How to Reboot Verizon Fios Router Remotely?

So Here Is A Method Of How To Reboot Verizon Fios Router Remotely?

This is from a Windows 7 64 bit PC and this automatically reboots the fios router every night.  The PC that runs this script needs to be powered on at the time this script runs

1) Enabled Telent Access for Local Access Only (that means while only on my local network).  I did this by

a) login with the browser to with admin id and password

b) Go to Advanced .. Local Administration ….  Allow local telnet access … Using Primary Telnet Port (23)

2) Download Telnet Scripting Tool a.k.a TST10.exe from

3) I unzipped this download and placed the file TST10.exe file from the in this directory

“F:\My Documents-James\Dropbox\Dropbox\reboot-router”

4) I enabled Telnet  Client on the Windows 7 PC I am running this from by turning on the telnet client windows feature۔

How to Reboot Verizon Fios Router Remotely?

Here is how to do that…

5) I created this script and called it “reboot-router.txt”  and placed in the same folder as the tst10.exe program.  Here are the exact contents of this file, except replace “admin” with the administrator  id if you changed it on your router (I did) and place the password for this admin id (fios admin password) on the 5th line of the script                                

WAIT “Username:”

SEND “admin\m”                

WAIT “Password:”

SEND “enteryouradminpassswordhere\m”

WAIT “>”

SEND “system reboot\m”

WAIT “>”

6) Now from a command prompt I would run this command

tst10.exe /r:reboot-router.txt

This would reboot the router.  Now the challenge was to get this program to run automatically with “parameters” via windows scheduler.  I could not get that to work for some reason via the add arguments.  So I had to create a batch file.

7) Create a batch file called “reboot-router.bat” and I placed it in the same folder with the .txt file and .exe file

“F:\My Documents-James\Dropbox\Dropbox\reboot-router”.  Here are the exact contents of this .bat file. 

title reboot router


cd “F:\My Documents-James\Dropbox\Dropbox\reboot-router”


sleep 2

tst10.exe /r:reboot-router.txt /o:output.txt /m


Create a windows task to run every day at 4 am to run this reboot-router.bat file. 

Here Is How I To Do That:

a) Right Click My Computer from desktop….

b) Click Manage (to be at Computer Management)…

c) Click Task Scheduler under System tools

d) Under actions on right side click “Create a basic task”

e) Give it a name such as reboot router…

f) Click Next

g) Keep Daily radio button checked and click Next

h) Select the time you want to have this run and keep other defaults of recur every day “1”  and Start date

i) Select “Start a program”  for “What actions do you want the task to perform”

j) For Program or Script click the browse button and point it to reboot-router.bat

in my case it was “F:\My Documents-James\Dropbox\Dropbox\reboot-router\reboot-router.bat”

k) Click Next

l) Give it name 

9) You are now done!!!!

How Do You Reset A Fios Router If You Forget Your Login Password?

If you forget your login password or are unable to access the admin page, the Reset option will most likely assist you in regaining access to the router.

However, pressing the reset button resets your router, which may cause it to cease operating until it is reconfigured according to your internet settings. The usage or abuse of the reset button is determined.

This guide will assist you in resetting the Fios router if you are unable to login settings, the router is not operating, or you are experiencing a connection disconnection problem. The FiOS router reset procedure is the same as for any other manufacturer’s factory reset Verizon router.


Why should you purchase a router with Wi-Fi 6?

The 3 Best Wi-Fi 6 Routers

There Are Two Ways To Reset A Fios Router:

Using the web interface or by the reset button, which is also known as the hard reset technique. Creating a factory Reset your Fios modem using the login method necessary to access the online interface, which requires a login account and password.

Hard reset does not need a login and is typically used when you have forgotten your login username and password and are unable to access the online interface. Prepare to reset your FiOS router using the settings and the reset button.

If You Forget Your Password, You May Soft Reset Your Fios Router.

Soft resetting, also known as software resetting, is the process of restoring the router’s factory settings from the settings necessary to access the router’s web interface.

A soft reset is typically used to do a router-modem reset if the router has a connection issue or a misconfiguration. Because you may download a configuration backup before reverting to default mode, a soft reset is a secure approach to factory reset your FiOS router. This allows you to reconfigure the router by restoring the configuration from the backup disc. If you can access the Fios router from the network and wish to reset the settings, you can do it remotely using the soft reset option.

Follow Steps To Factory Reset Fios Verizon Router From A Web Interface.

  • Connect Fios router to Power Adapter and wait until booting.
  • Connect your Laptop/Desktop or mobile using Wired LAN cable or Wi-Fi Name and password.
  • Open web browser and access FIOS login IP address or Fios Login USR com.
  • Use Fios default login username and password “admin/admin” or “admin/password” and login to settings.

Note:- Before making settings to default save configuration le backup to restore post factory reset to configure router again without manual process.

  • Go to the Advanced- Utility tab from the settings menu.
  • Select Restore factory default – Select option and apply settings Router will be restored to default mode.

How to Reboot the Router

  1. Unplug the router.
  2. For more specific instructions on router settings and issues, contact the router’s manufacturer.
  1. Wait 1 minute.
  2. Plug the router back in.
  3. Wait 1-3 minutes for the initialization process to be completed.
  4. Attempt to connect to the internet.
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