasons. Here are four scenarios in which it beeps, as well as suggestions on what to do if you don’t know why it’s beeping:

  • Some garage door openers have a gadget called time features. The time-to-close function sounds when your garage door is ready to close.
  • Anyone using MYQ technology may open and close the garage door from a remote place. Additionally, when you use the MYQ app to remotely operate your garage door, it will beep to notify anybody nearby. All current door openers include this feature as an extra measure of safety and precaution.
  • Battery power- the Xtreme doors have a battery-backup feature that allows them to keep working even during a power outage. So, when the door closes or opens using battery-backup power, it beeps.
  • When batteries are low, a garage door opener beeps to let you know.  To confirm that you should replace batteries, check the battery status LED light on the opener
IssuePossible Reason:Fix:
Xtreme garage door opener beeps 12 times (1 beep / second)Door travels with abnormal speedAdjusting travel limits
Door will reverse and Beep x 20Door is obstructed while closingCheck the tracks for dirt, rocks, trash, or other debris. Give the tracks a wipe-down to remove anything on the way
Door will stop and Beep x 25Door is obstructed while openingCheck the tracks for dirt, rocks, trash, or other debris. Give the tracks a wipe-down to remove anything on the way
Beep x 20Photo Eye System is obstructed during door-closingExamine the state of the wires connected to the photo-eye and replace them if necessary. Clean the photo-eye lens with a microfiber cloth to remove any dust.
Beep x 1“LEARN” button is pressedWorking Fine
Flash x 3Reconnecting power (with travel limits stored)Working Fine
Flash x 5Opener is initially plugged-in (no travel limits stored)See Below how to set travel Limit.

How to Adjust an Xtreme Garage Door Opener

If your Xtreme door opener does not open or close at the appropriate positions, make the following adjustments:

Adjusting travel limits

The screws on the opener may be adjusted to raise or reduce the open and shut limitations. Make the adjustments using a screwdriver.

Open up travel limit.

  • Close the garage door using either the remote or push button.
  • Adjust the open limit screw
  • Open the garage and examine if its well-adjusted.
  • Repeat the above steps until the door opens to the desired location.  Ensure there is enough clearance for your vehicle.

 Close down travel limit

  • Open the garage door using either the remote or the push button.
  • Next, adjust the close limit screw.
  • Close the garage door and check if you have set the desired adjustment.
  • Repeat the above procedure until you have the desired adjustment.

Xtreme Garage Door Opener Won’t Close

  • The photo-eye is blocked.
  • Its power source is disrupted.
  • The torsion springs are broken.
  • Remote control malfunction.
  • Snapped or loose cables.
  • Sensitivity needs adjustment.
  • The limit setting is off.
  • The door has dislodged from its track.
  • Something is blocking the door.
  • “Disconnect” has been switched.
  • The door is locked.

Xtreme Garage Door Opener Reset

  1. Find the button on the engine that reads “Learn” or “Home.” You can find the button on the device’s antenna next to the LED.
  2. Depending on your opener’s model, you may need to remove an access panel to reach the button.
  3. Press the controller and hold it for five to six seconds or until the LED goes off.
  4. Later press the same button again to reset the opener.  
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Why is My Xtreme Garage Door Opener not working?

The following are the reasons why your garage door opener isn’t working;

1. A blocked photo-eye

 When someone or object is in the doorway, the eye senses send the laser beam across the length of the garage door and opens it.

  • Examine the state of the wires connected to the photo-eye and replace them if necessary.
  • Clean the photo-eye lens with a microfiber cloth to remove any dust.

2. The door may be off track and fail to move.

  • Disconnect the garage door opener from the power source. Lift the garage door to make sure it’s rolling smoothly on the track.
  • Look for any gaps, bumps, or blockages in the track.
  • Listen for any squeaks or other unusual noises when you move the door.
  • Remove the fasteners and connect the track to the frame. With a rubber mallet, gently tap the track back into place.
  • Remove any obstacles from the track.

3. Power source disrupted

  • Ensure the switch is on.
  • If the switch fails, make sure the wall socket is working. Then, check the circuit breaker and fuse. Finally, check if the current is passing using a multimeter; if it’s not, the socket may be damaged and requires replacement.

