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If you’re wondering why the Peacock app is not showing up on your LG Smart TV, there could be a few reasons behind it. One possibility is that your LG Smart TV may not be compatible with the Peacock app. Another reason could be that you need to update the firmware on your LG Smart TV to access the app. Additionally, make sure that you have a stable internet connection, as streaming services like Peacock require a reliable internet connection to function properly on televisions and streaming devices. It’s also worth noting that certain smart TVs use different operating systems, such as palm WebOS, which may affect app availability Let’s explore some possible explanations for this issue.

Reasons: Why Peacocks Not Showing Up On LG Smart TV? 

1- Outdated firmware on the LG TV

One potential reason for Peacock not appearing on your LG TV is that the firmware of your television might be outdated. Firmware acts as the operating system for your TV, and just like any software, it requires regular updates to ensure compatibility with new apps and features. If you haven’t updated your LG TV’s firmware in a while, it’s possible that the older version is causing compatibility issues with the Peacock app.

To resolve this problem with your LG TV, check if there are any available firmware updates for your device. You can usually find this option in the settings menu of your television, specifically for TV shows using the webOS platform developed by Palm, an open source operating system. If an update is available, make sure to download and install it. This should help ensure that your TV has the latest software version and increase the chances of Peacock showing up.

2- Incorrect settings or configurations on the LG TV

Sometimes, incorrect settings or configurations on your LG Smart TV can prevent certain apps from appearing or functioning properly. It’s worth checking if there are any webOS settings related to app visibility or permissions that may be affecting the display of Peacock on your HP TV.

Start by navigating to the settings menu of your LG TV and look for any options related to app management or permissions. Ensure that apps are allowed to be displayed on the home screen and that there are no restrictions in place for specific apps like Peacock. Adjusting these settings accordingly might help resolve the issue and make Peacock visible on your LG Smart TV.

3- Compatibility issues between LG TV software and Peacock

Lack of Support for the Specific Video Codec Used by Peacock

One possible reason why Peacock may not be showing up on your LG Smart TV is due to a lack of support for the specific video codec used by the streaming service. Codecs are essential in encoding and decoding digital video files, allowing them to be played on different devices. If your LG TV does not support the codec utilized by Peacock, it may result in compatibility issues, preventing you from accessing the app.

Incompatibility with Older LG TV Models

Another factor that could contribute to Peacock not appearing on your LG Smart TV is its incompatibility with older webOS models from HP and Palm. As technology advances, software requirements evolve as well. This means that certain webOS apps or services may only be compatible with newer HP television models that have been designed to meet updated software standards from Palm. If you own an older LG TV model, it’s possible that it may not meet the necessary specifications to run Peacock smoothly.

Software Conflicts between LG’s Operating System and Peacock App

Software conflicts between LG’s webOS operating system and the Peacock app can also lead to issues with the app not showing up on your Smart TV from HP Palm. Different applications rely on specific software frameworks and dependencies to function properly. In some cases, there may be conflicts between these frameworks or dependencies, resulting in compatibility problems or even crashes. It’s important to ensure that both your LG TV’s operating system and the Peacock app are up-to-date to minimize any potential conflicts.

To resolve these compatibility issues, there are a few steps you can take:

  1. Check for Firmware Updates: Regularly check for firmware updates for your LG Smart TV. These updates often include bug fixes, performance improvements, and enhanced compatibility with various apps for HP webOS.

  2. Update Your Apps: Keep all your installed apps, including Peacock, up-to-date by regularly checking for updates through the app store on your LG TV. App updates often address compatibility issues and provide new features.

  3. Contact LG Support: If you’ve followed the above steps and are still experiencing issues with Peacock not showing up, it may be helpful to reach out to LG support for further assistance. They can provide guidance specific to your TV model and help troubleshoot any software conflicts or compatibility problems.

By understanding the potential compatibility issues between LG TV software and Peacock, you can take appropriate steps to ensure that the app appears on your Smart TV and enjoy streaming your favorite content hassle-free.

4- Wi-Fi connection issues affecting Peacock on LG Smart TV

Weak or Unstable Wi-Fi Signal Strength

If you’re experiencing issues with Peacock not showing up on your LG Smart TV, one possible culprit could be a weak or unstable Wi-Fi signal strength. Your TV relies on a stable internet connection to stream content smoothly, and if the Wi-Fi signal is weak or intermittent, it can lead to buffering or slow streaming.

