Home Weather Display 2

Home Weather Display

In this project, we use a Grove DHT (Digital Humidity and Temperature) sensor as a Raspberry Pi weather temperature sensor.

”beet Box” Raspberry Pi Style

hello, again beet box young follower(s), today I’ve been doing another cool beet Box and AWESOME thing which you are going to Love

Buttons and Joystick 2

Raspberry Pi Arcade

A few months ago, I decided that I wanted an all-in-one arcade machine. I started looking for some info on how to build one, and immediately, the name “Raspberry Pi” came up.

Raspberry Pi Ipad

Raspberry Pi Ipad

This is a completely awesome project. It is a homemade Ipad That costs less the $100! You need very few programming skills.

Mount the Parts on the Door

Front Door Bolt Unlocker

Opens your front door Bolt Unlocker! Pretty basic. It’s important to use rechargeable 1.25 V batteries. 4 Regular 1.5 V batteries are too much for the PI!!

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