BLACK+DECKER Smart Home Product and Services


Well renowned company in USA, selling a vast number of household products all over USA, Black + Decker  remain as among top brand in number of products.

In Addition to household products, they make other major products Industrial tools, Power tools and Fasteners for  vehicles.

Recently a year ago Black + Decker comes in to smart tech field,  a few products has been launched for the public and expected to shift all their products as a smart products to make it more convenient and more reliable.


Healthcare Companion

  • Pria (Acting as a voice-controlled home health assistant, allowing the device to schedule up to 28 medication doses, provide reminder alerts, dispense the correct medication at the correct time).

Robotic Vacuums

  • Lithium Ion Robotic Vacuum with SMARTECH™HRV415B00
  • Lithium Robotic Vacuum with LED and SMARTECH™HRV425BL
  • PET Lithium Robotic Vacuum with LED and SMARTECH™HRV425BLP


  • Security services to all valuable to you

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