Sensibo Alexa Commands

New tech is not only about leashing to our every whim all of our household devices. It’s all about defending us from ourselves, sometimes.

We all left the house for an afternoon or even a weekend getaway in the heat of summer, only to come back and find out that we left the air conditioner on. Not clever. And it’s time to step in with a patch when your errors really start costing you cash.

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The ultimate system for managing your air conditioner and heat pump and making it smart is Sensibo. You will be able to monitor, track, automate and save energy with Sensibo. Monitor multiple devices in one app and share your devices with your family at home and office colleagues.

Once you pair your unit with the Sensibo app, you can use your phone to basically do everything your unit remote can do — and actually, a lot more as well. You can not only turn your AC on or off via the web, you can also set a variety of automatic actions to keep your house at optimal coolness when you’re there, monitor when you’re not and even prepare for your return.

The Sensibo SKY allows the temperature and humidity to be remotely controlled and kicks in on its own to restore the conditions you want with the Climate Respond feature. It also includes geo-fencing, which uses the geo-location of your phone to turn off your AC automatically when your phone leaves the building, then turn it all back on when the phone gets home. You can also set up a 7-day schedule so that at the times you set every day, your AC goes on and off.

Even when you are home, Sensibo SKY also makes your unit controllable via Sensibo Alexa Commands.

How do I connect Sensibo to Alexa?

  1. Sign in with your user.
  2. Enable Sensibo in the Alexa app.
  3. Sign in to Amazon and you’ll be redirected to Sensibo to authorize.
  4. Enter your Sensibo username and password.
  5. ‘Discover devices’ on Amazon Echo
  6. You are good to go!

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Here Are The Sensibo Alexa Commands

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*Please use the word ‘thermostat’ instead of ‘air conditioner’ and ‘a/c’.

  • Turn on Living Room
  • Turn off Living Room
  • Set temperature in Living Room to 25 degrees
  • Increase temperature in Living Room (by X degrees)
  • Decrease temperature in Living Room (by X degrees)
  • What is Living Room set to?
  • What is the temperature in the Living Room?
  • Set Living Room to Heat / Cool / Auto

Price: $119.00

Frequently Asked Questions About Sensibo Sky Smart

Is Sensibo HomeKit compatible?

Apple’s HomeKit is not officially endorsed by Sensibo, but they do unofficially support a way to make it functional. This is via a third-party open-source extension known as HomeBridge to HomeKit. Some good HomeKit thermostats are available, but I only have air conditioners with split systems.

Can Sensibo control fan?

Sensibo makes your new air conditioner intelligent and interconnected! … The Sensibo Chowmain driver communicates with Sensibo through the Sensibo Cloud API that allows maximum two-way room temperature, humidity, setpoints, hvac mode, fan speeds and swing control and feedback.

Does Sensibo have a thermostat?

A smart air conditioner controller and thermostat that connects your conventional AC to your phone is the Sensibo Sky.

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