Start Home Automation with Less than $5 Smart Sonoff Switch

If you would like to add extra home automation to existing smart home network of devices or are thinking of starting with a limited budget you may be interested in a new range of smart switches which will soon be available from the Seed Studio website. The Sonoff smart switches are now available to preorder from just $4.85 and are expected to start shipping later this month from November 27th, 2019 onwards.

Start Home Automation with Less than $5 Smart Sonoff Switch

The smart switch range is perfect for DIY home automation and supports Wi-Fi communication and can be controlled remotely directly from your smartphone using the companion application. Sonoff Smart switches support Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Google Nest and IFTTT devices enabling you to set up a wide variety of different applications.

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Home automation is “The Internet of Things”. It simply means the way all devices or appliances are networked together to provide users with a seamless control over their home equipment. Sonoff Basic is a household switch which can support Wi-Fi communication with your smartphone from long distance. The Wi-Fi electrical switch transmits data to a cloud platform through the Wi-Fi Router. Users can control the connected appliances remotely var a mobile application – eWeLink. The server of the Sonoff Wi-Fi switch is Amazon AWS global server. As a matter of fact, users around the world can use this smart switch.”

Start Home Automation with Less than $5 Smart Sonoff Switch

Features of the Sonoff wireless home automation smart switches include :

– Remote ON/OFF–Turn electrical devices on/off from anywhere
– App Support –Free iOS and Android mobile App eWeLink
– LAN Control –Turn on/off the device even when WiFi has no Internet access
– Sync Status–Real-time device status provided to App
– Timing–Set scheduled/countdown/loop timers to turn on/off at specified time
– Share Control– Control your smart home together with your family
– Scene–Turn on/off a gang of devices with one tap
– Smart Scene–Triggered on/off by temp, hum or other environmental conditions from sensor

Source : Sonoff :  Seed Studio

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