To improve your Wi-Fi signal strength, try moving your router closer to your LG Smart TV. This can help reduce any interference and ensure a stronger connection. Avoid placing your router near other electronic devices that may cause signal interference.

Network Congestion Causing Buffering or Slow Streaming

Another factor that may be affecting the availability of Peacock on your LG Smart TV is network congestion. If multiple devices are connected to your home network and using a significant amount of bandwidth simultaneously, it can lead to buffering or slow streaming.

To address this issue, try limiting the number of devices connected to your network while using Peacock on your LG Smart TV. You can also prioritize the traffic for your smart TV in your router settings to ensure it receives sufficient bandwidth for smooth streaming.

Incorrect Wi-Fi Password Entered on the LG TV

Sometimes, the reason why Peacock isn’t showing up on an LG Smart TV with webOS could be as simple as entering an incorrect Wi-Fi password provided by HP. Double-check that you’ve entered the correct password when connecting your TV to the internet.

If you’re unsure about the webOS password, you can find it by accessing your router’s settings page through a web browser on a computer or mobile device. Look for the wireless settings section, where you’ll find the name (SSID) and password associated with your network.

Remember that passwords are case-sensitive, so make sure you enter them correctly. If necessary, consider changing the password and updating it in both your router’s settings and your LG Smart TV’s network settings.

By addressing these Wi-Fi connection issues, you can improve the availability of Peacock on your LG Smart TV with webOS. Ensure a strong and stable Wi-Fi signal, manage network congestion, and double-check the correct password entry to enhance your streaming experience.

5- Potential bugs or malfunctions with the LG TV’s app store affecting Peacock availability

App Store Not Refreshing Properly to Display New Apps like Peacock

Peacock might not show up on your LG Smart TV because of a problem with the webOS app store. Sometimes, the app store doesn’t update correctly, so it won’t show new apps like Peacock. This can be annoying because you can’t watch the latest shows on webOS if you can’t find the app.

Glitches in the App Store Preventing Installation of Peacock

Sometimes, Peacock might not show up on your LG Smart TV because there’s a problem with the webOS app store itself. Even if you can see Peacock in the webOS app catalog, you might have trouble installing it. Things like error messages, freezing, or crashing could happen during the installation process on webOS.

Unavailability of Peacock Due to Regional Restrictions in Certain App Stores

In some cases, you might find that Peacock is simply unavailable on your LG Smart TV due to regional restrictions imposed by certain app stores, specifically for webOS. Different regions have different licensing agreements and regulations for streaming services like Peacock. As a result, it’s possible that your specific app store does not offer access to this particular streaming platform.

To overcome these issues and ensure that you can enjoy watching Peacock on your LG Smart TV, there are a few steps you can take:

  1. Check for Firmware Updates: Make sure your LG Smart TV has the latest firmware installed. Manufacturers often release updates that address bugs and improve overall performance, which might help resolve any issues with accessing or installing apps like Peacock.

  2. Restart Your TV and Router: Sometimes, a simple restart of both your TV and router can help clear temporary glitches or connectivity issues that may be affecting the app store’s functionality.

  3. Reset the App Store: If you’re still experiencing problems, you can try resetting the app store on your LG Smart TV. This process might vary depending on the specific model of your TV, so refer to the user manual or visit LG’s support website for instructions on how to reset the app store.

  4. Contact LG Support: If all else fails, reaching out to LG support directly can provide you with further assistance and troubleshooting steps tailored specifically to your TV model and software version.

Remember, it’s essential to keep in mind that technology can sometimes have its quirks and glitches. While it can be frustrating when Peacock is not showing up on your LG Smart TV, there are often solutions available to help resolve these issues and get you back to enjoying your favorite shows and movies.

6- Geographical limitations of accessing and using Peacock

Availability restricted to certain countries

It can be hard to watch Peacock on an LG Smart TV because of where you live. Peacock is only available in certain countries, so if you’re not in one of those places, you won’t be able to use it. This can be really frustrating if you really want to watch Peacock but can’t.

Licensing agreements preventing content streaming

One reason for this rule is because of licensing agreements. Peacock has rules about where its shows can be watched. This means that some shows might not be available in certain places. So even if you have Peacock on your LG Smart TV, you might not be able to watch certain shows.

Licensing agreements are like rules for showing content. It’s like when you play a game with friends and have to follow certain rules. Streaming platforms like Peacock also have rules. These rules say which countries can watch their content.

