Why is my Chamberlain Keypad Not Working – How to fix it?

Have you tried but failed to open the garage door? You’ve examined everything and nothing appears to be wrong? It’s possible that garage door opener troubleshooting is required. The keypad does away with the need for keys or a remote. You and your family members may easily enter the garage using the code. Another benefit of a keypad is the added security it gives. Your house can only be accessed by those who have a security code.

If you enter the code and nothing happens, you may become panicked. ‘Why is a Chamberlain garage door keypad not working?’ you may be thinking. The solution may be simpler than you think. Low batteries, damaged or jammed keys, frayed cables, and pin code troubles are some of the most typical concerns that homeowners confront.

Let me clear to you that these fixes are not limited to chamberlain garage doors but to other similar garage doors such as genie, Clicker, and other similar smart garage doors.

Why Is The Chamberlain Keypad For The Garage Door Not Working?

A keypad is really useful. All keypads, whether manual or wireless, may have universal issues. If you enter the code and there is no response, you should not panic. The issue might be with the keypad rather than the garage opener.

The keypad may not operate for a variety of reasons. Perhaps the batteries have died, or there is a problem with the connection between the cables and keypads. Regardless of the manufacturer, the problems you have with a keypad are the same. The good news is that most problems may be fixed without the need for a specialist.

Top Causes of Garage Door Keypad Not Working

Batteries Are Dead

Why is my Chamberlain Keypad Not Working – How to fix it?

When was the last time you changed your batteries? If it has been a while, this might be why the garage door keypad has stopped working. Keypads use batteries, and there is no warning when they are running low, so don’t forget to change them. Is the keypad on the garage door blinking? If it is, you know the batteries are functional. But if nothing happens, the problem might be somewhere else.

Frayed Wires

Why is my Chamberlain Keypad Not Working – How to fix it?

Frayed wires can be caused by years of use or by harsh weather. Whatever the reason, a frayed wire will almost certainly cause problems. In order to determine whether your garage door keypad has a frayed wire, first check the device.

If there is no visible damage, you should remove the rear cover of your remote-control device. Examine the interior to determine if there are any frayed wires between the keys. When people have keypad problems, it’s often due to a lack of contact between the keys and the cables.

If you do discover frayed wires, you should entirely disconnect these cables. Reattach the wires and ensure they are secure once fully separated. You may now replace the cover and test it to see whether it works.

Improper Connection between the Buttons

If you attempt all of the above and nothing changes, then faulty buttons might be the cause of a garage door opener keypad not working. You may test this by entering a four-digit code at random. This random number should not contain any digits from your code. If this works, it indicates that there is an issue with the keys.

A buildup of debris might be one of the causes. In addition, ancient keypads may have broken buttons. Over time, certain keys might become loose, making it difficult to open the garage door. Make an effort to clean the debris. However, if this fails, you will require a replacement.

Stuck Keys

Why is my Chamberlain Keypad Not Working – How to fix it?

Dirt, dust, and other dirt can cause your garage door keypad’s buttons to become stuck to the pads. When the buttons become stuck, properly wipe the keypad. This includes both the interior and outdoors.

So, what is the best approach to go about this? First, get an old fabric or rag of some kind. After that, use the rag to wipe the outside of the appliance. Make sure you can get between the keys easily.

After cleaning the exterior, take a soft brush and remove the lid of the remote-control box. You should use the soft brush to remove any dust from the interior of the gadget. You can also accomplish this using compressed air.

Problems with Your Pin Code

Problems with Your Pin Code 11zon

Do you have issues with your pin code? If you are, you should avoid inputting it many times. This can permanently harm your garage door remote control.

Instead, locate and press the “learn” button. This button is located on the garage door opener. After pressing this button, you must now manually input the locking code. The locking code is distinct from your personal pin and is often located in the owner’s handbook.

If you’re still having issues with the keypad on your garage door remote controller, you might consider doing a complete reboot. Turn off and disconnect your garage door opener to restart your entire system. Wait about 5 minutes after unplugging your garage door opener before plugging it back in.

By restarting your garage door opener, you will remove all stored memory and possibly eliminate future problems. If your garage door opener is still not functioning properly, you may need to hire a repairman or replace the entire system. Before you go out and buy a new system, make sure you check the owner’s manual for any warranty information.

Old Keypad

Have you explored the possibility that the garage door will not open with the keypad because it is old? Keep in mind that the keypad is located outside your home. It is subjected to a wide range of outside weather conditions, including rain, snow, and humidity. These elements can cause harm over time. The length of time varies on the brand. Most keypads have an average lifespan of ten years. Look for cracks or missing keys, which might indicate that the keypad is ancient.

If you examine the other pieces and everything appears to be in place, you should think about replacing the keypad. The best method is to first contact a technician to inspect the keypad or contact chamberlain support. If an old keypad has been correctly fixed, it may still operate. If nothing works, your only choice is to replace it.


If your garage door keypad still doesn’t function after you’ve checked the batteries, checked for damaged wires, and examined the keypad for broken or stuck keys, you may need to replace the keypad entirely. You should also consider replacing the entire system if it is old.

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