Xfinity Gateway Blinking Orange – How to Troubleshoot

I’ve had the Xfinity Internet Plan for a while now, and I use their Xfinity Gateway, as well as their Cable Box for my TV. The Xfinity Gateway just began glowing orange out of nowhere. I couldn’t connect to the internet, and I’d never had this happen before, so I had no idea what it meant.

So I went online to find out more. I got what I needed after a few hours of research and searching through cryptic tech papers and put up this detailed piece.

When the Xfinity Gateway receives a firmware update, it blinks orange. If it doesn’t work, try resetting your router, checking your cords, or connecting through Ethernet. If the problem persists, contact Support or think about changing your router.

What Does The Xfinity Gateway Blinking Orange Mean?

On the gateway, there are several LED lights. They very much represent the router’s current condition. It might be either flickering or solid. The Xfinity gateway’s blinking orange light indicates that it is most likely connected to the Xfinity network.

You may be unable to connect to the internet because a firmware upgrade is taking place. It may also be glowing orange as a result of a service outage, a broken router/modem, or a damaged splitter. 

State of Light Meaning
Blinking Orange No internet (Trying to Connect to ISP)
Flashing Orange with Yellow Tint Firmware Update on Progress
Steady Orange Other Issues

Most Common Reasons xfinity Modem Blinking Orange

There could be several reasons behind your Xfinity gateway blinking orange, the most common ones are as follows:

  1. Scheduled Maintenance or Outage
  2. Faulty Cables or Loose Connections
  3. Damage in Splitter
  4. Heating Issues (Lack of Heat Dissipation)
  5. Modem Overloading
  6. Outdated/Buggy Firmware

I’ll go over each of these concerns and fix it.

How to Fix Blinking Orange Light on Xfinity Modem?

Wait for the Update to Finish Installing

Xfinity Gateway Blinking Orange

The first thing you should do before concluding that your Xfinity gateway is irreversibly broken is to give it half an hour to check if the light changes. This is due to the fact that the most typical reason for this blinking orange light is firmware upgrades, which might take a long time to complete.

The main disadvantage of this technique is that there is no other sign save the orange light to determine whether or not there is a firmware update. This necessitates some waiting for the consumer to see if the

If it hasn’t changed after half an hour, it’s reasonable to presume there’s something else going on, in which case you should look further down for more hands-on answers.

It is critical that you do not dismiss this option prematurely, since firmware upgrades are critical to the integrity of not just your Xfinity equipment, but also the internet connection. Some firmware upgrades may also be necessary, and if your Xfinity gateway does not have them, you may be unable to connect to the internet. If it is still flickering orange after half an hour, go to the suggestions below.

Check for Maintenance or Outage

Xfinity Gateway Blinking Orange

If your router has been glowing orange for several hours, it might be due to a service outage in your neighborhood. You may check for service interruptions using the xFi app or the Xfinity My Account app, both of which are available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

You could also check the company’s website to see if there are any service disruptions in your region. If the outage lasts longer than planned, you should contact your Internet Service Provider for further information.

Power Cycle Your Xfinity Device

reboot xfinity

Sometimes a simple reboot or power cycle will not be enough. If you have a problem with your mobile or computer device, this is generally the first thing you do. I recommend you do the same here.

You should unplug the power cable from both your Xfinity device and the power socket. Remove any connection cables that may have been placed into other devices near your gateway. Allow approximately a minute to a minute and a half for the cables to reconnect and for the Xfinity device to power up.

If this resolves the issue, you should notice a different light coming from your gateway (preferably white or green). If the orange light continues to flicker and refuses to go away, we’ll look at some alternative options below.

Check the Splitter for Damage


Whether you have an Internet + TV package, check to see if the coaxial splitter is faulty. The splitter, like any other electrical equipment, is subject to wear and strain. If it is destroyed, it may disrupt your internet connection.

If the splitter becomes damaged, it must be replaced. If it’s not malfunctioning, simply clean it and plug it back in.

Inspect Cables & Wall Jack

The connected wires or dampness in the wall jack are two of the most common causes of your Xfinity gateway blinking orange light. A damaged coaxial cable or a weak connection might cause the gateway and internet provider to lose contact.

To fix this issue:

  • Check whether all the cables are connected to the correct ports.
  • Replace all the damaged wires, if any.
  • Check if the cables are correctly connected at both ends.

Make use of an Ethernet connection

Another reason your Xfinity gateway may be lighting orange is if there is no internet connection. This might occur if you are unable to connect to Wi-Fi. In that scenario, an Ethernet connection can help to address the problem. The Xfinity Internet Getting Started bundle already includes an Ethernet cable.

To remedy this issue, unhook the power cord and disconnect all of the router’s wires. Connect one end of the Ethernet wire to your router and the other to your modem.

Connect all of the remaining wires. Connect both the modem and the router to their respective power supplies.

Reset xFi Gateway

If your gateway is still experiencing connectivity troubles and the Xfinity gateway is blinking orange, it’s necessary to do a factory reset. This will restore the gateway’s default settings. If necessary, make a backup of your settings before proceeding with the manual reset.

Look for the WPS button on the back of your xFi gateway. This is how it should look:

Xfinity Gateway Blinking Orange

This also functions as a manual reset button. If you hold it for 30 seconds, your gateway will be reset. Wait for the gateway to complete its boot cycle.

It will go through a series of changes in color, from blinking green to orange and eventually stabilizing to white.

Faulty Router

If the Orange Light persists, it is possible that your router is to blame. Some older routers are ineffective when used with newer Internet connections that use different technologies such as CAT6 or Wi-Fi 6.

In that scenario, it is preferable to replace it. If you obtained a malfunctioning router from the manufacturer, notify them as soon as you identify the problem and request a replacement.

To avoid this, it is preferable to purchase routers from the manufacturer rather than from a third party. You may also rent the Xfinity xFi gateway from Xfinity, which has the extra benefit of automatically upgrading the software on a regular basis.

Contact Support

Sometimes we just cannot solve problems on our own. If you’ve tried all of the above alternatives and still see the Xfinity gateway blinking orange light and can’t connect to the internet, it’s time to call a professional or get a replacement device.

Because their router and/or modem are relatively recent, some customers rule out the likelihood of defective gear. However, some of the “new” equipment provided by your ISP is really reconditioned. So it’s very likely that your “new” router was causing problems for another Xfinity client only a few months ago.

Xfinity provides 24/7 virtual chat assistance, which might be useful depending on who you speak with and the nature of your problem. I would consider contacting a local Xfinity office and setting up a meeting to explain your problem, or checking for their customer care hours and finding solutions there.


Nobody should have to battle their modem, router, or ISP to get their internet to operate.

With the remedies we’ve discussed in this post, you should be able to cope with this problem in the future.

If you still can’t get your product to operate after contacting customer service, it’s time to hunt for a replacement. Fortunately, if you properly followed the answers, this is unlikely to happen, and you should have a functional gateway in no time.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How to Reset Xfinity Router?

A manual reset button. If you hold it for 30 seconds, your gateway will be reset. Wait for the gateway to complete its boot cycle.

Why is my Xfinity Wi-Fi constantly disconnecting?

It might be due to faulty cables, signal interference, the distance between your Wi-Fi router and your surfing device, or a service outage.

What does the orange light on your Xfinity modem mean?

The Xfinity gateway flashing orange may indicate that the device is experiencing difficulty connecting to the internet. The cause might be anything from scheduled maintenance to a power outage to defective equipment.

What does the green light on the Xfinity box mean?

A solid green light indicates that the item is ready for routine use.

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