August Home smart Home products and Services

Today we will discuss August Home smart Home Products and Services.


They design innovative products to let people’s doors safe and secure in every way possible, they’ve designed a thoughtful system of products and services that equally delight and comfort.

They’ve established partnerships that make it possible for our customers to come home from work and find a sparkling clean house, the pantry stocked, the dog walked, the laundry done, and that pesky leak under the kitchen sink finally fixed.

August Home smart Home products and Services


Smart Locks

  • Smart Lock Pro + Connect
  • Smart Lock + Connect
  • Smart Keypad
Door Bells
  • August View

Smart Lock Pro + Connect

Smart Lock Pro Connect

The August Smart Lock Pro + Connect is a smart lock device produced by August Home. It allows users to lock and unlock their doors using their smartphones and also includes a built-in WiFi connection that allows the lock to be controlled remotely through the August app.

The Smart Lock Pro + Connect is an upgraded version of the August Smart Lock Pro and it includes the August Connect, a device that plugs into a power outlet and connects to the user’s home WiFi network, allowing the lock to be controlled remotely. The Smart Lock Pro + Connect also has improved technology that allows for more accurate and reliable auto-unlocking.

This device also has built-in HomeKit-enabled technology, which means it can be controlled and integrated with other HomeKit-enabled products, such as Siri, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant.

Additionally, The Smart Lock Pro+ Connect features “DoorSense” technology that lets you know if the door is open or closed, and “Z-wave Plus” technology which allows it to connect to other Z-wave Plus-enabled devices in your smart home.

August view doorbell

august view door bell

August View is a doorbell camera produced by August Home. It is a smart home device that allows users to see and speak with visitors at their front door using their smartphones. The August View doorbell camera features a high-definition camera with a wide-angle lens that provides a clear view of the front of the user’s home. It also includes motion detection, so users will receive notifications when someone is at the door, even if they don’t ring the bell.

The August View also allows users to speak with visitors through the built-in speaker and microphone, using the August app. It also features “Smart Alerts” which allows you to set up personalized notifications based on motion detection and doorbell ring.

Additionally, the August View can integrate with other smart home devices such as the August Smart Lock, allowing you to unlock the door remotely for your visitor, and with other platforms such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, which allows you to view the live feed and communicate with your visitor by voice commands.

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