Insignia Fire Tv Remote Not Working – Reasons – How to fix it?

With the advancement in technology, many smart products are available in the market. Once such a product is fire-stick. Fire-stick is among the most used streaming services that many people are utilizing. It is famous because of the huge popularity of easy streaming services. Insignia Fire TV is among the leading fire-stick brands because of its ease and features. However, some people have complained that its remote is not working.

Although it might seem like a small problem, it’s not like that. The TV cannot work properly without the remote, so it’s an essential component. Many people have reported this problem; thus, it is becoming a future problem. Now it is essential to solving this issue. So, if your Insignia Fire TV remote is not working, here are the steps you can follow to repair and solve this issue.

Reasons for Insignia TV remote not working.

There could be many reasons for facing an issue with the Insignia TV remote. Such as the batteries are dead or there is moisture inside the remote. Below is the list of reasons why the remote is not working:

  • The batteries present in the remote are dead or disconnected
  • The TV has to reset as it is not connected to the remote
  • The remote might not be paired with the TV.
  • Any physical damage to the remote could be another reason.
  • Some amount of moisture or water is there in the remote
  • A technical glitch in the TV.
  • The TV receiver is not getting signals due to some obstacles in between
  • The remote is left under heat and high pressure

All these problems can result in Insignia TV not working. But this issue can also be solved by following some simple procedures.

How to fix the issue with the Insignia TV remote

There can b plenty of reasons why the remote is not working. But every problem comes with a solution. So below, we have provided the solutions to fix the issue associated with the Insignia remote:

Ø  Performing Power Cycle

One of the main reasons the Fire TV remote is not working is because of some technical glitches.

To fix this issue power cycle can be performed on this TV.

  1. The power cycle removes all the wires connected to the TV.
  2. After unplugging, you must wait a few minutes before reconnecting it.
  3. Once you reconnect, the TV remote will start working.

It is one of the simplest methods. However, the power cycle is easy to perform whenever a technical glitch in the TV. However, some TV settings needed to be changed to reconnect the remote.

Ø  Factory Reset of the Remote

Another way of fixing the Insignia Fire TV remote is by performing a factory reset. Sometimes the Fire TV remote is unsynced with the TV. The factory reset of the remote could probably fix this issue. To perform the factory reset, you need to press the DPAD key on the left side of the remote, along with the menu and back button. It should be done for a minimum of 10 seconds. One thing to note here is that the factory reset will completely remove the data and TV settings. Once the factory reset is done, the thing to do is to pair the remote again with the TV. The steps are provided below for pairing of remote:

Insignia Fire Tv Remote Not Working

  • Firstly, press the Home button on the remote for At least 10 seconds. This will pair the remote in a few seconds.
  • If it still does not connect, then you need to unplug the Fire TV adapter from the wall socket by which it is connected.
  • When the TV is off, reset the TV remote again by holding and pressing the back and menu button together along with the navigation button on the left side of the remote.
  • After this, reconnect the Fire TV again by plugging the TV back inside the socket. Once connected, check for the remote to see whether it’s working.

Ø  Resetting the Insignia TV remote manually.

One of the easiest methods to fix the issue is by resetting the remote. Resetting is done by converting the device into the default setting. Follow the steps given below to reset the remote:

Insignia Fire Tv Remote Not Working

  • The first thing to do is to select the Home option from the remote and hold it for a few seconds. After that, release it.
  • Again, in the remote, locate the menu option. After you find the menu then, press it nine times. Before doing so, remove the present batteries inside the remote.
  • Now unplug the Insignia TV from the socket, and wait 60 seconds or a few minutes.
  • After that, plug up the Insignia TV and install the remote batteries again in the remote.
  • Lastly, switch on the TV once the screen is visible and press the Home option on the remote.

All these steps can be used to rest the Insignia TV Remote. Even after this, the remote does not work, then reset the batteries.

Ø  Reset the batteries of the Insignia Fire TV remote

Sometimes the battery present inside the remote may be dead or discharged. It could also lead to remote not working. Batteries in the remote need to be changed to make your remote work back again. Batteries are not durable. They get drained easily. Discharged batteries cause the Fire Tv remote not to work. The dead and discharged are the most common remotes not functioning. If the battery is dead, remove the old ones and replace them with new ones. The remotes’ battery is easily available in the market, and you can buy them online. If you do not have the spare, you can charge the batteries again.

Ø Insignia Fire TV Remote (Pair) — How do I set it up?

There is a possibility that The TV and the remote control are not synced. If you have already associated your remote with your Insignia Smart TV, but it is still malfunctioning, you will need to have it serviced.

For this to work, you must follow a specific approach.

  • Below the battery compartment on the remote’s reverse side is a button labeled “Pair.”
  • You need to press and hold the button for a few seconds.
  • Finding and pressing the “Home” button is your next best bet if the previous method didn’t work.
  • For the next thirty seconds, just hold it there.
  • Third, for 30 seconds, hold the Back, left Navigation, and Menu buttons simultaneously.

Ø  Cleaning the remote

If you replace the batteries with the new ones and still the problem isn’t fixed, then clean the remote. Sometimes dust and dirt might start accumulating inside the remote buttons, which can stop the remote from working. Regular cleaning of the remote can fix this issue. Insignia fire TV remotes have IR sensors that need to be cleaned. The IR sensor emits rays to the TV, so if there is any dust in the sensor, the rays may not reach the TV.

Untitled 1 10

For cleaning the remote, remove the batteries first and then clean the inside where the battery is placed with a soft cloth, wipe off all the dust and place the batteries again. One thing to note here is that do not use any cleanser to clean the remote, as the moisture can get inside the remote and damage it.

Ø  Purchase a new Fire TV remote

One reason for the tv remote not working is a problem with the internal components of the remote. The remote’s internal component might get broken, or a short circuit can damage the whole remote. Physical damage to the Fire TV remote cannot be repaired easily. In such cases, you need to purchase a new Fire TV remote. You can buy it online or can get it from electrical appliance stores. Once you get the new remote, you can connect it to your Insignia TV.

Even moisture that can go inside the remote when heat exposure can make the remote stop working.

Ø  Check if the Receiver is Blocked or not.

Sometimes any obstacle that can get in the way of the remote and TV receiver may block the signaling. But one thing to know is that there are no issues with the remote and the TV. Things getting in the way of the receiver and remote can be removed, and the problem will be solved easily. Pointing the remote towards the receiver is important to change the channels.

Ø  Control the TV with the Insignia app

If you are not having the remote or your TV remote is damaged. Then instead of your remote, you can use the remote app. You have to install the remote app, which is easily available on the play store and the app store. As the Insignia Fire Tv does not have its remote app, you can install any third-party app.

Even after following all these steps, the problem still occurs; you need to buy a new remote or call the customer center. You can also check the official website of Insignia, where you can find procedures to repair your remote.

Wrap Up

If you cannot use your remote or the Insignia TV remote is not working, you should not worry, as this is a common problem. The Insignia remote is not working because there is water inside the remote, dead or discharged batteries, obstacles between the Insignia remote or receiver of the Tv, and many more.

All these problems can easily be solved by following some easy procedures like replacing the old batteries, checking for the TV receiver, or cleaning the remote. If the TV remote is completely broken, then you can buy the new remote online or from the store. Moreover, you also contact the Insignia customer center for any help related to Insignia Fire TV and its remote.

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