How to Factory Reset Roomba without App?

Do you want to restart or reset your robot? A reboot is similar to a normal restart, however, a factory reset returns your robot to its original settings (and wipes out all data). If you wish to restart your robot, read this: Robot Rebooting or Resetting

A factory reset is a function that returns the robot to its original factory settings, frequently correcting unusual robot behaviors, Wi-Fi connectivity difficulties to your home network, or other robot faults.

Here is How to Factory Reset Roomba without App?

  1. S Series and I Series Robots: Press and Hold the Home and Spot Clean and CLEAN buttons down until the white light ring around the CLEAN button swirls.
  2. J Series: Remove the dust bin, and press and hold the CLEAN button for seven (7) seconds until Roomba plays a tone. Tap the CLEAN button once more to confirm.
  3. E Series Robots: Press and Hold the  Home and   Spot Clean and CLEAN buttons down for 20 seconds then release.
  4. 900 Series Robots: Press and Hold the  Dock and   Spot Clean and CLEAN button down until all LEDs illuminate.
  5. Wi-Fi Connected 600 & 800 Series Robots: Press and Hold the  Dock and   Spot Clean and CLEAN button down until the robot makes a beep tone, then release.
  6. Roomba Combo: Open the lid and locate the recessed Reset button to the left of the On/Off switch. Press and hold the Reset button for ten seconds.

How To Factory Reset Other than Roomba?

  • Braava jet® m Series Robots: Press and Hold  Home,   Spot Clean, and CLEAN buttons down until the white light ring around the tank lid swirls. 

Backing up Smart Maps in preparation for a Factory Reset

You will have the option to store your personalized Smart Maps for later retrieval before beginning a factory reset. After finishing the factory reset, you will be able to restore your personalized maps to your robot. By preserving your Smart Map, you save the robot’s need to retrain and map your house, as well as the requirement to personalize the map after the factory reset. Make sure the “Save maps during factory reset” toggle on the Factory Reset screen is turned on.


A factory reset will remove your robot from your account and erase any personal data and settings from your robot, but your Customized Smart Maps will be preserved in your account.

For more information look at IRobot faq.

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