4. Broken garage door torsion springs

If the door has broken springs, don’t even try to open it as it is hazardous. Instead, call the technician for repair.

5. Door cables have snapped or popped off. 

The door cables will snap if the spring torsions break. The wires may cause damage to the wall or car, as well as injury to anybody nearby. To get assistance, contact a trained technician.

6. The door sensitivity is out of adjustment

The door will not open if the sensitivity is adjusted too high or too low. Adjust the sensitivity according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. The closing force and limit switch may be adjusted to the proper settings.

7. Remote may be malfunctioning.

  • There are a few reasons why your garage door will not open using the remote: • The remote may be out of range.
  • The motor’s antenna might be broken or the signal could be obstructed. Ascertain that it is dangling from the engine.
  • If the door opens using the wall controller, it’s likely that the batteries are dead.
  • Reprogramme your remote control

8. Limit setting requires adjustment. 

  • If the door closes and then opens again, adjustments are required. To decide how far to move the door shut, first check the limit settings. The door will touch the ground if the settings are unrealistic; it will presume it has hit an object and backtrack to avoid damage. To make the modifications, see the owner’s handbook or the buttons on the motor.
  • Use a ladder and locate the limit switch adjustment button.
  • If the opener fails to close or open, fix it down or adjust it up accordingly.  
  • Ensure you make minimal adjustments to avoid exaggerating it and make the door bang shut or open.

9. There is an obstacle.

Garage doors will always reverse if they touch an obstacle. The door will close halfway and later reverse, a sign that something is hindering it from closing. Check the tracks for dirt, rocks, trash, or other debris. Give the tracks a wipe-down to remove anything on the way.

10. The door is locked

If the engine is on, but the door fails to open, then it might be locked. Find the locking handle and use it to disengage the lock.

Why does Xtreme Garage Door open by Itself?

The following may be possible causes for your door to open by itself;

  1. Electrical short in the system could be in the circuit board, remote, wall, or button.
  2. Defective remotes or one with worn-out batteries can send out random signals.
  3. Interference from police radios, radio stations, towers near your house can disrupt the signal.
  4. If you have stored your spare remote in a drawer, items could accidentally press the button.
  5. If you live around the military base, electrical equipment could operate on the same frequency as your opener.
  6. During a thunderstorm, an electrical surge can damage the electrical elements and cause it open randomly.


  • Turn off the fuse or breaker on your electrical panel connected to the door opener. Examine the wall switch and opener wiring for damage; if there is none, the opener needs replacement.
  • Check out for a stuck button on your remote or wall switch. Look at the opener for any flashing light next to the learn button; it indicates a stuck button. Test all the remotes and replace the faulty ones.
  • Try changing the code on the remote, then change the opener code to match the one you set on the remote.

Opener does not respond to the Transmitter

  • The transmitter may have a dead battery, so you need to check and replace it.
  • Ensure you are pressing the button within the range.
  • If all the steps above fail, try reprogramming the remote.

See this table if you wouldn’t find the solution above

Opener does not close and beepsThe Photo Eye may be obstructed, not properly aligned or installed, check the connection
Opener does not respond to the TransmitterCheck the Transmitter battery.
Opener stops before reaching full open / dose positionTravel Limit is not properly adjusted. Conduct a Safety Reverse Test after ANY adjustment.
The door reverses unintentionally– Make sure the Photo Eye Safety System is aligned and clear of obstructions.
The door reverses upon touching the floor and the courtesy light flashes
The Opener does not close the door and the indicator on one of the Photo Eyes flashesThe Photo Eye Safety System is misaligned or obstructed
The Opener is working properly but the courtesy light does not turn onReplace light bulb (A19 incandescent Max. 100W).
The courtesy light does not turn offDefective Logic Board.
The Opener hums as the Trolley hits the Trolley Stop Bolt in open travel1. Disconnect the Trolley by using the Emergency Release.
2. Close the door manually.
3. Relieve the belt tension by loosening both the belt connector and the Flange Nut.
4. Operate the Opener so the Trolley Shaft travels towards the door (Trolley should be kept disconnected).
5. Repeat the above steps if the Trolley still hits the Stop Bolt.

For More information get Xtreme Support


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