If you’re not in the United States, you can’t watch some shows on Peacock. It’s like being invited to a party only for people from a certain neighborhood.

Sometimes, even if you use tricks like VPNs to get the Peacock app on your LG Smart TV, it might not work right because of licensing rules.

If you can’t watch Peacock on your LG Smart TV, it might not be available in your country or there could be licensing issues. It’s frustrating, but knowing why can help you deal with it better.

Troubleshooting tips for Peacock not showing up on LG Smart TV

Troubleshooting Steps

Troubleshooting tips for Peacock not showing up on LG Smart TV
Troubleshooting tips for Peacock not showing up on LG Smart TV

When Peacock is not displaying on an LG Smart TV, it is often due to software compatibility, network issues, or app-related problems. Here are some specific steps to resolve these issues:

Software Updates

The Peacock app requires the latest version of LG’s webOS to function correctly. Users should check for any available software updates by going to their TV’s settings menu and selecting ‘About this TV’ or ‘Software updates.’ If an update is available, they should download and install it to ensure compatibility with the Peacock app. Running outdated software often leads to compatibility issues that prevent apps from functioning as expected.

  1. Press the Home button on your remote control.

  2. Go to Settings and select General.

  3. Scroll down and choose About This TV or About TV.

  4. Select Check for Updates and wait for the TV to search for any available updates.

  5. If an update is found, follow the on-screen instructions to download and install it.

By following these troubleshooting tips, you can increase the chances of resolving the issue of Peacock not showing up on your LG Smart TV. Remember to restart both your router and TV, clear cache and data of Peacock app, and check for any pending software updates.

Peacock Not Showing Up On LG Smart TV – Video Guide

Network Connectivity

A stable internet connection is crucial for streaming services like Peacock. Users should check the strength of their Wi-Fi signal and the internet speed on their LG Smart TV. If network performance is poor, restarting the router or connecting to a 5GHz network may improve the connection quality. Wired connections can also be more reliable than wireless connections, so using an Ethernet cable may help resolve streaming issues.

Restart Both the Router and the LG Smart TV

One common solution to technical issues is to restart both your router and your LG Smart TV. Sometimes, a simple reset can help resolve connectivity problems and allow the Peacock app to appear on your TV. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Turn off your router by unplugging it from the power source.

  2. Unplug your LG Smart TV from the power source as well.

  3. Wait for about 30 seconds before plugging both devices back in.

  4. Turn on your router first and wait for it to fully boot up.

  5. Once the router is ready, turn on your LG Smart TV.

Clear Cache and Data of Existing Peacock Application

Another troubleshooting step you can take is to clear the cache and data of the existing version of the Peacock application on your LG Smart TV. This can help eliminate any corrupt files or settings that may be causing the app not to show up properly. Follow these instructions:

  1. On your LG Smart TV remote control, press the Home button.

  2. Navigate to Settings and select Apps & Notifications.

  3. Locate and select Peacock from the list of installed applications.

  4. Choose Storage & Cache or Manage Space (the exact option may vary depending on your model).

  5. Select Clear Cache and then Clear Data.

  6. Confirm your selection when prompted.

Region-Based Restrictions

Troubleshooting tips for Peacock not showing up on LG Smart TV
Troubleshooting tips for Peacock not showing up on LG Smart TV

When trying to access Peacock on an LG Smart TV, users may encounter a hindrance if they are outside the geographical regions where the service is officially available. Peacock, as a streaming platform, operates within certain territorial bounds, primarily within the United States.

If a user is located outside these areas, the Peacock app might not appear in the content store or may not operate correctly. The reasoning for this limitation is tied to content licensing agreements which vary from country to country. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Inside the U.S.: Full access to Peacock.
  • Outside the U.S.: Limited or no access without specific workaround methods (e.g., VPNs).

It is pertinent for users to note that using tools to bypass regional restrictions may be against Peacock’s terms of service and could result in access limitations or account suspension.

To ensure compliance with region-based access:

  • Check the LG Content Store: Availability is region-specific.
  • Consult Peacock’s Official Help: They offer guidance on regional availability.
  • Adhere to Terms of Service: Avoid unauthorized access methods.

By acknowledging geographical restrictions, users can better understand the availability of the Peacock app on their LG Smart TV and take steps accordingly.

Reinstalling the Peacock App

Lastly, if Peacock still isn’t showing up, the app may need to be reinstalled. To do this, users should remove the app from their LG Smart TV and then download it again from the TV’s app store. This process can resolve any issues that might have occurred during the original installation. After reinstallation, logging back into the Peacock account will often restore access to the service.

