Xfinity Remote Won’t Change Channels But Volume Works – Fixed

Planning to watch a favorite channel but the remote suddenly stop working and it is very frustrating at that time.

In my opinion, having a fully functional remote is crucial to getting the most out of a TV package.

In an effort to help you, I have compiled information from several online sources to create this unified troubleshooting guide.

My xfinity remote has been giving me a lot of trouble as of late. No matter what I do, I can’t change the channels, yet I can change the volume just fine, in case the volume failed to respond then what to do and how to fix it. 

If the volume buttons on your Xfinity remote still function but the channel buttons do not, it may be time to replace the batteries or configure the remote.

Also, check to make sure that the remote works with the set-top box.

If that doesn’t help, I’ll go over various alternatives, such as prefixing the channel number with a zero, resetting your cable box, and calling Help.

Why Won’t My Remote Change Channels But Volume Works?

There are several reasons as explained above, but the most common reasons against this issue is due to certain following causes:

  • Batteries weak
  • Remote clog up internally due to dust
  • Resetting require

How to Troubleshoot Xfinity Remote Won’t Change Channels But Volume Works

Add zero Before the Channel Number

Xfinity Remote Won't Change Channels But Volume Works
Add Zero in Front

Adding a ‘0‘ in front of the channel numbers is a quick fix that does cause some head scratching in the end.

The TV’s logic board is designed to read the leading zero, rather than ignore it, which is how it can tell the difference between channel numbers that are only two digits long.

If that fixed things, try resetting the remote to make sure everything stays in working order.

Here is how to reset it:

Reset Xfinity Remote

Xfinity Remote Won't Change Channels But Volume Works
Reset Xfinity

Before Resetting you should understand how your remote functions by looking at the pattern of lights on the remote’s LED indicator.

  • Green, Green – This indicates that a command has been delivered and received by the RF remote control. All systems are go with your gadget.
  • Green, Red – This indicates that the remote delivered a command but the receiver did not confirm it.
  • Red – This indicates that all remote commands are being sent in IR mode. Although the remote will keep working, its usability may be compromised, and some features may not perform as expected.
  1. Factory Reset the Xfinity Remote with a Setup Button:

If your XR11, XR2, or XR5 remote has a built-in Setup button, you can reset it by following these steps:

  • Hold down the Setup key on your keyboard. The remote control’s LED will change from red to green in around 5 seconds.
  • Press 9-8-1. You’ll notice the green LED flash twice. You can set your remote back to factory settings at this time.
  1. Factory Reset the Xfinity Remote without a Setup Button (XR15)

If your XR15 remote doesn’t include a Setup button, you can still reset it by following these instructions.

  • Hold down the A and D buttons Indicator light on remote goes from red to green.
  • Press 9-8-1. You’ll notice the green LED flash twice. You can set your remote back to factory settings at this time.

Now after resetting you need to re-sync or re-pair your xfinity remote with the set top box.

How Do I Resync My Xfinity Remote or Re-Pair

Xfinity Remote Won't Change Channels But Volume Works
Repair Xfinity

To resync or pair your remote models (XR11 (Voice Remote), XR5, and XR2), do the following:

  • Your remote control need to come fully operational with batteries installed.
  • Activate both the TV and the set-top box.
  • The input on your TV must now be switched to the one where your Xfinity TV Box is connected.
  • If your remote has a Setup button, holding it down for a few seconds will bring up a menu.
  • It would be possible to see the top LED switch from red to green.
  • The xfinity button on your remote should now be pressed.
  • As of right now, the LED will be blinking green. To pair an XR2 or XR5 remote, you may need to hit the xfinity button many times.
  • Now, input the three-digit pairing code that appears on the screen as instructed.
  • Your device will be paired after you enter the proper code.
  • Instead of holding down the setup button, the XR15 Voice Remote (X1 or Flex) requires you to press and hold the Xfinity and info buttons for around 5 seconds.

The remaining procedures for establishing a successful pairing should next be carried out.

Examine Your Set-Top Box

There may be instances when your Top box experiences interference from other devices or when the firmware on your device malfunctions.

Resetting your cable box will reload any firmware and solve any other problems you may be having.

If you were having trouble with your Xfinity remote and set-top box, this should fix it.

It’s also a good idea to double-check that no other devices in your home are using the same channel as your Xfinity TV receiver to send and receive data.

Physical Damage

The buttons can get stuck or the internal circuitry ruined if liquid gets on it.

Dust can also be a problem, as it can clog up the internals and mess up the internal connections, causing the remote to stop changing channels yet still control the volume.

Taking out the battery is the first step, followed by a 30-second hold on the power button.

Now, rapidly and with average force, press each button on the remote.

Give the remote a few hard slaps with your palms.

If your Comcast remote is not working, try replacing the batteries.

Check Remote Batteries

battery 1 1
Batteries Replacement

Batteries are the root of all little inconveniences. As we insert them into our electronic devices, we often lose track of how long they’ve been there.

There are a few things you can check to see if your batteries are giving your remote enough electricity to function.

Make sure the batteries are inserted into the correct slots and in the correct position by opening the battery panel on your device.

There are two techniques to determine if the batteries are low on power.

Drop Test

Drop the batteries and see if they bounce back; if they don’t, the batteries are dead.

Fully charged batteries are much heavier and denser than empty ones, thus they can’t be bounced.

Using a voltage meter

When checking battery life, a voltmeter will give you the most precise results.

Make sure the voltmeter is set to the DC setting and that you are measuring in volts, not amps or ohms, before you begin.

Always use the correct terminals on the battery to attach the positive and negative lines. Most store-bought batteries will include (+) and (-) marks to assist with this.

Whilst it won’t hurt the battery, your reading will be negative if you connect the leads to the wrong terminals.

Reset your Set Top Box

Following Steps:

  • Turning off the power and unplugging the device.
  • Wait 30 to 45 seconds to ensure that all of the battery life has been drained from the device.
  • To turn on your top box, you must first plug it in.
  • The reconfiguration time for the device is estimated to be between 3 and 5 minutes.

Contact Support

If none of those work, the issue is likely the result of a technical glitch or software malfunction on Comcast’s end.

Contact the Comcast help desk if this seems to be the case.

You can either:

  • Call Comcast Retention at 1-800-XFINITYor
  • Chat with them online on the Xfinity website

Make sure you get connected with a human being and not an automatic system.

You’ll be able to describe the problem more specifically, leading to a quicker resolution.

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