Contacting Support

When a user encounters issues with the Peacock app not showing up on their LG Smart TV, contacting customer support should be a straightforward process. The user can reach out to either Peacock or LG’s support team for assistance.

Peacock Support:

  • Start with the Peacock Help Center for guidance on common issues.
  • If needed, utilize the chat feature on Peacock’s official website.
  • Email support is also available for less urgent concerns.

LG Support:

  • For issues specific to the LG Smart TV, visit the LG Support website.
  • Make use of the troubleshooting tools provided by LG.
  • Contact LG’s customer service through the phone for immediate assistance.

The user should prepare the following information before contacting support for a more efficient experience:

  • LG Smart TV model number.
  • Peacock subscription details.
  • A description of the issue and any error messages.
  • Steps already taken in an attempt to resolve the problem.

Key Tips:

  • Always update the TV’s firmware before reaching out to support.
  • Ensure your LG Smart TV supports the Peacock app, typically models from 2017 onwards.
  • Verify that the Peacock app is not down for everyone by checking online forums or outage maps.

By following these steps, users will be equipped to effectively communicate their issue, which can lead to a quicker and more positive resolution with customer support.

Step-by-step guide to getting Peacock on LG Smart TV

If you’re wondering why Peacock is not showing up on your LG Smart TV, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with a step-by-step guide to help you access and install the Peacock app on your LG Smart TV.

Accessing “LG Content Store” from the LG Smart TV’s home screen

  • Turn on your LG Smart TV

  • Navigate to the home screen

  • Look for the “LG Content Store” icon

  • Select the “LG Content Store” icon

Searching for “Peacock” using the search function within the LG Content Store

  • Use the search function in the LG Content Store

  • Look for the Peacock app

  • Select the magnifying glass or search bar icon

  • Type “Peacock” using the remote control’s keypad or on-screen keyboard

Selecting and installing the Peacock app from the search results

After searching for “Peacock,” a list of results will appear on your screen. Look for the official Peacock app from NBCUniversal and select it. You’ll be taken to a page with more information about the app, such as its description and ratings.

To install Peacock, click on the “Install” or “Download” button. The installation process may take a few moments, so be patient while it completes. Once installed, you’ll see an option to open or launch the app.

And that’s it! You’ve successfully accessed and installed Peacock on your LG Smart TV. Now you can enjoy all your favorite shows and movies available on this streaming platform directly from your television.

Remember that these steps may vary slightly depending on your specific LG Smart TV model or software version. If you encounter any issues or have trouble finding the Peacock app, it’s always a good idea to consult your TV’s user manual or visit LG’s support website for further assistance.

Alternative ways to watch Peacock on LG Smart TV

If Peacock is not appearing on an LG Smart TV, users have alternative methods to access its content. These alternatives include using external streaming devices and employing screen mirroring options to bypass any compatibility issues.

External Streaming Devices

Users can utilize a variety of external streaming devices to access Peacock. These devices can be plugged into the LG Smart TV through an HDMI port. Compatible devices include, but are not limited to:

Screen Mirroring Options

Another effective solution is to use screen mirroring options. Screen mirroring allows users to display the content from their mobile device or computer directly onto their LG Smart TV. To set this up, users can:

  1. Use built-in features on their devices, like Screen Share on many Android devices or AirPlay for Apple products.
  2. Employ third-party applications that facilitate screen mirroring, such as LetsView or ApowerMirror.

Connecting via HDMI Cable

If you have a computer or laptop with an HDMI output, you can connect it directly to your LG Smart TV using an HDMI cable. Once connected, you can access Peacock through a web browser on your computer and stream the content directly onto your TV screen. This method allows you to bypass any compatibility issues that may arise with the LG Smart TV’s native app availability.

You can still watch lots of shows on Peacock even if you don’t have it on your LG Smart TV. You can use a streaming device, cast from your phone, or connect with an HDMI cable. These options make it easy to watch Peacock on your TV.

Remember, different methods may work better for different individuals based on their preferences and available devices. It’s worth exploring these alternatives to find the one that suits you best.

List of Peacock App Compatible LG Smart TVs

If you’re looking for a list of LG smart TVs that are compatible with the Peacock app, you’ve come to the right place!

Here is a comprehensive list of LG smart TVs that are compatible with the Peacock app:

LG OLED TVs (2020, 2019, 2018), LG NanoCell TVs (2020, 2019, 2018), LG UHD TVs (2020, 2019, 2018), and LG Smart TVs (2020, 2019, 2018).

With these LG smart TVs, you can easily access the Peacock app and enjoy all the great content it has to offer. So, what are you waiting for? Start streaming with Peacock on your LG smart TV today!

Note: There are a few ways you can get Peacock on Older LG Smart TV.


In conclusion, if you’re unable to find the Peacock app on your LG Smart TV, don’t worry! There are alternative ways to watch Peacock on your LG Smart TV. You can use a streaming device like Roku or Chromecast, cast from your mobile device, or connect your computer or laptop via HDMI cable. These options ensure that you can still enjoy Peacock’s vast library of content on your LG Smart TV without any compatibility issues.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Where is the App Store on my LG Smart Tv?

The app store is located in the home menu. To access it, simply press the Home button on your remote control. Once you are in the home menu, you will see the App Store icon on the left-hand side of the screen.

How to Update LG TV?

You can do this by connecting an Ethernet cable or using your home’s Wi-Fi connection. Once you have a connection, press the Home button on your remote and select the ‘Settings option. From there, select ‘General’ and then ‘Software Update. Your TV will then check for any available updates and begin the installation process.

How do I download Peacock on my LG Smart TV from LG Content Store?

To download Peacock on your LG Smart TV from the LG Content Store, follow these steps:

  1. Turn on your LG Smart TV and ensure it is connected to the internet.

  2. Press the Home button on your remote control to access the main menu.

  3. Navigate to the LG Content Store using the arrow keys on your remote and press the Enter button.

  4. In the LG Content Store, use the search function to find “Peacock” by typing it into the search bar.

  5. Select the Peacock app from the search results and click on it to open the app’s page.

  6. On the app’s page, click on the “Install” or “Download” button to begin downloading and installing Peacock on your LG Smart TV.

  7. Wait for the download and installation process to complete. Once finished, you can find and access Peacock in your LG Smart TV’s app library or home screen.

Can I download Peacock on any model of LG Smart TV?

Peacock is compatible with most models of LG Smart TVs. However, it’s always recommended to check the compatibility of your specific LG Smart TV model with the Peacock app. You can do this by visiting the official Peacock website or checking the LG Content Store on your TV.

Is Peacock available for free on LG Smart TV?

Yes, Peacock offers a free version that allows you to access a limited selection of content without a subscription. However, there is also a premium subscription plan called Peacock Premium that provides additional features and a wider range of content. To access the premium content, a subscription is required.

Can I sign up for Peacock directly from my LG Smart TV?

Yes, you can sign up for Peacock directly from your LG Smart TV. After downloading and installing the Peacock app, open it and follow the on-screen instructions to sign up for a new account. 

Why Can’t I Download Peacock on my LG TV?

Your LG TV software may be outdated. Pe webOS or higher, You might not be able to download Peacock on your LG TV if it is an older model that isn’t compatible, if there’s a regional restriction, or if there’s an issue with the LG Content Store. Make sure your TV is a 2017 model or later and that it’s running the latest firmware. If your model is compatible and you’re still facing issues, try power cycling your TV or checking your internet connection. For more detailed troubleshooting, you can refer to the Peacock Help Center.

How to Get Peacock on Older LG Smart TV?

Here a few conc ways to on older LG smart TV:

  • Use an external streaming device like Roku,, or Apple TV to download the Peacock app and cast it to your LG TV
  • Connect a compatible gaming console like Xbox One or PS4 your LG TV and download Peacock from their app stores.
  • Use AirPlay or screen mirroring from a mobile device if your LG TV supports.

Why is my LG Content Store not Working?

Here are a few common reasons why the LG Content Store may not and how to fix it:

  • Outdated software – Makesure your LG is updated version Go to Settings > All Settings General About This TV > CHECK UPDATES to update.
  • Internet – Check that your LG is connected a stable internet connection. Try disconnectingconnecting to wi-fi or ethernet. Server – The LG Content Store servers could be temporarily. Try again do power on your TV to force a reboot. Corrupted Clearing the cache and for Store app may it. Go to Settings > All Settings > Apps > LG Store > Clear Data.
  • Restricted Some apps and content may not be available region Consider using a VPN or proxy service. In TV model – Older LG TV not fully. Upgrade for full.
  • Factory reset – As a a full often resol software and connectivity issues.

Check these troubleshooting steps first before trying a factory reset Let me know you have!

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